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Is Your Landlord Harassing You?

By on June 14, 2016 in Education with 134 Comments

Landlord harrassmentDespite laws and guidance that promote positive landlord-tenant relationships, sometimes personalities get in the way of smart business practices (and common human decency) that create situations where a tenant feels threatened or harassed by their landlord.  

What is landlord harassment?

Landlord harassment is when a landlord or property manager willingly creates a situation where a tenant feels uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that they wish to move or terminate a lease agreement. Landlord harassment and tenant harassment are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to a tenant feeling harassed by their landlord.

Harassing a tenant with the intention of making their living situation so uncomfortable they want to move or terminate a lease agreement is illegal.

Unfortunately, some landlords have turned to harassment in order to get tenants to move out of rent-controlled units, as seen in New York and California. Landlord harassment is considered such an issue in major cities of these states that specific laws and protections were created to protect renters and punish violators. See San Francisco, Santa Monica, CA, and NYC for examples of tenant protections against landlord harassment.

Getting accused of harassment is a serious issue that a landlord should not take lightly.  If you find yourself butting heads with your tenant, as long as your tenant is not violating any lease terms, you have to let them live in the property throughout the duration of the lease. Both renters and landlords need to be aware of what constitutes true harassment.

Here is an overview of what is not acceptable behavior and what could be considered harassment:

  • Taking away services provided in the lease (such as parking or laundry)
  • Shutting of utilities for the purpose of harassment or eviction
  • Entering an apartment without proper notice
  • Changing the locks while a tenant is away
  • Offering to buyout a tenant if they move and threatening an eviction if the tenant says no
  • Performing unnecessary inspections, too often or at extremely inconvenient times for the tenant, like the middle of the night
  • Lying or intimidating a tenant
  • Giving a “three-day notice” or other eviction notice that is based on false charges
  • Using fighting words or threatening bodily harm
  • Refusing to do repairs that are required by law
  • Intentionally disturbing a tenant’s peace and quiet
  • Interfering with a tenant’s right to privacy
  • Refusing to acknowledge receipt of a lawful rent payment

What to do if you feel harassed by your landlord:

You should always try and resolve an issue directly with the owner. If you rent from a property manager, talk to their manager or the owner of the management company. Clear and active communication can effectively solve a lot of problems and may settle a simple misunderstanding. If you have tried to work out a disagreement civilly and still feel harassed by a landlord, you should talk to an attorney about filing an official complaint and possibly seek damages.

A harassed tenant should also take the following steps to protect themselves:

  1. Keep a log of every encounter you have with your landlord. Make sure to take note of the time, date, and what was said.
  2. Write a letter to your landlord asking for the harassment to stop. Send the letter with proof of mailing and keep a copy of the letter.
  3. Ask a witness to be there for landlord interactions. Witness accounts and video recordings of your interactions can be used in court as long as they were done legally.
  4. Keep copies of all rental agreements, letters, notices, photos, names of witnesses, notes, and any other evidence used to support your claim.
  5. Calling the police if you feel like you are in danger or your safety is threatened

Pro tip for landlords: If your tenants are accusing you of harassment, you will benefit from following these same tips. Take detailed notes of all your interactions. Use software designed for landlords to keep excellent records. Ask for a witness to join you and even record tenant interactions. Understand the law and know what qualifies as a legal eviction. Work with an attorney familiar with landlord-tenant laws in your state and city.

Some uninformed renters will be quick to assume they are being harassed when a landlord is actually performing normal rental management business.

Here are some examples of what is not considered harassment:

  • Routine Inspections with proper notice
  • Entering your property in the case of an emergency, like a gas leak or flood
  • Routine Drive-By Inspections 
  • Installing outdoor security cameras for tenant and property safety
  • Calling you regularly to collect past due rent
  • Sending you notices to rectify a lease violation
  • Giving you an eviction notice for failure to pay rent or for other lease violations
  • Raising the rent to match market rates and providing proper notice
  • Collecting money for property damage caused by the tenant beyond normal wear and tear
  • Not repairing a washing machine that is owned by the tenant

Landlord Retaliation

There are additional protections for tenants against landlord retaliation. If a renter has asserted his rights to stand up against harassment or filed a complaint against a landlord who isn’t making repairs, most states consider any retaliation from a landlord in response to these actions as illegal.

Nolo provides a good explanation of State Laws Against Landlord Retaliation :

In almost all states, it is illegal for a landlord to retaliate against you for acting within your legal rights–for example, if you have:

  • complained to a building inspector, fire department, health inspector, or other governmental agency about unsafe or illegal living conditions

  • exercised your First Amendment rights to assemble and present your views collectively, as in joining or organizing a tenant union, or

  • availed yourself of self-help strategies allowed by your state or local law, such as deducting money from the rent and using it to fix defects in the rental unit, or even withholding the rent entirely for an uninhabitable unit.

It’s important to understand that the antiretaliation laws will shield you only for those activities that are mentioned in your state’s statute. Not all states protect tenants for all three types of actions mentioned above. To see what’s covered,  see your State Laws Prohibiting Landlord Retaliation. For example, in Washington, DC, a tenant who circulates a petition demanding better services cannot be retaliated against; but that same activity would not be protected in Florida, since “exercise of a legal right” isn’t included in Florida’s statute. 

Also, keep in mind that eight states—Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Wyoming—do not have statutes or court decisions protecting tenants against retaliation. –

Landlords and property managers are required to provide a safe and secure living situation for their renters.  Refusing to make repairs, intimidating your tenants, or retaliating against a tenant complaint is against rental housing regulations and will negatively affect a renter’s experience living on your property.  If a renter feels threatened while living on your property or feels like you are treating them unfairly, they may be within their rights to file a complaint and work with an attorney to take you to court for damages. Housing providers need to be familiar with all landlord-tenant laws and any tenant protections in your area in order to best protect yourself from unintentionally harassing a tenant.

Want to learn more? Discover some examples of landlord harassment cases where a tenant was award damages for Outrageous Landlord Conduct, as reported by Tobener Law Center of San Fransisco.

Feel like you are being harassed by your housing provider?

Rentec Direct provides this content for educational purposes only. We cannot offer advice or tips on how to deal with your harassment case.  If you feel like you are being harassed, please contact your local housing authority and speak with a lawyer. If you feel like you are in danger, contact the police.

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  1. Angeles Placer says:

    There are other types of harassment: stealing legal documents, clothes, shoes, jewelry, family pictures, property titles, passports, social security cards, birth certificates, disabling the alarm system by hacking the e-mail account, disabling the Wifi in the tenant´s computer.

    • Andy says:

      Im 29, handicap and disabled with p.t.s.d… Landlord has shut of my cable, wifi, hot water and baricaded my windows and put a lock on my fridge….his moms stealing my mail and medication. The 2nd exit(emergency exit) has been Randomly Blocked..with a huge wall that wasnt there when moving in, he constantly calls cops and says i am threatening to kill him..he was 3 vicious doggs that bite right outside my door? What can i do?

      • Yikes, this sounds like a very serious situation. I would reach out to your local housing authority to report the situation and any code violations. If your safety is threatened, I suggest contacting your police department. It might be time to find a new housing solution, but make sure to document all your interactions with your landlord and speak with a local attorney about your options.

      • sandy says:

        MOVE? if you don’t like it there pay your rent and utilities and give notice and leave. I would suspect they would let you leave without giving notice

        • Not everyone can move. If she is disabled, she probably can’t afford to move. Plus, why should anyone be forced to move just so they aren’t being harassed?

          • Janice Newlan says:

            im a senior and i hope somebody can possible give me some advice because of my situation with the landlady and the neighbors and their daughter and grandchildren living with them in a one bedroom apartment and the mother of the children has a conviction of theft i moved in less than a yr. ago cause it is suppose to be a senior apartment complex and i pay rent and these extra people do not as far as i know. i am after less than a yr. moving again to avoid a nervous breakdown to a much more exspensive place and much smaller and farther away from my dr. etc. i am at the end of my rope and i dont want to move but all these extra people and chaos all the time it isnt peaceful or a senior apartment i thought it was when i signed a lease and moved in. there are so many people coming and going all the time. and the older daughter of the two children is a teen with a boyfriend who has been verbally abusive to me in the past. i dont need this at 63yrs old. and we all have open mailboxes and with this woman with the theft conviction it’s a constant worry if im not home when the mail arrives. i have filed reports online with the proper authorities to no avail. any advice for me while im packing?

          • I completely agree with you Melanie. I have a new Manager from hell, She obviously hates dealing with the disabled. If I had the funds to move. Pay deposits look of a new Apartment and pay movers I soooo would But that isn’t possible in my case. The woman across from me is a hoarder and has the walkway cluttered and is outside all day long. An addendum is the lease says this is a violation but she does nothing about it. They wont give me a stove that works. She entered my apartment with a man and I had surgery the day before. I couldn’t get out of bed. They woke me .I panicked and fell to the floor. They did not help me or call anyone. Just said they could come in whenever they wanted. and left me there.

        • It isn’t that east Sandy. I have a new Manager from hell, She obviously hates dealing with the disabled. If I had the funds to move. Pay deposits look of a new Apartment and pay movers I soooo would But that isn’t possible in my case. The woman across from me is a hoarder and has the walkway cluttered and is outside all day long. An addendum is the lease says this is a violation but she does nothing about it. They wont give me a stove that works. She entered my apartment with a man and I had surgery the day before. I couldn’t get out of bed. They woke me .I panicked and fell to the floor. They did not help me or call anyone. Just said they could come in whenever they wanted. and left me there.

        • me myself and i says:

          done move that is what the landlord wants you to do stand your ground do it legally

      • brad says:

        call and attorney and take video of all these accounts pretty straight forward if your va affiliated then call the va they have people for this

      • N J says:

        I do not know what State you are in. But most states like where I am (CA), also HUD. They take your complaint and schedule a phone appointment. They ask you to tell your story, and shoot it down every step of the way. I had to fight with all I had to get them to take it on the only issue regaring Landlord denying your a service/emotional support animal. So to those who do not have those animal you are screwed as of a couple years ago State & Fed Departmental Agency for Unlawful or Disabled Housing Services were cut (STATE, FEDERAL & Assisting NON-PROFITS): my message to my advocate was;

        …Do you know, I actually had a person that took a complaint from the CA Code Enforcement (due to Property Manager’s refusal of requested cockroach pet control.) I was informed or confirmed what I already knew and sensed as a the pattern and trend of the emerged.

        DFEH has effectively “closed”. Is why it was virtually impossible for me to file any of my valid a discrimination and harassment complaints. They no longer serve all persons with disabilities or anyone people without disabilities.

        I believe it has been reduced and diverted to possibly elderly, children and non-citizens. But hopefully physically and developmentally disabled people. I had to use everything I had and could summon from within to keep them from concluding phone interviews and open cases they had already mentioned qualified and they could handle but they still wanted to end and close.

        It will only get worse… fight back hard

      • Aundrea says:

        Girl you need some serious back!

      • William says:

        I work out of town and that’s when the mess starts.he hits my wife up for sexual favors when I’m one day I lied and took the day off comes the landlord.this time when he sexually harassed her I recorded we are in an ugly lawsuit.I need to know who takes this kind of harassment seriously because the police and the judge of our residing prescint have heard the recording and have done nothing about it.please help.

        • William says:

          Who do you turn to.the judge and police know the issue and have heard the evidence.where you go from here I don’t know.

          • Oh my gosh, that’s terrible. It sounds like you already have a lawyer if you have made it to court, that is good. You should also be reporting this to your local housing authority.

        • Karma says:

          Well, find him on Facebook, post it on his wall and to as many friends as you can find. Put it on youtube, and post on reddit. Notify as many anti-rape, harassment, and feminist groups as humanly possible with the photo, video, and his contact information. If he has an employer, send it to the HR department or as many of his coworkers as you can. Even if it comes back as you legally as”defaming” him, the damage will be done. If anyone looks his name up online, that video will be the top of the search results. His wife will divorce, any future dates will see what he did that and run away. If he wants a new job, good luck to him on that. His life will be ruined, regardless of the law.

      • Michael Lewis says:

        I can only assume this to be a SPOOF comment. If this poster can post to this forum (no wifi huh?), then they can figure out what to do to protect their rights.

