made live in April 2021

In past update announcements, we have stated that your Rentec Direct Development Team would be tackling the project of a software redesign. We are now well into the year, and we know you’re likely ready to see some of the amazing changes that will come with the new software design. The team is more excited than ever about their behind-the-scenes work, and as a result, we would like to offer you a sneak peek of what you can expect.

Sneak Peek of the New Design for Your Rentec Direct Software!

Here at Rentec Direct, your development team has been working harder than ever to update and streamline the software you use every day. These updates are specifically implemented to ensure that your tasks go by more smoothly without having to relearn and navigate overwhelming changes. We know how hard you work every day, and we never want your software to add to your stress!

Here are some truly exciting highlights you can look forward to when the new software design is completed:

These new updates will be a seamless and approachable change for the better–all with a new and streamlined design that you’re sure to fall in love with. While it’s not ready just yet, we know you have been waiting patiently so here is a sneak peek of the new look and feel of your favorite property management software.

The Summary Page

The Summary Page will have quick access links to get you directly to vacancies, expiring leases, overdue tenants, workorders, messages, and notices with a single click.  Clicking any of these topics will automatically load just that subset of information.

The Properties Page

Properties can now be sorted by any column to work with your workflow best. More information is quickly at your fingertips in the info box to the right when viewing any property. No more editing a property to see the property details! Quickly see moved-in tenants, and directly enter their ledger from the properties page. You’ll also have quick access to add workorders or notes for properties.

The Ledger

Your ledger will contain the same data, it just looks way better. Ledgers can now be sorted ascending or descending to best work with your workflow. The default these days (in most modern accounting applications) is descending so the newest transactions show at the top, saving you from having to scroll to see the newest transactions.

A Completely Mobile Responsive Design

The software will now work perfectly on any mobile device. Every page in the system is designed for both desktop and mobile usage so no matter what device you work from, whether you are in the office or in the field, you will have full access to all data within Rentec Direct. The images below give a glimpse of what the Summary Page and your Ledger will look like on a mobile device. 

Mobile Summary & Mobile Ledger

Stay tuned for more updates, as your team gets closer than ever to reaching the final stages of this bold project. We can’t wait to show you all the amazing enhancements that will come with a redesign as soon as it’s live. With the development team’s focus directed to the redesign, you may have noticed a slight decrease in the number of features or enhancements going live. Don’t be concerned, this guarantees that your development team is devoting more time than ever to this value-packed redesign you will see in the near future.

In spite of the dedicated work associated with the software redesign, April still saw the deployment of a few of helpful fixes. As you may already know, small fixes keep your software running efficiently while you perform your daily work. The developers work closely with the Client Success Team and our clients to find out what fixes and enhancements need to be done in order to make the software better for your daily needs.

In-house, the team refers to smaller updates as a bug fix, QuickFix, HotFix, or issue report, and large updates as Features or Enhancements. Behind the scenes, a lot goes on to make your software the best it can be.

Here’s a look at what the Development Team has been working on for the month of April 2021.



  • Added Rental Beast as a syndication partner
  • Added capability for alternate validation processes for Forte Verify


The Rentec Direct developers are currently working on an integration with Rhino, the leading providers of security deposit insurance. Look for our announcement on the blog in the upcoming weeks for more information about this cool new feature that will soon be available.

Learn more about security deposit insurance: What is Security Deposit Insurance | A Landlord and Renter Perspective

These software updates are the result of valuable feedback and input from our awesome clients. If there is a new feature or a software enhancement you would love to see added to Rentec Direct, let us know.