Rentec Direct Remodel

Are you a bit of a trailblazer? Have you been waiting with bated breath for any announcements regarding the Rentec Direct software redesign? 

Rentec Direct clients can now sign up for an exciting opportunity. If you are interested in trying out this amazing update before everyone else, you now have the opportunity to join the Rentec Direct Insider Program.

Your Software is Getting a Remodel!

As you may know, your Rentec Direct software is getting updated to look and feel more streamlined. Your Rentec Direct team is confident that you will love the new look and feel. All Rentec Direct clients will soon be able to experience the modern design update, and it will be available at no additional cost.

We did the work of remodeling, but YOU get the high ROI.


These new updates will be a seamless and approachable change for the better–all with a new and modern design that you’re sure to fall in love with. We even provided a comprehensive sneak peek of the new look and feel of your favorite property management software.

Learn more here: Rentec Direct Product Development Update: Made Live in April 2021 [New Design Sneak Peek!]

We have previously announced that our Insiders group will get the first look at how the software has been remodeled. If you were not previously part of the Insider Program, we are now accepting a limited number of applicants.

If you are hoping to experience the updates right away, the Insiders Program may be the right fit.

What Is the Rentec Direct Insider Program?

Insiders also get early access to many other features and settings before the general public and can test and use these new features on your live database. This can be exciting but it can come with some challenges. 

This includes the possibility of encountering bugs, losing data, and less notice for feature updates that can affect workflow. For this reason, we recommend that Insiders have a good understanding of the software (at least 6 months of use).

You can learn more about whether joining is right for you here: Introducing Rentec Direct Insider Program

What Do Insiders Do?

Your Rentec Direct development team works hard to ensure that your software is bug-free and easy to use. That said, big updates can sometimes create unexpected problems that day-to-day use of the software can reveal. 

Insiders get the opportunity to use exciting feature updates before anyone else, but also need to be prepared to report any problems found within the software to the Rentec Beta team by emailing

Insiders can also use the regular production system in Rentec Direct. Meaning you can log in to the “Insiders” system any time, and also switch back to the production system just as easily. It takes just one click.

How Do I Join?

We’re accepting a limited number of applicants into the Rentec Insider program at this time. If you are interested in joining, follow these steps: