Rentec Direct Insider program allows access to BETA software. A BETA feature is something we have recently developed and has gone through a limited set of internal and external testing. This means the feature is nearly production ready and has been tested internally but has only had limited testing completed outside of our internal environment.

The Rentec Insider program connects new features to your live database. Any changes made within the Insider program will also change your live database on the production servers.

In addition to the general terms of service located at, you also agree to:


B1.1. Software labelled BETA is delivered AS-IS with NO WARRANTY. Rentec Direct provides no warranty or guarantee of the performance or accuracy of BETA software.

B1.2. BETA software can sometimes contain bugs which can impact your data or work-flow. While Rentec Direct takes great care to ensure all code, including BETA code, does not negatively impact your data, the risks are greater with BETA code. You agree to assume these risks by choosing to be a BETA tester.


B2.1. By participating in our BETA program you may be exposed to new technologies that are not yet released to the general public. You agree to hold this information in confidence and to not share any information learned while BETA testing with anybody outside of your organization, and only share within your organization on a need-to-know basis.


B3.1. Rentec Direct reserves the right to discontinue the Insiders program at any time and/or remove participants.

v.1.1 (06/27/2019)
[ last change: Clarified paragraph 2 that the insiders program uses live data. ]