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Rentec Direct’s Tenant Portal Bulletin feature can help landlords comply with state-required notices or simply pass along long-term bulletins to tenants by displaying customizable notices and messages. This update simplifies communication for all landlords and managers and ensures compliance for those managing in Colorado.

Your Rentec Direct account has seen some updates to the Tenant Portal. Permanently display disclosures, notices, and messages to your residents in the Tenant Portal, with the Tenant Portal Bulletin. Notices on the Tenant Portal Bulletin are customizable to meet your needs and may be edited or removed at any time. While this bulletin feature can meet the needs of landlords in Colorado, it can also serve as an excellent place to offer short-term reminders regarding expected property maintenance or long-term disclosures.

Managing one or multiple properties often requires multiple means of communication and can also mean managing a host of required notices, disclosures, policies, and more. Sharing important notices with all tenants is easier than ever using the Tenant Portal Bulletin feature available exclusively with Rentec Direct property management software.

Meet Colorado Written Notice Requirements Through This Update in Your Rentec Direct Account

This year, legislation has passed in Colorado requiring landlords and property managers to post a statement that states where tenants can deliver written notice of an notice of an uninhabitable condition. While this law is currently in place in the state of Colorado, there is a reasonable likelihood that other states may follow.

Our goal is always to make landlord and property manager tasks simpler, quicker, and more efficient. One way we accomplish this is by staying informed about current events in real estate and property management to ensure that Rentec Direct property management software meets the needs of our valued clients. 

As a result of customer requests and changes to Colorado Landlord Tenant Laws for 2024 (SB24-094), which, in part, requires landlords to post specific information in tenant online portals or platforms, your Rentec Direct development team has jumped in and provided a way for you to improve communications with tenants and remain in compliance by displaying important messages, notices and disclaimers on the Summary Page of the Tenant Portal.

According to SB24-094:

  • “If a landlord provides a tenant with an online tenant portal or platform, the landlord must post in a conspicuous place in the online tenant portal or platform a statement in English and Spanish that states an address where a tenant can mail or personally deliver written notice of an uninhabitable condition and an e-mail address or accessible online portal or platform where a tenant can deliver written notice of an uninhabitable condition.”

Add a Bulletin for All Tenants to See in Their Online Portal

Quickly add or update a tenant portal message or notice using the following steps:

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Program, click on Program Defaults
  3. Click on Edit Advanced Settings
  4. Under Advanced General Preferences, Message to print on the tenant portal
    • Enter the message
      • The following html tags can be used: <strong>, <b>, <i>, <a>
  5. Click on Save Changes

Other Ways to Communicate and Provide Notices and Disclaimers Through Rentec Direct 

Your Rentec Direct property management software offers several ways to communicate with tenants, vendors, and owners. Here’s a list of the various ways to communicate and display notices and disclaimers, along with links to the knowledgebase for details on using the features.

Have questions or want to request a feature?

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