Video Demonstrations

Explore the videos below to see a video demonstrations of the capabilities of Rentec Direct's property management software.

Basic Features & Overview

Watch this video to quickly learn the major functionality and features of Rentec Direct and how Rentec Direct can make your day-to-day property management tasks simpler. This video covers notifications, managing properties and tenants, managing tenant deposits, bank accounts and owners, tenant screening, and reporting capabilities.

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02 mins 26 sec

Tenant Screening

This video demonstrates how easy it is to perform vital tenant screening on prospective tenants. The demo shows you how quickly you can run full credit and criminal background screening on any prospective tenant.

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01 min 46 sec

Tenant & Owner Portals

See the system from a tenant or owner's perspective with this demonstration of the tenant and owner portals. This video will show you a tenant logging in via the portal, followed by an owner logging in and the views and data they see within the system.

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01 min 25 sec

Website and Marketing Pages

Rentec Direct provides you with a free professional website to provide you an online presence for your company. Included are customizable listings for each of your vacancies, which are automatically syndicated to the world's most popular listing websites.

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01 mins 22 sec