Simple Flexible Accounting

Simple, Flexible and Advanced Accounting

With easy to learn trust account certified general ledger accounting from Rentec Direct, you'll save time and still be able to keep detailed records.

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Accounting that saves you time

A traditional accounting system is going to take on average five steps to post something as simple as a tenant rent payment. Rentec reduces this to a single step, saving you up to ten minutes per rent payment received.

Paying an owner through a traditional accounting system involves an average of seven operations, plus either writing a check or logging into a bank to send the funds. Rentec streamlines this process to just one step that takes on average only 30 seconds which even includes sending the owner a disbursement via ACH.

Posting a maintenance expense to a property, Rentec will save you up to 15 minute each using the integrated workorder system.

A view of your property list, with quick links to each property ledger.

Why so much time savings?

We know your business model and have designed the system to work specifically for your industry, therefore we can automate tasks that normally take double or triple entry in most systems.

For example, although each account in the system is separate, when you post a payment to a tenant that income automatically flows to the associated property, plus any applicable owner, and to the associated bank account. A traditional accounting system treats these as four separate transactions, wheras we can treat it as one! Best yet, if you have to edit a transaction, edit it once and it affects all affiliated ledgers.

The tenant ledger shows search, add, and edit functionality.

Bottom Line - You will be floored with how much time you will save using Rentec Direct!