      • OMG, Call The police. Have these things documented, Contact Fair Housing in your State, Contact any organization that prevents harassment of the disabled . they should help, I am disabled and my Apt Manager is a nightmare, She hates having to accommodate disabled Tenants, She refused a Legal Letter claiming my 2 cats were comfort animals. I did get her on that one. Most landlords and Managers do not know the laws about these things. If you have a smart phone or something small that will record conversations. See if there is a Meals On Wheels Chapter where you live. They have more resources that just help with meals. Call Animal Control and take pictures even if you think they are unimportant . God Bless and I hope this stops . Having Disabilities id hard enough to live with without all of this stress. I wish you well ..

    • Sheri says:

      Terrible andbi thought we got screwed over I’m sorry you where violated I’m sure you didn’t deserve that

      • Carol Markle says:

        My daughter and son-in-law are buying a house on land contract. The person selling them the house wrote out on paper utilities are including in the rent. The water was shut off by the health dept. in order for my daughter can put the utility in her name the bill has to be paid. They thought the landlord was paying. WRONG! the bill was 1,100 dollars. So now they paid it in full and because of that they used the monthly payment to get the water turned on the landlord is harassing them and now getting the neighbors involved. They are planning to start giving him the money in November so they can catch up on the bills they had to stop in order to pay the water to get turned on. They have 8 children and now the landlord is evicting them in 3 days (he is in idiot). The neighbors says he can but no law will hold him for it because the letter has not been notarized

    • Candi white says:

      All of these things was is being done to me i don’t really know where to start or what to do with this situation do u know any one that could help me i have moved and still being harrased

    • GullahLady says:

      Right On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandi says:

      My landlord swears at me and is very belligerent whenever I call about a legitimate problem. I am very uncomfortable calling himfor anything because I know I am going to be verbally abused. What do I do?

      • Record all interactions with your landlord, either by recording the phone call or taking detailed notes of what was said. Try to have a friend around as a witness when you interact with your landlord. Call the cops if you ever feel in danger. And maybe consider looking for a new place to live. If he isn’t actually doing anything illegal or threatening you during your interactions, then you might not be able to prosecute him, so moving to a better living situation is probably your best option to relieve the stress.

        • Justin says:

          Be careful with the advice you provide. In some states (CA for example) recording a phone conversation WITHOUT the other party’s consent is a felony.

          • That’s an excellent point Justin, thank you for pointing that out. It is always important to ask for permission before recording a phone call or taking a video. That might be why email or text communication is preferred because you have a written copy of the interaction already. You can also take detailed notes of phone calls or in-person conversations.

            It looks like California isn’t the only state with strict laws against recording phone calls without consent. Here’s website that provides more details about phone recording laws:

            Thanks for your valuable input.

        • uryut6rediu says:

          my landlord just stole my water hose (theft) he has denied me 5 times to water my lawn which is stated in the lease I have to keep up on then when my lawn gets terrible he threatens fines so today he will get a surprise police visit when I charge him for trespassing and theft as well as harassment under taking away services provided in the lease and performing unnecessary inspections to often he came to my home 5 times yesterday and the 5th time he stole my hose im also charging him intentionally disturbing a tenants peace and quiet since I have ptsd this puts me in a guard status and I have to make checks for my security and safety so I will bring the law to him

    • Bridgette Aase says:

      My family and I have been living in a house for almost ten years. I had sadi a long time ago to my family we should begin documenting the issues but they didn’t want to believe it was necessary. there were times when the police came to our side of the house too about incidents, but these were not documented by us. recently, My shoes were stolen among many other things. It just seems like petty theft crime. what is the right course of action?

      • I would start by documenting every incident. You should also get renters insurance to help protect your belongings. If you feel unsafe, call the police. You can also make police reports about stolen items.

    • Laverne Barbee says:

      I am living in a harassing situation in which all of my property is being destroyed along with rent payments, payments of utilities, and all other important documentation. What can I do since money was also stolen and I do not want to be homeless.

      • That is a very stressful and scary situation. You need to gather proof and evidence that your property is being destroyed. I would also highly suggest speaking with an attorney for some legal advice.

  2. Rudyard Kipling says:

    So what if the land lord comes over anytime he wants with no notice at times like 7 AM and 9 PM randomly. Never fixes anything that you tell him is wrong until the city makes him do it (without you calling the city) tries to make you pay for his citations when youve told him long before of the problems at hand. And verbally threatens you that he has money and does not care how much it cost’s so long as he can find a way to have some criminal charges filed against you of any kind even if he has to hire someone to do something. Took every ounce of my being not to say anything back or snap his jaw. Landlord is (name removed for privacy) in Louisville KY. he is also a child doctor with an office on Broadway. I can look over his annoyances and ignorance. but I am not paying his fines that are his fault. I have children which he also disrespects. This man is a worthless human being. I am moving On my own to get away from this man. I do not take kindly to threats. I have not argued with him or nothing I just bite my tongue.

    • Nathan says:

      Hey Rudyard, It sounds like you and your landlord really don’t get along. The question I would ask myself if I were you is: Is it worth continuing to live here, or would I be happier somewhere else?

      • sandy says:

        I never understood why people stay in these “horrible” situations. JUST MOVE.

        • Jenny Smith says:

          Sandy, you are sooooo incredibly stupid…or you are a stupid landlord… have you ever thought (or do you gave a working brain?) that maybe some people can’t just AFFORD to get up and move?! God, you’re an idiot. Seriously. NOT everybody has thousands of dollars for moving costs, deposit, first month/last month…etc… you sound like a walking imbecile.

          • Cindy says:

            Jenny you sound like the ignorant one. If your housing situation is terrible….move, just like Sandy said. Just like any other situation in life…if you hate your boss…. guess what, find a new job….you hate the college you attend….guess what find a new one. You hate the cold…guess what find a new state to move to. Life is to short, if your situation is making you miserable FIX it by changing it!

          • Sad landlord says:

            Dang , slow down on the language Jenny .

          • O Gill says:

            I fully agree with Jenny!!!
            My situation is exactly what she is describing. Why should I move from my beautiful neighborhood and lovely apartment. I have been here 12 years, the property manager only 2 years. Her harrasment has gotten to the point of lying to the police accusing me of making threats. After 4 months of litigation I won and my criminal cases where dismissed. I won my eviction case first 3 months ago, however she would not drop the criminal charges. She even lied under oath during the eviction trial.

          • Thomas Hafen says:

            Jenny Smith, the only cost to move you actually have is moving your stuff.
            You can’t count your deposit and rent payments, cuz you move your deposit from your current place to the new one and you only pay rent at one place at the time.

            Everything else is just poor organizational skills, poor cash management and excuses on your part.

            I’m with the majority of the comments I’ve read here. If indeed it is so bad (house, job etc), u will be able to fine ways to change your life (or your expectations) and find yourself to be happy.

        • Annette says:

          I’ll make it perfectly clear for you Sandy. With all due respect if a person does not have the 3 m’s (money, method & means) you are basically stuck in a really bad, miserable situation that you would give anything to get out of.

        • Tj says:

          lack of money.

        • lori l marks says:

          because Sandy, some people dont have the money to pick up and move. Everyone has a different situation. Try being helpful not p;part of the problem

        • Sad landlord says:

          No one ever talks about the tenant harassing and assaulting the good landlords , because the tenant is a criminal and wants the landlord’s wealth so fabricates lies tries to get a perjurous protective order on the landlord , came on here and read about all the ways she could fake harassment . She was charged with assault by the DA and we go to court and I have beautiful footage of her assaulting me . she left on her own accord , 8 days prior to the end of her rental agreement .She drove her RV off the property . She left everything . I mean everything . we did not steal her documents . she left them here ,. She refused to pay 30 dollars in Compensation for storage fees for forcing us to store her crap Now we know why . She WAS trying to file for a Tort statutory Landlord harassment suit . We have a protective order against her too . We are also asking the DA to file perjury charges a category D felony . Everyone always talks about the poor renter . Well, I give you , “The poor land lord. !

          • Deborah Wesson says:

            Your a real jersey must be a landlord

          • N J says:

            Also it is worth seeking a civil restraining order my Landlord is very keen and favorable to constant home invasions, install a inside lock or security latch for when you are home. The want to catch you embarrassing situation or anything to use against you. Sick sad world. But I’m always a worthy adversary.

            I do not know what State you are in. But most states like where I am (CA), also Fed (HUD). They take your complaint and schedule a phone appointment. They ask you to tell your story, and shoot it down every step of the way. I had to fight with all I had to get them to take it on the only issue regarding Landlord denying your a service/emotional support animal. So to those who do not have those animal you are screwed as of a couple years ago State & Fed Departmental Agency for Unlawful or Disabled Housing Services were cut (STATE, FEDERAL & Assisting NON-PROFITS): my message to my advocate was;

            …Do you know, I actually had a person that took a complaint from the CA Code Enforcement (due to Property Manager’s refusal of requested cockroach pet control.) I was informed or confirmed what I already knew and sensed as a the pattern and trend of the emerged.

            DFEH has effectively “closed”. Is why it was virtually impossible for me to file any of my valid a discrimination and harassment complaints. They no longer serve all persons with disabilities or anyone people without disabilities.

            I believe it has been reduced and diverted to possibly elderly, children and non-citizens. But hopefully physically and developmentally disabled people. I had to use everything I had and could summon from within to keep them from concluding phone interviews and open cases they had already mentioned qualified and they could handle but they still wanted to end and close.

            It will only get worse… fight back hard

        • Chris Cunningham says:

          Some owner/occupiers cannot leave despite no repairs by landlords and abuse by tenants. Renters are fortunate in that they can move from bad housing whereas owners can feel trapped in unfair and unsafe units or flats. Landlords are doing less repairs and charging high rent for another to invest in another property. Slumlords abound.

        • Linda Buroker says:

          Sandi n Nathan, It sounds so easy…..just move! Most of us in this complex ended up here due to some situation in our lives! This situation has got so many people stayiing now to see through the whole process, and not let her get away with the humiliation, lying,sneaky….i could go on and on but I should be telling someone that can help instead….. thanks and good luck

        • JanevDoe says:

          Most people in today’s economy can’t afford to JUST MOVE, and it’s lots of work, and disabled folks or women who aren’t strong have an even bigger challenge to pay for help with packing and reorganizing the new place. I waited 17 mths for them to fix my bathroom sink where I am and I’m a great tennent.

        • karla says:

          Some people can’t afford to duh

        • Chris says:

          What about if you can’t move tho and can’t afored another place my landlord is my girlfriend moms boy friend and he is a peace of shit that I would love to brake his face in 100 different peaces he has harassed us he broke my lock while me and my girl friend were sleeping he never bought the salt in the winter after he said he would I fell down these really steep stairs hurt my back and we owed a bit of money he stareted to laugh at me and said pay money or get out or my house we have been to court and his case got dissmiseed now since that happend he has cut off our hydro treated to cut my stairs off so we can’t get access to the house change the locks and accuseing us of doing illegal stuff because I want to have peace and quite with out him coming here and starting bull shit with us again how landlord get away with this kind of stuff now he is trying to take us back court and saying we owe him 6 month when we only owe him 4 months I already lost a job because of all this stress and stuff I don’t know what to do anymore and I only don’t want to pay him rent because he tears us bad and thinks he can get away with all this stuff when we moved in there was nothing done to the place it was infested with cocaroaches everything was smoked out Wefixed up the place we painted we washed everything we took out the crapy carpet and everything he refused to buy a better stove and friged even tho it was infested with roaches still We have been with out hydro since July 2 second a week b4 he cut it off for 2 days now he in saying in w writen letter that he has cut off the hydro because I haven’t put on the wall plates back on but it’s been with out the wall plates since we. Moved in how come he didn’t turn my hydro off back then when we first moved in how come he is trying to act like a landlord now what. Can I do about this thanks everyone for thanking the time to read this quickly chris

          • N J says:

            Also it is worth seeking a civil restraining order my Landlord is very keen and favorable to constant home invasions, install a inside lock or security latch for when you are home. The want to catch you embarrassing situation or anything to use against you. Sick sad world.

