About Us

The first thing you should know is that we are different from every other software company in the property management industry! What sets us apart is that we are entirely focused on the small-mid sized property managers. That means property managers who manage from 10 to 2,500 units.

Why is this important?

Simple - we are completely committed to you and won't turn our backs on any small to mid size property managers like we've seen happen with other software vendors in this industry. You will never see our investors dictating that we focus on larger markets or raise our prices - because, you guessed it, we have no investors! Rentec is committed to the small-mid size landlords and property managers and that will never change.

Not only has our company been profitable from year one without any outside investment, but our outstanding growth has positioned us as one of the leading software providers in the industry. We are able to invest our profits back into the staff and technology (instead of paying off investors) which lets us provide you with 5-star service and cutting edge software. With our financial stability and our amazing staff, Rentec Direct is the most stable property management software application in the industry.


Rentec Direct is different!

Rentec Direct is 100% self-funded, 100% debt-free, and we grow 100% organically. The hip term for this is called "bootstrapping" and we think companies that can grow on their own merits are pretty darn exciting. We began this way in 2007 and now over 13,000 property managers use Rentec Direct to manage over 400,000 units.

Our entire staff is located in the USA and we pick only the highest qualified individuals, most with prior property management experience, to be on our support team. This provides you with amazing support that comes from somebody who knows what you do. You won't find this level of service anywhere else.


Our Commitment to You

You will receive the best support, and you will receive the best product tailored for your specific market and size. This happens by our conscious effort to remain laser focused on the industry we want to serve - which is you! We love working with small to mid size property managers and that will never change.

Our software is designed to make small to mid size property managers extremely efficient and our software prices will always remain reasonable. When you call, you will always have the phone picked up by the best support available and always located in the USA. You are guaranteed the best support you've ever experienced with a software product.


Meet The Team

Our team is hand-picked to ensure the utmost in integrity and experience. Most of the team you see below has prior property management experience, so whether you are calling to talk to sales or support, they will not only know the software well, but know your business as well. Our entire team and operation is located in Grants Pass, Oregon. Just click any of our pictures to learn more about us.

Nathan,   President & Founder
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I love my son, traveling to tropical destinations, scuba diving, ping pong, nature, technology, and science. [ more ]
Janell,   Business Development
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I love my family, bacon, red wine, sunrises on vacation, naps and a long hike. [ more ]
Kathryn,  Client Success Manager
"Would you rather suffer pain of discipline or the pain of regret?"

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Kevin,  Client Success
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~ Abraham Lincoln

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Kaycee,  Chief of Marketing
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Vik,  Software Development
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David,   Business Development
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Brentnie,   Marketing
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Michelle,   Software Development
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