Your easy and powerful, all-in-one, property management software.

Compatible with: Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone


A complete, professional, and secure solution for professional property managers.


Rentec for Landlords provides all the tools to easily manage your properties and tenants.


Rentec for Associations is designed specifically for self-managed associations.

What will Rentec property management software do for you?

Property Management File Storage

Online file management lets you upload for safe-keeping your important files such as leases, pictures, and other documents.

Property and Tenant Accounting

Full bank, property and tenant general ledger accounting to keep your record keeping simple and accurate.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening provides you the security of knowing the history of each tenant you are about to place into your property.

Automatic ACH (electronic draft) support to automate and simplify receiving tenant rent payments by eCheck or credit card.

Publish vacancies online to craigslist and 20+ popular rental websites, complete with pictures, property details and pricing.

Manage recurring transactions such as utilities, landscaping, property management fees and all other supplemental fees.

Why use rental property management software from Rentec Direct?

  • Receive unlimited free access to US-based client support. To best serve you, both our onboarding and client support team have backgrounds in the property management industry. Their experience provides direct insight on how to use the software to solve your management challenges.
  • Rentec Direct rates highest in customer satisfaction and our clients recommend us more than any other platform. We don't just make this up, it comes from certified third-party reviews.
  • You will join the largest community of property managers. Rentec Direct provides the best available software to over 12,000 property managers. More landlords than anybody else in the industry.
  • Hands down, Rentec Direct's property management platform is the quickest and simplest to learn. You and your managers will be up and running in minutes with our quick to learn, extremely powerful & complete solution.
  • Rentec is focused on organic growth. Unlike every other competing platform, Rentec Direct is a debt-free, profitable organization built for the long-haul. This ensures not only your data is safe and secure, but the service you've come to rely upon will be available when you need it most.
  • Rentec Direct is focused on data security. You get the highest level of security available when choosing Rentec Direct. We are the only management solution to offer 2-factor authentication to ensure your data is always safe.
Property Management Software designed for landlords and property managers that is both powerful & easy to use. Instant free 30 day trial.
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