        • Debra Fidler says:

          Not everyone can afford to move or has a medical condition that creates more havoc and more stress on the body and mind. I also have a mental disability and see a psychiatrist monthly along with having a balance issue. Sometimes I do not go outside for days in fear but I am still not approved by disability, pending again now. My landlord is harassing me, actually bullying me, telling me to move my things out of the common backyard area, I have straightened up, thrown things away, put things in storage, gave things away but he is still not happy or the property management is not? Most everyone but this one has a deck they can put their yard furniture and plants on. We put some items under the small walk down. I’ve asked him if he would have one built, or I’ve asked him to put in ductless heating and air other people have here, these are now condo and privately owned since1980. To replace the worn out storm doors, the groves do not hold the windows or screen. The current storm doors have probably been here since these were since built in 1939. Oh he said he would replace them in an email prior to us signing another year’s lease, but has done nothing. So he lied again. His response is it will be more rent. I always say that’s fine. But he never takes action on doing anything. He’s a greedy realtor that bought this as an investment years ago. I have received multiple, more than 10 different people’s names on mail still here. Has called my vintage pieces that are showing their patina Junk. Everyone has different taste, but don’t say my things are junk. He and the PMC are actually downright bullying me. I lived on the other side of the street, same village different association. I never had one complaint!! We will move when our lease is over in May 2018. He is afraid of being fined, for what? I am not a hoarder. I emailed him the other day after a heavy rain that came through the wall at my headboard wall. I am sensitive to health issues and now may have to deal with black mold. He saw the company come by and do an inspection, rushed over here, as he lives a few places over. He was knocking so hard on the glass panes on the top of the door. The PMS guy made a comment. I finally opening the door when I got downstairs and he invited himself in. The guy said he had to leave because he could feel my pain and irritation. They spoke outside; he had given me his card. Then my landlord asked me if I got the email he sent, yet another, about the things outside. I have had it and said what about the storm doors, he shut up. I have everything in emails. I do not want to take him or the property management company to court. But I need my rest, get off my back. I’ve been going through hardship for a few years now and it’s taken a toll on my body and now all of this additional stress. I am also mentioning we have never been late for rent and even pay in advance. I received another email to clean up the Inside of my place or he would call the fire Marshall. He didn’t know I am trying to get things packed up to give away that did not make the boat to Puerto Rico. I did an outreach and was scolded for it also. I think it’s because people there are selfish here and not giving and just don’t recycle or take things to thrift. I grew up poor. Next to us a woman moved out due to her health issues, hoarding, stairs, and the stench, she could not breathe and she is heavy set. She had to be rushed to the hospital several times. Finally with the help of her family they came and cleared out her place, it was fowl. But I do under the mental health part of it and always tied to help her. The repairs, the noise and the company that gutted the unit used some kind of something on the walls to get the stink and the yellow out. It came through our adjoining wall. It was awful and gagging. I never got one email the whole time from anyone. I was afraid more so for my kitties health. Now it is ready to be sold and the agent trying to sell it is saying she can’t because of our things outside. Please, everyone knows you do not move in the winter and she is asking too much for the unit. But I guess she needs someone to blame. Who do I contact that won’t take the side of my landlord. Now they want me to take down my bird feeder, this is my solice.

      • Deborah Wesson says:

        Some of us don’t have the money to move.

        My Landlord is a Slum Lord and hasn’t fixed anything in 10 years .

        I have no gas , and the refrigerator he gave me is like the other 8 ones from the trash.

        I had just bought $200 worth of food now all in none working refrigerator .

    • N J says:

      I do not know what State you are in. But most states like where I am (CA), also Fed (HUD). They take your complaint and schedule a phone appointment. They ask you to tell your story, and shoot it down every step of the way. I had to fight with all I had to get them to take it on the only issue regarding Landlord denying your a service/emotional support animal. So to those who do not have those animal you are screwed as of a couple years ago State & Fed Departmental Agency for Unlawful or Disabled Housing Services were cut (STATE, FEDERAL & Assisting NON-PROFITS): my message to my advocate was;

      …Do you know, I actually had a person that took a complaint from the CA Code Enforcement (due to Property Manager’s refusal of requested cockroach pet control.) I was informed or confirmed what I already knew and sensed as a the pattern and trend of the emerged.

      DFEH has effectively “closed”. Is why it was virtually impossible for me to file any of my valid a discrimination and harassment complaints. They no longer serve all persons with disabilities or anyone people without disabilities.

      I believe it has been reduced and diverted to possibly elderly, children and non-citizens. But hopefully physically and developmentally disabled people. I had to use everything I had and could summon from within to keep them from concluding phone interviews and open cases they had already mentioned qualified and they could handle but they still wanted to end and close.

      It will only get worse… fight back hard!

    • T says:

      There seems to be links on harassment by landlords on the web, I live in Oregon, and the law gives them the right to kick tenant to the streets. Wow! I know that there are people with more problems that I have, yet I feel my apartment manager is short of booting me out, and elder widow. So I read that as a tenant I have rights, but do I?with the state law in her favor.

  3. Myna says:

    I rent from Moss and Company a Sherman Oaks management company. These people have engaged almost everything on your list. Retaliated because I complained about a noisy neighbor. Sent three day notices for banging cabinets and even threw my newspaper away before I could pick it up in front of the building.
    They took forever to fix anything in my unit.
    But I’m not moving. Thus is my home and I want the truth to be heard.

    • Linda says:

      Myna, what state do you live in? I have been researching and there are (SERIOUS LAWS!!!!!!!!) against management harassment by ofice managers and caretakers! Like so real the as Advisement to contact a housing Liar and the harasser will be sued for mental, punitive and other fees! But keep in mind strength comes in numbers…Im guessing your not the only one being Bullied? Good Luck!

  4. Tricey says:

    Is there a Maryland lawyer available?

  5. Kimberly Ritter says:

    I have been living in this apartment for 12 years. Since the beginning, plumbing has always been an issue. Their are only four units, but it seems mine seems to be the worst. Three years ago, my bathroom ceiling fell on me. It was so extensive, emergency services were called in. Our bathroom was gutted down to the studs. We showered outside for two weeks. In that two week time frame, I received a notice in the mail that our rent had been raised an additional $50.(the nerve) That ended up being a two month process. Two nights ago I noticed a puddle on my bedroom closet floor. It had been leaking from the ceiling, that we had a problem with in the past. Two pairs of shoes have puddles of water in them. The one pair are Alexander McQueen’s, and very expensive. I text her 3 times about being reimbursed for my personal property being destroyed. And she will not respond. Don’t even get me started on the rat problem. One died on my kitchen floor about 3 weeks ago. When I sent her a picture, she replied that she knows what a rat looks like. One year we were so infested, they were sleeping in my underwear drawer, down to my bajama drawer. I literally have been crying every day over how frustrating, angry, and helpless I feel. I’ve been taking prescription drugs, to calm my nerves. Please, please help me with this problem before I have a nervous breakdown because over it. Please call me, versus email. It’s hard for me to retrieve them. (818) 371-5447. Thank you so much.

    • sandy says:

      oersonal property is not covered in a rental–you are supposed to have renter’s insurance

    • Sad landlord says:

      Kimberly , you have been there for 12 years . How
      is your rat problem the fault of your land lord?She does not live there . She did not attract the rats . Call an exterminator .

  6. Lina says:

    I was given a 60 day notice to vacate and have been trying to find a new place to live and packing. Meanwhile my landlord keeps texting me when I can move out. I’ve informed her I have the 60 days and do not have anywhere to move to yet. She keeps demanding that I let realtors show the house and have an open house. I gave her hours that we would allow these but I did not want her or anyone to enter when we are not home and she is threatening eviction. I let her know that I have tenant rights and I have 60 days legally to be in the house. She constantly keep texting me and I informed her I was feeling harass, she doesn’t care. What would my recourse be.

    • Hi Lina, sorry to hear about your stressful situation. In most cases, a landlord can enter the property at anytime as long as they give you proper notice before hand. They do not need to have your permission, nor can you require to be present when they are there. The fact that your landlord is trying to work with you to find a time for the realtor to come over while you are available is a courtesy of hers, not something she has to do at all. If you still do not have a place to move after the 60 days are up and you remain at the property, she can move forward with an eviction. I would advise sticking to the move out date listed on the 60 days notice and being more flexible with the showings so you don’t end on bad terms. She is going to be your future landlord reference after-all.

      • sandy says:

        Kaycee, that was a good reply

      • Tj says:

        Supposedly they can onle enter whenever if there is a true emergencu otherwise depending on your state they have to give you a day or two advance notice. Also, if this person were able to leave on good terms they would not be on this page asking for advice or having these problems to begin with. I would keep everything documented. When people are victimized it is never a fair fight. I do not understand why people cannot let other people live in peace. I got to come home to maintainence doing a work order that did not belong to my apartment while their granddaughter walked around my apartment playing on her Ipad. They said they went all around the property looking for me because they knew they did not have permission to enter without my being present because of my animals. Another time they took my flashlight and could not give it back to me when I asked for it. Then sat outside my apartment waiting for me to get home because they bought me a new one. Plus, there are constantly dogs running around loose here of all breeds, putting myself and my dogs at risk. As far as work orders they just created a new rule, that they refuse to put in writing, where when they do work orders for my apartment SPECIFICALLY, that an office worker must be present for it to be completed, when I have told them I do not want anything to do with office workers because they have been rude, unprofessional and argued about ongoing issues, stating that they are not ongoing issues. I have better things to do with my life than have them interefere in mine, fond them in my apartment, have them stalk the property looking for me or sit outside my dwelling to replace my flashlight they never should have touched in the first place after I tell them, forget it and I do not want anything to do with anyone. I have had them take my telephone number off their records and told them their method of communication with me is via email only. I have documented many times that they are making me feel uncomfortable. They have disclosed to me if I am unhappy I should move because that’s what all the tenant’s have done in the past. They make it hell to live here. I am scared because I have another ten months left. I think I will start hiring people to do work orders here. Any way I can avoid them I will. I already bought my own printer and a gym membership, so I do not have to use their business center or mini gym. I also pay my rent online, on the 28th of every month. I want nothing to do with these people. They keep trying to find new ways to butt into my life and turn it upsidedown. One day THEIR alarm to my apartment went off, it scared the hell out of my dogs. I tried to ask for tgeir help three times. The first time they gave me a universal code that did not work. The second they gave me a code that was for the alarm, but it malfunctioned, the third they closed the door in my face. I called the police for help. The police came and shut it off. Fortunately, one of the maintenance men a week later unplugged the alarm and then put an outlet cover over where it had been plugged in, such a simple fix, but they did not have the common sense or decency to tell me to just unplug it when I had to go to a doctors appointment and could not leave my dogs suffering and scared like that. The worst part is, I think I am stuck here when it comes time to renew the lease because I won’t have the savings to move out. I got permission to record the work order being done and they said they did not know why management wanted an office worker there and they would have them email me, I would be shocked if I got an email stating why only my apartment needed this to occur, better yet, I would love to know their reason. I am afraid to leave my apartment because they might enter it, mess with me or my dogs could be at risk. I am unsure what to do, other than what I have already done. I am fearful of how much worse it is going to get. A private contractor for work orders seems to be the answer because they cannot even get those done right or clean up after themselves. The only reason I let them in yesterday, with the office worker was because it was related to my AC. It is astonishing the bleep that people put you through and what they can get away with. I feel bad for anyone and everyone else being victimized as well. It us a terrible situation and makes you feel trapped, isolated and unprotected. I would never treat them how I have been treated. I fear things will get much worse. The lad looking after my animals while I was recently away said maintenance was asking my whereabouts. When I emailed them stating it made me feel uncomfortable and they have my email if they need me, the office staff told them not to email me back and he said that the oerson had been mistaken. I told them, good because they have my email if they need to contact me. I hate living here because of office staff and maintenance coming off as stalkers. I feel so uncomfortable and worse I have been outting my money toward medical bills so I do not have the money to just up and leave because they are misbehaving, cannot act normal and let me live in peace. I saw poor ratings online prior to moving in, but I was desperate for a place to live at the time, this is a result of that desperation. I hope nobody else gets subjected to this out of desperation. Not everyone’s circumstances present them the safest, smartest or best outcomes and then they get stuck in unfortunate situations like mine. I can only pray that things do not continue on the way they have been, but my fear is they will only continue to get worse.

        • N J says:

          Also it is worth seeking a civil restraining order my Landlord is very keen and favorable to constant home invasions, install a inside lock or security latch for when you are home. The want to catch you embarrassing situation or anything to use against you. Sick sad world. But I’m always a worthy adversary.

          I do not know what State you are in. But most states like where I am (CA), also Fed (HUD). They take your complaint and schedule a phone appointment. They ask you to tell your story, and shoot it down every step of the way. I had to fight with all I had to get them to take it on the only issue regarding Landlord denying your a service/emotional support animal. So to those who do not have those animal you are screwed as of a couple years ago State & Fed Departmental Agency for Unlawful or Disabled Housing Services were cut (STATE, FEDERAL & Assisting NON-PROFITS): my message to my advocate was;

          …Do you know, I actually had a person that took a complaint from the CA Code Enforcement (due to Property Manager’s refusal of requested cockroach pet control.) I was informed or confirmed what I already knew and sensed as a the pattern and trend of the emerged.

