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Property management software with all the features your business needs.

Whether you are a landlord managing a handful of properties or a property manager with thousands, Rentec Direct includes all the features you need to make your operation the most efficient it has ever been.

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All the tools you need to run a successful property management company.

Beginning Balance: 126,234.68

Income Feb 22 Mar 22 Apr 22
4000 Rental Income 133,395 136,920 131,115
4310 Other Income 500 850
Total Income 133,395 137,420 131,965
2600 Mortgage Payable 14,276 14,276 14,276
5500 Maintenance & Repair 133,351 7,886 7,886
5501 Flooring 750
5502 Pest Control 1,442 3,208 550
5503 Appliances 1,200
5504 Heating/AC 1201 6892 6892
Rentec Direct Tenant Rental Applications


Provide your owners and tenants tools to stand as the best in your area.

Leasing & Management

Managing leases, tenants, and vacancies is easier than ever.
Rentec Direct Manage leases, tenants, and vacancies
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Even more features…

There’s so much more included that we don’t have the space to list, see pricing and a full list of features.