rentec direct insider program

Are you interested in trying out new features before everybody else gets them? Rentec Direct has an exclusive new program which gives you the opportunity to test out the newest features and settings before they are released publicly!

Should I Join?

Insiders will get early access to features and settings before the general public and can test and use these new features on your live database. This can be exciting and rewarding, but can also have some challenges:

  • Rentec Insiders are going to have access to new software which has been through a limited internal testing cycle. This means there is the possibility you may experience or find bugs, or lose data. You’ll need to be tolerant to the realities of new software.
  • Insiders should have a good understanding of the Rentec Direct software. We recommend a minimum of 6 months of use.
  • Insiders should be prepared to report any problems or bugs found in the software to the Rentec Beta team, by emailing
  • Insiders should be prepared for the software to change frequently and be updated with new features. Generally, we provide clients ample notice for any upcoming changes that affect workflow; however, in the Insiders program, these changes may be introduced with little or no notice.
  • Remember, the insiders site accesses your live database.  We recognize how important your data is to you and do everything within our power to ensure new features are bug free by the time they get into your hands, but the risks are slightly higher when utilizing newly developed software.

How do I join?

We’re accepting a limited number of applicants into the Rentec Insider program at this time. If you are interested in joining, follow these steps:

Can insiders still use the regular production system in Rentec?

  • Absolutely!  You can login to the “Insiders” system any time, and also switch back to the production system just as easily.  It takes just one click.
  • Additionally, you and your staff can login to the insiders site, and still have your owners and tenant use the production site.  If there’s a new feature for tenants in the future introduced on the insiders site that you want to show off to a particular tenant, but not all, you can do that too.