          DFEH has effectively “closed”. Is why it was virtually impossible for me to file any of my valid a discrimination and harassment complaints. They no longer serve all persons with disabilities or anyone people without disabilities.

          I believe it has been reduced and diverted to possibly elderly, children and non-citizens. But hopefully physically and developmentally disabled people. I had to use everything I had and could summon from within to keep them from concluding phone interviews and open cases they had already mentioned qualified and they could handle but they still wanted to end and close.

          It will only get worse… fight back hard! with all State Fed Departmental Agencies or mostly only choice will be person Attorney. And the landlords know this is why they are feeling more and more confident to portray:

          If I didn’t really know better, I’d honestly think “Discrimination & Harassment” disabled or otherwise; just recently became “LEGAL” and it’s the “OPEN SEASON” Property Managers and Landlords have waited their entire life for.

    • Jenny Smith says:

      Get an attorney & sue her happy ass! Don’t tell me, she’s Persian….!

    • Sad landlord says:

      I am a land lord . I know rental law . Educate yourself

  7. Hannah Alonzo says:


    I’m a single woman renting a room in a house that my land lord does not occupy. Her mother actually owns the house and is in hospice. I signed a rental agreement (not a lease) that stipulates that the land lords can come and go at will. Upon signing the agreement I expressed concern and she told me that her husband will only come over to drop off the mail occasionally and they will let me know when they are coming. It’s been about a year and her husband comes over multiple times a week and sometimes when I’m home and showering. One Saturday morning at 8am he was outside of my bedroom vacuuming. I asked him to give me notice when he is coming over and he argued that the rental agreement gives him a right to come over whenever he wants.

    He has also came over with a pile of clothing he wanted to give me and try on which made me very uncomfortable. I began avoiding him and responding shortly to his oversharing e-mails and he began to leave aggressive post it notes in the house about not touching the timer on the house. He has the whole house on a timer so that the lights come on and off at certain times and sometimes its so dark that I can’t see in the house. I’ve never touched a timer but I have turned on a light that didn’t come on automatically in my living room . It takes 6 locks to get into the house which is hard to keep track of and I asked for copies of the keys in case and the landlord refused to let me get copies.

    They are now telling me that I am not mindful of the placement of my keys when in truth I’ve had 4 different key rings break and two keys fell off twice requiring that they let me into the building.

    Another issue is that they are fabricating problems. Accusing me of leaving my floor heater on in my room when I am not home and claiming that they can hear it on and it’s a safety hazard . I tested it , and you cannot hear my floor heater from outside of the room. He does have a key to my room. The are claiming that I left the stove on for 3 days which I did not among other things.

    Also, are not allowing my to use central heat and I barely use the floor heater but they are blaming me for a 25 % increase in the power bill. The tone that my land lord uses in her e-mails are aggressive . She has continues to insult me and tell me that I am not a good “fit” for the house and to feel free and give my notice despite my attempts to appease her demands.

    I realize that some things she listed are a safety issue but #1 I can prove that they are in the house all the time without telling me not just for routine inspection and #2 that the husband leaves aggressive notes. I had a housemate for a while that forwarded me his emails by which he was unhappy with the notes and uncomfortable feelings they cause.

    Lastly, rent is due on the 1st of every month but the land lord requires that I place it in a and unlocked mailbox downstairs the night before the first so that her husband can pick it up as early as 4 am. Many times my pay period falls on the 1st of the month and I cannot make it to the bank before 4 am and so I ask that I can pay it around 6pm because I can make it to the bank after work and they continue to tell me that I am not allowed to do that.

    Please help.

  8. Hannah Alonzo says:

    I forgot to add that they are stating that I am continuously giving me “discounted rates” for living there.

  9. AJ says:

    I think I am being harassed because I pay rent at a reduced price for my birthday month and they “forgot”. I reminded them via 2 calls and 2 visits over 3 weeks reviewing my lease. So we agreed to do it the month after and now they are saying I still need to pay the remainder even though I am not suppose to. Now they posted a pay or eviction in 1 week.

  10. leo says:

    I have a lease agreement and have put several thousand dollars down on a lease to buy
    and have been paying 1500.00 a month with the option to buy if I was to come up with a deposit of 50.000.00 within two years
    I’m an artist and painted a mural on the building for advertisement
    the code enforcement asked me to get a permit
    while there at code enforcement, the landlord painted over it
    also, he sold me a large truck he used for storage and asked me to let him store his stuff in it for a yr
    then sold it to me with the same agreement to let me store my stuff in it for one yr
    then when the lease agreement got close to expiration he said I will have to move it or else it will be towed
    the license branch says even though I have proof of payments he needs to give them a lien transfer
    but he hasn’t done this
    he has entered into the premises many times while I’m away and his wife
    they watch me and then one follows me while the other spies on me (witnesses)
    I have had to talk with him in the parking lot many times for over an hour at dark hours
    he has tried to destroy me with stress
    I have a license as a sign shop here and have painted murals on many buildings
    and was coming back with papers from code enforcement when he painted over it
    I started to paint it again and he came back in the early hours of the morning and painted over it again I have recordings of him and me talking about it
    the code enforcement said he was the one who turned me in
    I paid him money down and he first signed the agreement with his LLC name
    then the city water works made him sign his name so could get water service
    then when I had a notary republic over during a payment I asked him if he would mind if the contract was notarized
    he did it with great complaining saying no one has ever not trusted his word before
    and has since harassed me by text and phone calls
    he has several vehicles and uses them to patrol my business
    it has turned into a nightmare
    on the agreement he stated i have all responsibility for property and building

  11. Amy Bever says:

    My landlord required my lease renewal by the end of January when our lease isn’t up until June. Because I ignored it, they are now emailing me every three days to show our apartment to prospective tenants with only 24 hour notice. I have been told it is too late to sign a new lease. Now I am expected to allow complete strangers looking at my bras hanging up in my closet and casing my garage that houses many items worth stealing! Nowhere in my current lease does it discuss showing my apartment, only for inspections, repairs and the like. Not sure what to do at this point, I can’t imagine going through this for almost four more months!

  12. Lynn C says:

    From day one, I have had issues with my landlord. No, I can’t afford to move, so don’t bother telling me to move.
    I moved in with my family 2-1/2 years ago. A week after moving in, it poured rain one day and that’s how I found out that it rained in my bedroom. Four months later, he decides to fix the leak. Also, none of the windows open & there are bars on some of them so there is no escape route in case of fire.
    Then if my rent is late by 1 day (due on the 15th, paid on the 16th) , I am threatened with eviction even though I have a 5 day grace period. AC broke down in bedroom, told him for 10 months it needed replacement. Nothing… Then the AC in the living room broke down and it took 2 months & a threat to withhold rent before he replaced both AC units. Refrigerator broke, and I asked for a new one and was threatened with eviction so I just bought my own. Nothing gets fixed unless the city fines him for it and it’s never fixed by licensed contractors.
    NOW, he has been parked outside my house for a month straight, 6 days a week, staring at the house. Not doing any work, just sitting there staring, which makes me uncomfortable. Plus, if he’s here & we go sit outside, he comes over and harasses us. “Walk your dogs like everyone else does.” We have had our dogs since day one and now all of a sudden it’s a problem letting our dogs in the yard even though we clean up after them. This has happened 5 times in the last month that he’s been sitting out there. I have also just found out that the house I am renting is not zoned as residential but as an automotive business.
    What can I do? I know I am going to be forced to move by the city sooner or later because they have already started fining him for me being here or so he claims.

  13. Wendilynne says:

    My landlord gave me a notice today saying I have broke two of the rules in the rental agreement. No where on my R.A. does it say not to smoke in my house. He also said that I had someone else “living” at my place. My boyfriend stays over quite a bit but he doesn’t live with me. 4 days a week tops, he stays the night but he works all day. He does have his own place. My landlord is constantly harassing my boyfriend about him being there. My landlord is also my dad. He’s pissed off because he can’t stand my boyfriend but I am 48 years old. My dad is 73. My R.A. doesn’t say I can’t have my boyfriend stay over.

    • Chris Cunningham says:

      Are you serious? Tell your father that you respect his opinion but he cannot dictate your personal life. At 48 you should have a separate life and no longer be under his thumb. This sounds too controlling.

  14. Mildred Goolsby says:

    My daughter lives in an apartment complex that is managed through a property management company. The walls in her apartment are paper thin. She has a 5 year daughter. She has been harassed by the neighbor below her and the property management about too much noise every time her daughter moves. She has ask to be relocated on several occasions, but to no avail. She can not have guess in her house or security will be called. She works most of the time, so she is not home a lot. She feels like she can not breathe hard or there will be a complaint filed. She has spokened with property management on several occasions and but they side with the tenant below, since she has a sickly mother. Now, she has been given an eviction notice, that simply has no justification. What can she do?

    • Yikes, what a stressful situation. Unfortunately apartments are notorious for noise complaints due to the close quarters and building materials that carry sound, rather than conceal it. I would suggest getting a couple plush area rugs to act to provide some form of sound-proofing between her floor and the tenant below. Or ask management if there is another unit in the complex she can relocate to, which might have a more understanding neighbor. If your daughter feels like she has had enough, she could also consider moving to another complex entirely.

      I am confused about the “eviction” notice she was given. There needs to be a clear lease violation and the opportunity to fix the violation in order for an eviction order to be served. IF you feel like your daughter is being treated unfairly, it might be time to talk to a lawyer. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.

  15. Nicole Megan Rybyj says:

    I have been feeling EXTREMELY harassed and slightly violated by my male landlord a lot as of late. I don’t understand what happened to the guy. I really don’t. He used to be so sane,nice, and normal. But lets be honest here. No landlord is ever totally sane or nice. He broke up with his girlfriend about a month ago over god knows what. That might have had something to do with his change in behavior. His house also had a really bad mouse problem for the past 2 – 3 months. The place is absolutely filthy and disgusting. Tonight he came into my room asking me if he could check my attic because he thinks he heard a mouse or something in my attic. I never felt so invaded and violated in my entire life. Then he started yelling at me, swearing at me, and telling me it’s my fault that his house is infested with mice right now. And it’s my fault that the other old roommate moved out of here a few months ago. Are you seriously kidding me right now?His house has been messy and messed up way before I even moved in. And yet he has the nerve to blame me and swear at me saying the mice problem is my fault. To me…that is signs of harassment and invasion of privacy is it not?Blaming me for his rodent problem. Or other problems going on in his house and his life right now, swearing at me in the middle of the night. And wanting to check my attic for mice late at night is considered an invasion of privacy correct?This has been going on for a couple of months now. I have managed to keep the mice out of my room for 3 months. Thanks to some high quality traps. The rest of the house is a disaster tho and probably still crawling with mice. It’s gotten so bad that I’m moving out of here in June or July this summer. I just cannot deal with my landlord any longer. Always invading my privacy, yelling at me and blaming me for things that go wrong in his house or his life. And the fact that he caused his own mice infestation. I’m moving out this July so no worries. But once I move out it will be just him in the house. I highly doubt anyone is going to move in and pay him rent after me. He is a total slum lord. Also think he might of been a secret pervert on top of that. There were times when it felt like he was trying to make a move on me. Even tho he had a girlfriend. Maybe that’s why she left him 2 months ago. All I know was I’m tired of the harassment, invasion of privacy, being blamed by him. And the rodent problems I want out. Hopefully July will come soon so I can move out of this place. And get away from my crazy, creepy, possibly pedoile landlord. Never trust the male landlords. They are the WORST!!! D:

  16. Nicole Megan Rybyj says:

    The only hard part will be getting through the next 3 months till I do move out. I know till I move out of here in July. The harassment, The invasion of privacy, The blaming me for his mice infestion, and possible attempts to make a move on me ( sexually ) will continue. I don’t know how I’m going to survive the next 3 months. I cannot ask my mother to let me stay with her again for 3 months till I move into my new place. Because she already let me stay with her for 3 months during the time the mice infestation started and was worse then it is now. And may dad can’t keep me around for 3 months either. So…until July happens. I’m pretty much screwed.I have no where else to go. 🙁 I’m forced to stay here and deal with the harassment, blame, and mice infestation for 3 more months till July comes and I can move into the new place. But…I don’t know what I’m supposed to do till then. I feel kind of helpless right now and like I said violated thanks to my landlord. Because he is making privacy impossible and making me feel super uncomfortable at times too. : (

  17. Sonia Bose says:

    My landlord is cheating over my advance payment that I made.. He states that no.of days cannot b calculated n I have to pay for the entire month!
    Subsequently,.He also states that I have to pay for the washing n painting of the house!
    Never heard anyone paying for the painting of rented house but I was given to understand that this is a custom n is not written in paper#!!
    I m an orphan , surviving with 2 siblings since last 10 years.. This is a new story to me… Pls vote if you think it’s justified or help me in getting the lesson for these ppl do that no one suffers in future!

  18. Brittney says:

    My landlord threatened me with non-renewal of my month to month lease. This happened on 4/2/17.

    This all started because a few days prior i asked her why the maintenance guy just walked into my apartment. She told me i was a poor mother for not having my babysitter with my 9 & 6 year old. The sitter was in the restroom while they were sitting at the table doing homework.

    I explained that no matter what the issue was he could have knocked the reason he was there did not concern my apartment, it was something that could have waited until someone walked to the door. (( i live in a duplex, in an upstairs tenant. The Downstairs tenants basement flooded.))

    She then processed to tell me i am walking “on thin ice” the maintenance man was told to be there by her and i should get a new sitter to watch my children. She also tells me that she will not be renewing my Month to month lease. I asked WHEN i needed to be out by she told me she will give me a written letter.

    After that conversation i immediately start looking for a new place. A week later i received a letter stating that i will not be getting my security deposit back because the flooding… (( that was not from my pipes)) i have already found a new home and put down a deposit.

    -what are my rights as a tenet being bullied… this is not the first time a threat has been made.

    • First of all, make sure to document everything. Try and go back and write down dates and any information you can remember about conversations you had that prove the flooding was not from your pipes.

      She will need to have proof as to why she is keeping your security deposit. Retaliation is illegal in most states. You should contact your local housing authority for more guidance and ask for recommendations to speak with a landlord-tenant attorney who will be of a tremendous help to you. Mishandling security deposit funds can sometimes result in the landlord paying you more than your original deposit, depending on your state’s laws.

      Regarding maintenance personnel entering your home -did the landlord give you notice this was going to happen? If they gave you proper notice, the maintenance man can enter without knocking (even though common courtesy would dictate otherwise). If you didn’t receive notice, no one can enter the property unless it is an emergency.

      Good job finding a new place to live but you still may have a case for your security deposit refund. It’s time to talk to a lawyer. Good luck and let us know what happens!

  19. For reasons beyond MY understanding my Landlord has been withholding my UPS packages and not notifying me when they arrive in her office. I had to track 2 of 3 packages and she held onto one for five days without telling me. She lied about the second one being there at all although my Aunt discovered after threatening to tell the Corporate Office what she was doing that the package WAS there in the office and had been for 3 days or so. This is absolute harassment and there’s no excuse for ANY Landlord to treat ANT tenant this way.

    • That stinks and must be really frustrating. Does it say in your rental lease that your manager must tell you when packages arrive? While it would be a nice thing to tell you when something arrives, if it’s not in your lease, then it might not be her responsibility. Maybe she has been busy or simply forgot?

      Since you are able to track your packages and see when they are delivered, you could try sending her message and saying “Hi, I see that a package was delivered on [date] and you signed for it. I would like to pick it up as soon as soon possible please and will by at [enter time].” If she keeps holding your packages hostage even after you make a friendly effort to pick them up, then I would talk to a lawyer to start thinking about the next step. Good luck!

    • Elizabeth Theisen says:

      When it comes to your mail you have more rights than you realize. If it is preventing you from receiving it, no matter how they choose to do so; their actions are considered a federal offense. If the mail is in your name, they are required to give it to you untampered with. If they are in possession of your mail, refusing to give it to you or if they try to destroy or discard it; they can get in A LOT of trouble. I am sure they would rather give you the mail vs. being federally charged and sentenced to either paying a HEFTY fine, or to federal prison over mail that isn’t theirs. They can even be fined AND imprisoned for it. They need to stop being childish. It’s unnecessary, and stupid considering the consequences. It is not their right or business to do what they are doing.The following information is taken from and can be found online @ Good luck, I hope they learn an important lesson.

      U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 83 › § 1708
      18 U.S. Code § 1708 – Theft or receipt of stolen mail matter gen­erally
      US Code

      Whoever steals, takes, or abstracts, or by fraud or deception obtains, or attempts so to obtain, from or out of any mail, post office, or station thereof, letter box, mail receptacle, or any mail route or other authorized depository for mail matter, or from a letter or mail carrier, any letter, postal card, package, bag, or mail, or abstracts or removes from any such letter, package, bag, or mail, any article or thing contained therein, or secretes, embezzles, or destroys any such letter, postal card, package, bag, or mail, or any article or thing contained therein; or

      Whoever steals, takes, or abstracts, or by fraud or deception obtains any letter, postal card, package, bag, or mail, or any article or thing contained therein which has been left for collection upon or adjacent to a collection box or other authorized depository of mail matter; or

      Whoever buys, receives, or conceals, or unlawfully has in his possession, any letter, postal card, package, bag, or mail, or any article or thing contained therein, which has been so stolen, taken, embezzled, or abstracted, as herein described, knowing the same to have been stolen, taken, embezzled, or abstracted—

      Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

      (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 779; May 24, 1949, ch. 139, § 39, 63 Stat. 95; July 1, 1952, ch. 535, 66 Stat. 314; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(I), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

  20. David says:

    I moved into an apartment in Galloway, Ohio with my sister on 5 June 2012 with the permission of the Property Management Company at that time. In the early spring of 2013, two of the property owners sons took over as the management team/landlord. The first week that they took over, I was outside on our patio when the two brothers walked by when they stopped and introduced themselves. I told them that I lived here with my sister, and told them that I wanted them to know upfront that I was not on the lease and gave them my reasons. They told me that not being on the lease was not a problem, and that I did not have to be on the lease in order to live here. About two weeks later, the one brother which is considered the legal head on all of the property legal paperwork was walking by and stopped to talk since I was on my patio. As we were talking, a cat (1 of 4) came onto the patio to eat.. I told John that I knew that he probably didn’t like me feeding the cats on the patio, when he stopped me. He told me that both me and my sister could do anything we wanted on the patio as long as we weren’t doing anything illegal, anything immoral or causing property damage and said that nobody has a right to say anything. John walked over to the first square right off the patio and tapped it with his foot. He said; “Now if you were feeding them on this piece of concrete, we could say something.” He said that “People don’t realize that a lease is different than a month to month rental.” He told me that since my sister has a lease, as long as they get their money every month on time, both the patio and the apartment are legally ours and nothing can be said. Within a month or two, the other brother, David decided that he didn’t like me feeding the cats, and told me to stop. I told him that I had been taking care of these cats for a year, and that I absolutely will not stop feeding them and that I had every right to continue. (Please keep in mind, we live at the very back of the property, and twenty feet from our front door is an overgrown wooded area that has a stream running through it. This area is over run with raccoons, possums, rats, mice, snakes, squirrels and even on occasion; skunks and only God knows what else) To make a very long story short, this brother has harassed me relentlessly for the past 4 years! It got to the point that if he didn’t see me outside 3-4 times a week to start badgering me over the cats, he would start calling and texting me and asking me to “Swing by the office.” He has told me literally probably 40 times in the past 4 years that if I had to feed these cats, to feed them in the treeline since the treeline isn’t on their property. Although I have done this close to 40 times, always within a week or two, he would start in again by saying, “I know I told you that you could feed the cats over the property line; but I just need you to stop!” In December 2016 on one of the coldest days of the year, I stepped outside to smoke. As soon as I walked outside, he was in front of the apartment next to ours when he walked over and started in again about these 4 cats. I finally told him that I had told him from the get go, that I would not stop feeding or taking care of these cats. I told him also that I have always been very careful about the wording that I would use with him, but the truth is; you have absolutely no authority whatsoever where feeding these 4 cats are concerned; especially off of your property! My God; these 4 cats have been fixed and has all of their shots. Furthermore, they stay right here in the back of the complex; either in the wooded area or on my patio 98% of the time both day and night! Also, none of the 4 apartments here in the back have a problem with mice unlike all of the other apartments here in the complex including the rental office! The very next day after this conversation with the landlord, he began parking back where I live EVERY single morning; straddling the last 2 parking places to where if I were outside and looked towards the parking lot, I would see him staring right at me. (6 and sometimes 7 mornings a week!) He knew that I came out every morning to feed the cats, and I would stand outside with my morning coffee and having a smoke. In February 2017, one morning he honked at me. Thinking that he wanted to talk to me, I walked down the sidewalk and over to the far side of the parking lot to see what he wanted. He says,”Oh, I didn’t want anything; I was just saying hi because I didn’t think you saw me.” Next thing he says; “When I park down here I’m not checking up on you” and just grinned!! Just another act of intimidation I am sure. On 3 April 2017, I noticed this landlord didn’t come down and park where he had done since December 2017, so I instinctively knew that something was up. It didn’t take long for me to find out! That morning at 10:02, I got a text from David asking that I call him at the office. I knew something was up just because any time he would call or text me, he would always say I needed to stop by the office. Something told me to tape this conversation, so I grabbed my voice activated recorder, called him at the office, and put him on speaker phone. He told me that he had been mistaken all of these years, and that “My mom does own past the tree line wooded area, and that this whole cat things ends today!” As he was saying this, I already knew from 3 years ago where the property line is and that he was lying. There was a rabid coon in 2013, and I had asked him to do whatever he could to take care of this serious situation. He told me to call the City of Columbus and let them handle it. In doing so, I was told exactly where the property line is, and that it was 5 feet from the left edge of the sidewalk, and in FRONT of the tree line. This was the only thing that this landlord was actually honest about! Anyways, I told him that it was not over today, and told him that I had done everything that he has asked be to do other than stop feeding these cats, and I told him that no matter what I have done even per his own request, that it was never good enough for him! I told him that I have let him get by with harassing me for going on 4 years just try to keep the peace! He actually admitted twice that; “Yes, it isn’t ever good enough!” He told me that he would come down and show me where I am allowed to feed these cats since “I know you won’t stop feeding them.” I did tell him that he was welcome to come down if he wanted, but I wasn’t doing anything today and that I have a right to try and figure something out. He started getting ride, so I just said goodbye and hung up. I waited all day for him to show up, but he never did. On Tuesday 4 April 2017, I walked away for no more than 4 minutes; I had been studying in the front room. When I came back, I walked over to my front window out of habit. Immediately I noticed the the 3 bowls of cat food and their containers were gone; for a second time! I looked to the left, and the little shelter house was gone too. I opened the door to find the shelter house on my patio by the front door on its end, with the tarp I had wrapped around it to keep it dry when raining; shoved down inside of the shelter house. I ran to the parking lot and looked in every direction to find no one in sight. Now this guy is like 6″7 and would have to weigh close to 500 pounds! There is no way he could have done all of this in under 4 minutes!! This was the final straw!! I found an attorney online that offers free 30 minute consultations on every Wednesday of the month on a first come, first serve basis until all slots are filled. On Wednesday 5 April 2017, I went to see this attorney with the rental lease in hand. I told him everything that has gone on for 4 years now and that I could not take anymore of this, and that I have no doubt that he will try and evict me. I even told him that I would not be surprised if he didn’t begin threatening my sister in order to get to me since the lease is in her name. This attorney told me that he actually owns a property management company, and that he is an expert in contract law, so this case was definitely in his wheelhouse. After reading this 2 page one sided contract, he told me that even if he tried to evict me, this lease would be thrown out of court; said it was just too vague. He also told me that per its own wording, that I do not have to be on the lease in order for me to live here. He told me that I have absolutely nothing to worry about, and that this landlord is the only person guilty of any wrongdoing and breaking the law. He assured me that I am “Well withing your rights feeding these cats if that’s what you choose to do, the law is on your side in this situation.” He told me to tell the landlord that if he does not stop now, the next step would be that he would be served with a Cease and Desist Order. He suggested I get a printout from the County Recorders Office showing where the property line is even though I already knew. At 3:35pm that day, I walked up to the office to talk to this landlord. The office blinds were already pulled so I turned around and began walking back to the apartment. David was driving a black Hyundai and honked at me on the property’s driveway. I told him that I needed to talk to him, so he drove to the other side of the garages and stopped in front of the first building where the driveway straightens out. I walked over to him and handed him the printout clearly showing that where I was feeding the cats; per his own instructions, is without a doubt, NOT THEIR PROPERTY! I told him that I had had enough, and told him to not ever open his mouth to me again concerning the cats. And I did say to him, if you ever take anything else belonging to me and destroy it, next time I will file charges against you for theft and destruction of personal property. David went CRAZY!! He screamed at me; “Don’t you ever come at me like that!” He then assaulted me! I didn’t know that he had unlatched his car door, and when he started to get out, I went to take a step back when he twisted completely around in the car seat. Suddenly, with both palms out and biting his bottom lip; he grunted and thrust the door into me with every ounce of strength he had. He then jumped out and walked right up to me and body slammed me with his belly! Towering over me, red faced and glassy eyed, he began screaming at me and cursing telling me that, “You’re out of here! Get the F*** off my property. This is my F***ing property, get off now!” David is about 6’7″ and weighs around 500 pounds I would guess. I was going to let the assault go, but I decided it was probably best to have this incident on record somewhere. I called the Columbus Police and asked them if there was a way of filing a report without pressing charges. The dispatcher told me that he would send out a uniformed officer, and that I could discuss this incident with them. When the officer arrived, at first he seemed to be making excuses for David. He even told me, “Just because someone opens their car door and accidentally hits you with the door, that’s not assault.” I told the officer that it certainly was not an accident, and at one point I thought that he was going to hit me with his fist.. The officer told me that I had done nothing wrong, and he instructed me to set up a feeding station on my patio and to keep the shelter house I made for the cats on the patio as well. He said that I was within my legal rights to take care of these cats, and just because the landlord doesn’t like it; you’re not the one in the wrong and breaking the law. I had no doubt that this property manager would try and evict me over this, and possibly even threaten my sister with eviction in order to get to me. Both attorney Lawson and the police officer assured me that they would have to have legal grounds to file an eviction, and they were the ones guilty of wrong doing. It has now come to this: On Friday afternoon, 4/7/2017, the property manager put a notice on our door. I opened it to find a “Warning Letter for Lease or Rental Agreement Violation” that claims he just found out on 3/30/2016 that I was living here and not on the lease; I have text messages from him to me older than that! The letter than states that I am to leave the premises immediately. According to attorney Lawson, because of the way the lease is written, he can’t evict me because he has NO legal grounds. The property managers are now intimidating my sister. David is calling my sister at least once a day. On Sunday 9 April he told my sister that she had to meet them at the office on Monday morning at 10am for a meeting with him, his brother John, and his mother; Alice; and that between the 4 of them, they were going to figure out how to get rid of me! (Alice is buying the property and is the owner of the property on paper) They told my sister that if she did not kick me out by Sunday April 16,2017 that they will file an eviction against her, and that they will see to it that her credit is ruined. My sister struggles with depression and bipolar and has been on medication for 30 years. This whole thing is taking a toll on her as well. They are strong-arming her to get to me. She is afraid of David and John, and is now asking me to willingly leave because she is in fear of what all they are threatening her with, and she does not want to lose her home. This whole thing should not be happening, I am not the person guilty of any wrongdoing here. I have absolutely nowhere to go if I leave, and under the circumstances I shouldn’t have to leave. There is a lot more to this mess, but from what I have told you; you get the idea. Please advise. Thank you for your time and sorry this is so long! Believe it or not, this is the short version. P.S. I was also given a 30 day notice to vacate where he used fraudulent dates trying to make his case. This guy has had a God complex from the day I met him; he is also known to be a control freak and a bully. He is also known to have anger issues. He told me personally back in 2013 that he has always had anger issues, He even told me that he “Had to go through an Anger Management Program a while back.”They regularly break Federal law but always gets away with it.

  21. junie c lake says:

    i now someone who has been evicted one and a half year and the landlord has numerous people harassing her at work, school, her new address, supermarket, everywhere she goes. the land lord was taken to court and was warned not to have anyone of her family members harass her any more. now she send friends to continue the harassment. what should she do about this problem. we contact the police, but to many faces. she pay anyone to take a picture and text it to someone to keep the harassment going. is there any law that protect you from being harass after you moved out one year ago and counting.

    • That sounds awful for your friend. I would talk to a lawyer, they will give you the best advice for how to build a case and get the harassment to stop. Good luck!

  22. Angela says:

    Landlord Harassment
    I do not have a lease. I moved here in 12/2014 paying $900 per month that includes all utilities plus cable and internet. I do not have access to temperature control as the thermostat is in his apartment below me. He also has the cable modem in his apartment with a cable connection through his ceiling to my floor. I am an in home care taker by trade. July 2016 I lost my job. My rent was paid every month with the exception of Sept 2017 in which I paid half. My landlord lives below me and has health issues. In October 2017 he offered me to help him with in home health care and to let October “slide” if I helped him, which I did for several months after. I stopped helping him with home care back in March due to sexual connotations (language} toward me and being totally naked when I arrived to his apartment. When I returned to work, the landlord then said I owe him$1,830 for October and the half of September and then pro-rated the month of March from the 1st to the 19th, once I stopped going to his house and helping him. He has received the total amount of rent every month with exception of those two months in 2016. In March 2017 he attempted to evict me for the unpaid amount, YET he then proceeded to offer a “deal” if I continue to help him with his “bath” at least 2 times per week, he would take $25 each time BUT If I could not do this, he asked for an additional $200.00 each month for 8 months to pay back rent amount. I paid $900.00 for April 2017 and had to pay $1,100 for May 2017. However, he constantly calls my phone, several times a day, sometimes minutes apart, and leaves nasty and threatening messages. Sometimes he starts calling me days before my rent is even due and threatens to evict me if I don’t call him back by a certain time. The constant calling and threatening has become unbearable and has left me no choice to move out. He has left voice mail messages on my phone calling me names, threatens to report to my employer and has said I would never be able to rent in this town again and he would make sure he was “right there to get me,” Constant threat of court action to evict me. Again, he has received rent every month even after raising it an additional $200.00 to pay off what I owe from September and October of 2016. If he threatens again, OR if he does file through the court to have me evicted, would I have a counter claim of harassment even possibly sexual harassment?

  23. Angela says:

    ADDING TO ABOVE LANDLORD HARASSMENT: In March 2017, my landlord first offered me to “work for him full time” as his care taker in lieu of rent – in other words live here rent free as long as I provided in home care. In home care including bathing – which I later discovered, he is perfectly able to do this himself. I initially agreed to this, but quickly realized on the first day – he was asking me to do yard work and clean his garage. He was also completely naked when I arrived one evening. I was so uncomfortable (and embarrassed) that I stopped going to help him and stopped answering is excessive daily phone calls and nasty voice mail messages. He then immediately put an eviction notice on my door. That’s when he came up with the $1,830 that I owed him – and AGAIN offered to take $25 off my rent for bathing him 2 times a week OR pay an additional $200 on top of my rent to pay back the $1,830 for eight months. He lives directly below me and my driveway passes through his, He constantly calls wanting to know who just came up my drive way and even went so far as to tell me that he had been hearing a car come up my drive way late at night when I was working a midnight shift. Is ANY OF THIS a form of harassment?

  24. Jessica Samad says:

    Hi, im 26 and my family and i have been living in this apartment since march this year… Everything was going alright till i got two noisy neighbors that like to play their music loud and odd hours. But that not the case.. The landlord has been constantly sending me messages about things we never do i tend to keep to myself… But he recently send me a threat to be evicted cause i wasnt home and he had pest control out to the units and i already told him im gonna be out and he threatened to have me and my family moved out cuz i had to take my husband to work and my son to his doctors appointment…. And now he sent me a messages about the trash and we throw it in the trash. I don’t know what to do and i live in montgomery alabama.

  25. I had a 4 month old servicedog, registered with ada as an PTSD, aniexy and depression, I was threaten by my landlord to remove the dog or he would di it his way. I gave my dog away and miss her trerribly, isn’t this disability discrimination. he already hit me, brusied my eye, our local police know him well an wont help me. please help

  26. Sara Nelson says:

    I just found out my landlord has had people drive around at all times watching me. I have 4 daughter’s and a son that stays home alone. Who is to say my landlord or someone she hired, isn’t gonna hurt or harass my kids. Or my landlord hires some crazy person and physically hurt us. I called the police but to the cop it was all hear say he said because he wasn’t there so to file a civil suit. And all this is because she thinks we have drug activity going on. I told her I have teenage kids that r grown adults and they have friends. And my fiancee and I both have big families that come around. We also work at night or stay up later that normal so sometimes there is activity at night. So? We r CNA’s, our job is 24/7. And for the past 3 months I have had eviction notices every month. Yes, I’m late in rent right now. And we hit really hard times. But I keep telling her what’s going on and she will get paid with late charges. Understandable, who cares u should figure a way to pay ur rent. But life hits sometimes and I’m trying and with 5 kids I would hope she would work with us this time. I mean we have been here for almost a year. That should say something. And law enforcement don’t even know us so they aren’t concerned. I have in voted her in for inspections and dinner. And I asked why she don’t call DFS knowing I got kids, if she thinks something that bad is going on. It’s all a crazy mess yes. Two sides to every story. But my side has a witness.

  27. I like the way people on here say JUST MOVE. IDIOTS! Not everyone can AFFORD to move. Offer helpful advice,or none at all!!

  28. Brooke says:

    Where are the attorneys that sue landlords for harassment?
    Where is the site for reviews on residence to warn people where not to move?

  29. Karen says:

    I live in a ground level apartment and recently I’ve contacted a building inspector to look at the side of the foundation holding up my porch. It’s craved in and looks like it will just get worst is nothing is done about it. They send a letter to my landlord, who then texted me asking if I called the building inspector on the place. After explaining to him yes why I did it, he then tells me he can’t make the repairs in the 30 days he’s been given, so I’ll just have to move out. I’ve told him about this foundation problem a few months before, he said he would look into it, but never did.He didn’t just say he can’t make the repairs, he flat out said he refuses to put anymore money into the place, and that I “should have never called an inspector in the first place”.

    I started freaking out, thinking I made a mistake calling the inspector, but after a moment I realized that what he’s doing is possibly harassment; he said he refuses to even put any money into this issue, even though in the lease it states that he has to do any needed repairs that come up, and this could turn into a bigger problem if that freakin’ porch craves in! And yet, nope, he doesn’t want to do anything about it, and is shifting the guilt towards me.

    I am going to make some phone calls on Monday and see what I should and can do about this, because it all doesn’t seem right at all. If I have to move I can, if I can press charges I might do that as well.

  30. I will never turn in housing fraud ever again. I had no one to help me with this. I had a neighbor who is on the voucher program like I am. He lived above me. He had four family members living with him and a 3 year old. in a one bedroom. This is a senior apt complex. I reported to my manager that the noise was horrible. That there were 4 family members living there and a 3 year old.. She told me no there wasn’t that she takes unauthorized persons living here seriously. See she was already mad at me cause I had signed my lease early in the year with the leasing mgr. When I went for my voucher I told my case worker what my rent was she called me back and told me the mgr gave a different rate.. I didn’t have my copy so I went down to the office to get it. The mgr seen me asking for it and when back with the leasing agent. In a few mins the mgr not the leasing agent handed me my lease. As I was waking away I seen where she had changed the amount with a pen and wrote in the amount she said it was. I called the main office they made her retype the lease She has had it in for me ever since. so anyway back to the story. they could of had 50 people living there she was not going to do anything about it because they were annoying me. Anyway I gathered all the information made copies all of their drivers licence’s had this address on them proving they were living here. so i emailed all what I had proof of they all had criminal records as well. The very next day after I emailed the Houston Housing office she was knocking at my door handing me two lease violations Someone at the housing office either told her are sent all what I had sent. the lease violations were pargh 20 c and j. She would not tell me who I did this to or what I did to disturb them it was just the lease violation re written exactly like it was on the lease application. I ask her you just cannot accuse me of something and say someone told us you did this so your guilty and that is it I have a right to know what I did where I did this how I disturb them from having peace and enjoyment. She just kept telling me you know what you did you know I told her know I do not I gathered up all my records in the privacy of my own apt. I never once talked to the upstairs neighbor they had no clue what I did. She could not tell me cause it would be retaliation. I think the management company may of told her that. They would not take back the lease violation either I guess they thought if they did I could then sue. oh well so much for housing fraud never again

  31. jen a says:

    Living in Senior Complex. The day I moved in neighbors put vulgar notes on car, told Manager and she did nothing, nasty digs when I walked by, set fire in garbage can, when asking for another drink in cafetaria heckling riot got started and I was banned from community, constant vulgar digs, someone put something in food that made me paralyzed me for 9 months and Home Care to teach me how to walk again, car window smashed. Told manager this and she did nothing and created a reason to evict me. Police refuse to investigate or protect because bipolar and just talk alot. Being evicted. Police refuse to follow order of protection. Also twisting report so it does not make sense and cannot get an atty because report is twisted by dispatcher. Luitenent refuses to correct report. Dispatcher states that I became paralyzed due to the knock on my door. No sense and Officer was rude and refuse to correct report and will not protect me. The office swears at me setting me up to be evicted. Agencies use my Bipolar against me because of stigma. The Legal Attorneys will not help me either due to gossip and they believe my Manager who never addressed the Bullying. What do I do? I am low income and disabled

  32. jen a says:

    I am on Section 8 and many Landlords do not take it. Told they cant do this, but Landlords do it anyways and no one cracks down on Landlords.

  33. jen a says:

    When Landlords do nothing and Police do nothing, Bullying, and Cliques take over. This manager sees that there are more bullies than me, so majority rules.

  34. Mike Kureth says:


    I wanted to ask if there is a CA Civil Code for a tenant to break lease when a landlord makes threats of physical violence, continued harassment, and more.

    I have a police report on the landlord for harassment and sent a notice to the company’s management stating the reason for leaving one month early. I received a debt collection on my credit report a year later.

    California Civil Code 1940.2 only states “It is unlawful for a landlord to do any of the following for the purpose of influencing a tenant to vacate a dwelling”. However, it does not explicitly state a tenant being threatened can break lease.

  35. Magdalene oni says:

    I live in Maryland and from May i did not have air condition, my Landlord did not fix it until July 30th, along with other problems like light fixture, sliding door that was never fixed from my move in date two years ago. My Landlord makes up all kinds of excuses as to why he have not fix them, like cannot find anyone to repair guy broke his foot. So i decided that i will pack up and move. He owns a Condo so he now have the condo guy calling my job threatening to come up to my job for what i do not know. am at a point where am just tired of all the crap am now packing to move i have videos of water damage and mold and mildew, that his repair guys just spray painted over.

  36. Jules says:

    First, I live in a single family home that we have been renting for about 5 months. Thought it would be a fun adventure after selling our family home and buying a vacation place.I have a scary situation and feel like we need to leave as soon as possible. My landlords are a married couple. I only met the husband after we moved in since his wife handled the transaction. He suddenly decided he wanted to do yard work all the time,even though our lease states that the owners pay for professional landscaping. We agreed that he could come once in a while with notice. His wife has been overseas for the past three weeks, and he has started stalking (driving or walking by 6-8 times a day, and since I let him in the yard once, he felt he had carte blanche to come whenever he felt. Yesterday, he asked if he could come move trees, I declined and asked why he felt they needed to be move…..the gates of hell opened. Somehow he accessed credit files – without permission (but wrong ones) and called me and said that my husband is lying to us all and we are in dire financial straits. That my husband is a cheat and a liar. He wanted to meet at a coffee shop and discuss options. I declined, called my husband who agreed the guy is crazy. About 4 hours later, I received a text from the landlord saying he received new information and he was sorry he was wrong about our finances and thank you for watering the lawn. He lives in the neighborhood and has walked or driven by my house 8 times in the past 12 hours.

  37. Carolyn laskey says:

    I’m 70 and really like my apt….they have gone from 950 to 1200…trying to find anyway to harass..only can have one car and one friend overat a time…harassing my visitors etc never anything in writting or proof..I’m so quite and follow rules..this is so I was sitting on the edge of the pool..your feet better be clean etc etc.landlord girlfriend was told to leave…causing problems with everyone
    I’m not leaving..I’ve done everything I can to comply…now it’s harrassment.
    Sept 12 2017
    Major harrassment going on here

  38. Erik E says:

    My wife and i can’t afford a car of our own so her dad is allowing us to use his car so i could get back n forth to work!!! No w the problem is my wife fell ill not to long ago and he was hanging around off and on…. But other tenants have told management that he has been living here WHICH HE IS NOT!!! I recieved a paper in my mailbox stating he has to be completely off of the premisis which he is fine with but since he is leaving his personal car for us to use can the LL tell me i cant have it here if that is how i get back and forth to work and to get my kids to and from school?!?! Please help i need answers…..

    • I would communicate with your landlord that you are using your father-n-law’s car. There should be no reason for you not to be able to have the car on the premise, unless your lease agreement states otherwise. I would provide an current piece of mail with your father-in-law’s address on it, proving that he does not, and has not been, living at the rental as a long-term guest. Explain that you didn’t mean to raise alarm and you will be using his car but it is registered to him at his address (not the address of the rental). I don’t see how this would be a problem.

  39. Kay says:

    My husband and I are disabled and live year round in our rv that is also our daily driver. We visit our nephew quite often(sometimes daily if he needs work done or watch his kids) who lives in a single family dwelling, neighbors complained to city Code Compliance who talked to us 2 times in one week, when the neighbors were told by CC officers that our rv was not in any city violation they called our nephews landlord, who is also the neighbors landlord, the landLord then told our nephew that our rv is not allowed anywhere on the public street. We therefore cannot visit our family members? Both mine and my husbands disabilities are in the protected disabilities. Our nephew is afraid of retaliation from the landlord, any suggestions? Also, the nephews house is the only place we can fill our fresh water tank.

  40. Hi, my living situation is kind of weird. My roommate has legitimate issues upstairs, she gets an SSI check and everything. Her mother is our landlord. I’ve lived here for about a year and I’ve been compromisable as well, considering they won’t exactly tell me what her problem is. I understand, to an extent, on why they would feel like that was none of my business. If it didn’t impact my living situation, yes. Of course, none of my business. But considering the fact that it does impact my life, quite a bit at that. I feel I should know what’s up with her, so I know how to respond to the situation or just so I can kind of understand why she responds the way she does. She used to keep the heater up at 90 and keep the door and Windows wide open. (My room is the smallest, and gets REALLY hot REALLY fast) I work graveyard, and she would stomp past my room clapping really loud after I got off work and was trying to get some rest for my next work night. I was hoping that she had Tourette, and wasn’t just being an a**hole. But I found out months after she started it, that she was, indeed, just being an a** because she just started to pound on my door. Fortunately, her mom was there and I had asked her to control her offspring. (Also, my landlord had just raised my rent for the second time suggesting that I was using a lot of electricity, but her daughter ratted her out and said that she was just going to raise the rent until I couldn’t afford it. This was right before my roommate threatened to kill me and threw a full can of soda at me.) She was physically abusing my emotional support kitty, which caused her to runaway. When I asked my landlords what I should do, they told me to bring my cat with me whenever I left the house. Mind You, I NEVER used the living room. I rarely used the kitchen. I would spend weeks out of the house after my cat was gone. I even stayed out a month one time! Well, she recently gave me a fake 60 day. A week later she gave me a 3 day, then the five day because I’m not paying rent. The toilet hasn’t worked IN months. But she’s blaming it on me. Telling me I’m using too much toilet paper, which I farse. I don’t flush tampons, I rarely even have bowel movements. She also room away washer and dryer privileges, she told me that it was broken and she unplugged it and turned the water off. She also turned the gas off while I was in the middle of cooking…i don’t deserve this. I shouldn’t have even paying rent. Due to lack of options, I kind of had to stay. But I was wondering if I have rights to any type of grievance compensation? Or anything? Do I get ANY Type of justice?

  41. Zena says:

    My landlord takes pictures of license plates of my visitors rare in a few but why would a landlord do this is this complete harassment what in the world and why would she be doing this when I pay rent on the time and I’m a quiet tenant. She took away the laundry services and is completely wrong when she says she wants to file suit it is complete and total harrasment. How can I have her be told that’s she’s wrong for this and by now I should he getting rent for free.

  42. Deon says:

    Ok my situation is a little different I live with my so called landlord , so he got a hud loan to get the house and their was already a gentleman staying on the 2nd floor in a 4 bdrm apt, AND on 1st floor is where landlord lives in 2bdrm apt where he rents a room out in which I rent, my question is i complained about him getting a new puppy 2 week after we sign week to week lease, AND I’M not saying he can’t have a dog ,but landlord DOES work 12hrs a day 7 days a week and was leaving dog at first. for me and my husband to clean up with no compensation until I complained about stepping in pee and having to wear shoes bc the dog would poop everywhere and still does but I complained about iit barking when he left to go to work at 5am and as soon as he would leave it was NON STOP BARKING AND WHEN U HAVE TO WORK, ITS JUST NOT COOL but he compensated us finally $25 for 7 days of clenaing up poop and pee and takiing his dog out now thats $3.58/day and NO OFFENCE MINIMUM WADGE IS $11/ HR AND IM NO ONES SLAVE, and my husband got upset finanlly after 3 weeks of NO SLEEP having to literlly go on the landlords shcedule if we wanted sleep. i tood the landlord and like i say my husband flipped bc he was fallijng askeep at the wheel thTs how bad it was, and my landlord does drink and b4 we got their he stated he was buying cheap bush beer and now he states he can buy the good beer $30 Samuel Adams, he drnks fron the tine he wakes up till he goes to bed and im not saying anything about that bc to each their own, but i feel sometimes he is influenced maybe in a wrong way, we say down and spoke while he drank a beer and he stated the words my husband used hurt his FEELINGS and so my husband as a REAL MAN apologized, I NEVER ONCE GOT AN Apology from him to EITHER of us, his Reply was that “IT’S MY HOUSE MY RULES AND YOUR RIGHTS DON’T REALLY MATTER”, SO I KEEP GETTING UPSET BC TONIGHT NIGHT B4 THANKSGIVING HE HAS HIS SISTER PICK2 HIM UP AND HE ALREADY TOLD HER THAT HE HAD TENANTS, AS HE CALLS US BC HE STATES HE IS A LANDLORD, OK, LIVING WITH HIM AND HOW I COMPLAINED ABOUT NOT GETTING ANY SLEEP SO NO JOKE SHE COME IN THE KITCHEN AND STANDS RIGHT IN FROINT OF OUR DOOR AND STARTS YELLLING AT HIS NEW PUPPY SAYING OH GOOD BOY, AND SO ON TALKING TO THE DOG BUT YELLING SO TO THE POINT THAT THE LANDLORD SAYS OH I HAVE TENANTS LIVING WITH ME AND HIS SISTER SAYS “OH I DIDN’T KNOW”, so one I know she did it on PURPOSE, but I’m not sure how this works??? I thought I had rights,??? I’m still researching MA, housing laws, but def speaking with a lawyer bc to me that is rude and CHILDISH and just shows me BOTH OF THEIR IQ’S…..

  43. Darryl says:

    My wife and I are host parents of international students. I had lost my job because they relocated to another country and my wife works at the church. Hosting became our main source of income until Donald Trump became president. He made it difficult for these students to come here to study and because of that, we have fallen on hard times. Our rent became consistently late since June of this year. I had told my landlord of my situation. He was very forgiving at first. Don’t get me wrong but this man was very patient with me and I understand that there’s a limit to everything and the last couple of months were really stressful for me and most especially to him because he is married to a nagger! To make a long story short, he finally gave me a 3 day pay or quit. I asked if i could have more time to get my stuff out and in return, I will make his property move-in ready for the next tenants. He agreed and gave me a week. My mistake was underestimating the move and cleaning so I texted him and ask for one day so I could thoroughly clean the house. He came within a few minutes and banged on my door and started yelling at me. He was trying to embarrass me in front of my neighbors and also threatened my wife that he come to her place of work to embarrass her. I don’t know how the law regarding this matter in California and I want to know if this is legal for him to do that. Can someone please give me advice? Thank you in advance.

    • steve parker says:

      Local Anti-Harassment Provisions – Rent Control
      Some cities in California have their own tenant protections against harassment. For example, the San Francisco Rent Ordinance prevents a landlord from harassing a tenant by:

      Failing to perform repairs
      Threatening to evict
      Abusing right to access
      Threatening the tenant with word or gesture
      Where the tenant can prove the harassment, the landlord could be assessed a statutory penalty of $1,000 for each instance of harassment. If a tenant files suit, they can also seek an award of three times emotional distress and out-of-pocket damages. In addition, the award under this cause of action is cumulative, which means a tenant can collect this award and anything awarded under an alternate cause of action. The statute also provides for punitive damages and attorney’s fees. The City of Oakland has a very similar anti-harassment statute that provides protections to tenants.

      The Berkeley Municipal Code prohibits landlords from taking any action that would cause a tenant to move out voluntarily, or any action by the landlord that decreases service due or raises rent in retaliation for requesting repairs or making a complaint to a governmental agency. Any landlord harassment within six months of a tenant’s action is generally presumed retaliatory. The law provides an award for actual and punitive damages and injunctive relief.

  44. I live in Pa. I have a horrible landlord. He is the 3rd landlord I’ve had since moving into our house almost 8 years ago. If I talk to him on the phone, he constantly accuses me of things he can’t prove or says I’m making excuses and refuses to accept my explanations. None of the landlords I’ve had have ever done a thorough walkthrough of the house. There were minor damages left by previous tenants that were never repaired. Now the new landlord is coming to do an “inspection” all of a sudden. He has also told me to clean my house up. Granted, we’ve had some clutter, but it has been minimized and I clean regularly. I’m on section 8 living with my disabled adult son and adult daughter who has medical issues, so I’m the only one who works. I have done most of the repairs because I have the know how to do so. He claims the only reason I do any repairs is because I caused the damage to begin with, which I did not. I did the most recent repairs in order to keep from losing my housing voucher. Our local housing office went under new management and they found small things that had to be taken care of. The landlord refused to stick a crowbar in his wallet and repair them. So, I did it myself. He cannot prove any of his allegations and he served me a 30 day accusing me of breaking the lease. The claims were that I’m not taking proper care of the property even though I do all the yard work and most repairs. Also claiming I have more pets than is allowed on the lease. My lease has a pet allowance with no limit, but, I only have 2 cats. The 3rd allegation is that I supposedly have people living here that are not on the lease. As far as I know, overnight guests are permitted providing the stays are limited. I’ve already spoken to legal aid and they have the dates and details of some of the things my landlord has pulled. Would creating a written statement denying my part in the damages hold up in court? Anyone?

  45. Shari says:

    I was recently offered a job with a bank’s contact centre, then had the offer retracted at first because I have a poor credit rating. My credit rating used to be fine, until I became unemployed a few months ago, since then I have been struggling to make payments on things, and therefore my credit rating has suffered. I had applied for scores of jobs before and been turned down probably because of my age (59, although they would not tell me that !). This was the one and only offer of employment I had received and I was overjoyed, until the rug was pulled from under my feet. After some weeks of complaining about my credit situation to all credit report agent, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I did some research and found this credit coach cyber hack. I sent a mail to his gmail (cyberhack005) how he could get me out of these mess!! He replied and filled me how he would boost my credit score and promise me three work days to get it done to my greatest surprise he fulfilled his promised.

  46. Ross says:

    Glen ivy Rv park picks on elderly handicapped people. Such as towing there cars for no reason. Making them park 2blocks away. in no parking aura. not takeing payment in full. so much more

  47. Yasi says:

    I have an annoying landlord ! She comes every month to check the flat , also she doesn’t want me to pay the bills because she likes to get the money and pay them her self , she gives me only scan of the bills by email , every months she comes to hurt me , she doesn’t want I speak with neighbors , one time I asked a neighbor about their bills because my bill was 200 dollar for one month , I wanted to know how was for them … after she told me why I have spoke with them , also told me that they are her freinds and I can not do anything! Why she should behave like this !? She put me in this situation by not giving me the bills and after she complains that I don’t trust her … I feel very uncomfortable living in the flat but she is not giving back my deposit as I have a one year contract and I have paid 6 months in advance .. I have three months more and one deposit .. what have I done to put my self in this situation, I don’t know who I can get help because I am in a bad situation. I live in serbia and the landlord is a Serbian woman , I am only a foreigner here . There is a rule of inspection here wich I didn’t know about it .

  48. Debby Quashen says:

    If the landlord holds onto my property, Locks me out of the building, by putting a lock on to the entrance door preventing me access to get my property, is what he’s doing illegal, can I file a police report, not only for lack of access, but illegally holding on to my property?

  49. matthew says:

    my landlord cheating on his wife with my mother in law. my mother in law do not live with me nor do they do anything in my house. landlord wife finds out about it and now will not renew my lease. so now im living month to month and now the landlord wife wants me and my kids out. can she kick me out???

    • Yikes, this sounds like a terrible and dramatic situation. Unfortunately, if you are a month-to-month tenant, your landlord can ask you to move-out as long as proper notice is given. But check your state laws. Some states have conditions that must be met before a no-cause eviction takes place. In other cases, your landlord might have to pay for all your moving fees.

  50. Joe says:

    I live in Country Life trailer park in Leesburg Florida. In the park management pushes people out all the time it’s the way they make their money. 17 years they’ve been doing this to me here and it gets worse and worse. One time I even caught them poisoning water. Police would not do anything they told me I had to prove they had the intent. Anything over 3 moose is the intent to poison the water. It takes your for moose the nucleus. Also had someone write the word kill on the back of my mobile home. They send me bills that I should not be paying and attacking my electricity costing me more money that I don’t have. It just keeps getting worse and worse

  51. Jake says:

    My new landlord who moved in keeps texting me to move my items out of the basement and threatened to not let me use it at all if I don’t move it to a smaller area that he deemed is my storage space. He says the entire basement is not in the lease, but I have been using the basement for storage for years. He says I have to move my stuff into a smaller room and there isn’t room because I already have stuff in there. The lease says I have a storage space. He also keeps texting me about this every other week. Then he asked me to put my stuff on a shelf and it can’t be on the floor. Then he asked me to move the stuff over because he had workers coming. I even called the police and now I just ignore him. Now he says he’s not renewing the lease which is up in 6 weeks. Can I sue him for bothering me or for retaliation because he send me the notice after I called the police?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Do any of you have any suggestions for a nosey/intrusive landlord who wants to know my business?

    To provide context. I was searching for accommodation when I stumbled upon renting a room here. She actually called and pursued me, considering me a desirable person because I am stable/well educated, etc.

    After I moved in, she demanded to know the name and phone number of my employer so she could check on me and confirm my employment. I never provided this. Had she asked for this at the outset, I would have found other accommodation as who wants a landlord calling your office….I have never had a problem making rent and i keep a regular schedule.

    If I am home a day when I am not working, I get 20 questions — why am I not working? Have I lost my job.

    If I wear heels to work? Why do you wear heels? I stopped wearing them just to avoid the question.

    If I need to run to the car to get something — car is parked right outside…It only took you one minute to go up and down the stairs…explain! Why do you leave the house without a jacket or your hair wet?

    Things were going well at work and so I felt happy confident…upon seeing me smiling and happy…I get corned…where do you work again? What is the name of the company? how much are you earning? HOw do you spell the name? What do they do? Maybe I can get their services too!

    She watches TV all day in living room and so is there when I leave/come home…watches everything I do…Once I come home, I have to stay in my room…otherwise if I go out again, it’s 20 questions.

    I am a quiet, responsible renter, respectful, respect her space, keep my distance and all she does is watch. I saw her looking into my window while watering plants. Why can’t landlords let renters live their own lives?

    I got cagey when she demanded infor about my employer. That’s my livelihood and its none of her her business. I have an ordinary corporate job. She wants to know EVERYTHING about me.

    When I originally moved in, I told her I had transitioned in my career –she wanted to know why I wasn’t still in the old job which paid more. I explained that I wanted to go into a new field, that the old one was losing opportunities….she thought it a stupid idea and told me so….again 20 questions, questioning my every judgment, decision, why did i do this, not that…

    I’m afraid to smile now as any sign of happiness or openness makes her pounce upon me with more questions. She researches me on social media or the Internet and then tells me things she has found about me…interests, whatever and then demands an explanation. It could be something as mundane as flying kites. “I see you fly kites? Why do you fly kites.”

    I now keep my head down, look sullen and she leaves me alone. Smile brightly and it’s what are you wearing? How much did you pay for that outfit? How is work? Where do you work again? Why do you do?

    Is this normal. I look at renting as a business transaction. We have a respectful, friendly professional relationship, we’re not buddy buddy. I respect your property, pay rent in timely fashion, keep property clearn, observe house rules and you provide suitable accommodation and leave me alone. Do landlords expect you just to be an open book and to gush about your personal life and tell people everything. Whatever happened to boundaries? I just am worried now I may be evicted since she seems annoyed over my responses to her 20 questions..why this? why that? I feel i have to justify my very existence to this person.

    Thoughts, suggestions, PLEASE!

    Thank you!

  53. Dallas Dad says:

    I have been living at B and F Flats in Dallas, TX for a few months now and I feel discriminated against. It began with the management refusing to allow my 15 year daughter to have a key fob to enter the property since she isn’t on the lease. Then management refused to allow her to be on the lease so that one can be issued to her. Only after posting comments on google and Facebook the management allowed her to have one then quickly asked for me to remove the post. Now in retaliation one of their leasing agents who knows me stopped me while attempting to put my rent in their rent drop box one evening she told me,”You don’t look Iike you live here” in front of my daughter. I asked her what are people who live here supposed to look like? She demanded I tell her my name, apt number and threatened to call the police on me if I did not answer her questions. I informed the property manager who never replied with any information as to if she spoke with the leasing agent about the incident. Now when she sees my daughter swimming in the community pool with her babysitter she begins with the same rude comments to them. Demanding the same information from her. We feel uncomfortable to live here and have several more months left on the lease. I am a single dad and want a comfortable safe place for my child to live without harassment. These are supposed to be high end apartments but they are full of drunks who party all weekend and I feel like the management is upset that I have children and they want us out. I don’t know what to do. Should I ask them to allow me out of my lease? Do I need a lawyer? or should I just ignore these things and chaulk it up to these people just being jerks.

    • Take detailed notes of each interaction you have with management or the apartment staff. You might want to talk to a lawyer if the management does not let you out of the lease without penalty.

  54. Michele Vegas says:

    I’m dealing with harassment from my landlord’s daughter…
    After her father had entered my home multiple times with his copy of the key…
    All times I warned him I was not dressed and each time he still entered…
    The last time he did this I was on the phone with my son who heard me yell before and after he came in to get out..
    I told his daughter about it and she said that I’m trying to get her dad in trouble and it’s time I move.. I agreed.. since I’ve gotten multiple text messages being threatened and the language used is very intimidating… I had my son move in to feel safe and sleep with a chair propped up under the door knob…
    I’ve tried getting section 8 to help but they do nothing. I’m even to the point of cutting section 8 and just moving out… What can I do?
    Any advice is welcomed and appreciated.

  55. Charles E Tumlinson says:

    I have posted about a situation of Huge amounts of dog Poo outside of my Apartment windows and patio. The smell is horrible And a Neighbor that likes the walkway to be her patio and heaves trash spilled soda Bringing ants Roaches,,, and having Parties at least three to four times a week until well after mid night. I was advised to photograph and let the manager see my proof. She has seen it and did nothing so I did, I emailed the photos of peoples dogs drooping and running Took Picks of 75 Piles of poo eww. and the trash. All of this is a no no in the lease. My Landlord replied Thank you ,This will help he stop this situation. I said if she needs me to for anything not to hesitate. Well the evening of the 3rd I get a lease violation claiming I was cursing and causing a scene chasing people and other things I cant dis as I am disabled. I do not use that sort of language in public or dealing with people I do not know. I do not yell.I cant. These are all false allegations. Landlady said she can do nothing without visual proof. There is no Proof it simply does not exists because it never happened. But She issued a Lease Violation anyway. I do not know what to do. She also refused a state and Dr approved letter stating my cats are Comfort animals. She is sort of new here. and in 9 years of no problems and on time rent payments I suddenly am getting picked out. She doesn’t care that I am an older disabled person. Not sure what to do I cant afford to move.

    • I would speak with your local housing authority and tenants group immediately. It sounds like you have a very valid case and could benefit from some legal help. It might be more affordable than you think to seek assistance.

  56. Sabrina Hiebert says:

    I have a question.. I live with my mom who has schizophrenia, and she refuses to pay the rent because she thinks the house has bugs that got into her head. Anyways, that on it’s own is a lot, but the landlord has given us an eviction notice and my mom is seeing a lawyer about it, but he would stop banging at our door for hours and hours every day demanding to confront us, even though we’ve gotten the notice. He will go around the back and walk up the stairs to our porch and peer in the house, which he isn’t allowed to do assuming the porch is our property, and continue knocking and ringing the doorbell for hours. Is this allowed? Can we call the cops if we don’t want to speak to him? Like i said my mom is very ill right now and she is the only person technically renting, but if she is in disarray she can’t answer the door..

    • If he already served you with an official notice for eviction, then he shouldn’t be bothering you. I would take excellent notes of these instances and bring them to your lawyer who will help in court on the day of your eviction hearing. Best of luck to you.

  57. Edna Espanola says:

    can i request for a sample of complaint and request help to a mayor if harassment occurs

  58. Robert says:

    This is a very insightful article on landlord-harassment Landlord harassment is the attempt by a landlord to pressure or intimidate a tenant using aggressive methods as most tenants are on the defensive when it comes to renting.

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