made live in March 2021

It is officially spring, and here at Rentec Direct, your team has been working hard to ensure that your tasks go by smoothly so you can enjoy the day. New improvements–big and small–are being tested and assessed every day to ensure that your software is streamlining your tasks and consistently adding value.

In past update announcements, we have stated that your Rentec Direct Development Team would be tackling the project of a software redesign. Stay tuned for more updates, as your team gets closer than ever to reaching the final stages of this bold project. We can’t wait to show you all the amazing enhancements that will come with a redesign as soon as it’s live! With the development team’s focus directed to the redesign, you may have noticed a slight decrease in the number of features or enhancements going live. Don’t be concerned, this guarantees that your development team is devoting more time than ever to this value-packed redesign you will see in the near future.

In spite of that dedicated work, March still saw the deployment of a number of helpful fixes. Small fixes and enhancements are always being implemented to support efficiency and ease within the software. The developers work closely with the Client Success Team and our clients to find out what fixes and enhancements need to be done in order to make the software better for your daily needs.

In-house, the team refers to smaller updates as a bug fix, QuickFix, HotFix, or issue report, and large updates as Features or Enhancements. Behind the scenes, a lot goes on to make your software the best it can be. While we don’t always report every tiny fix or update to you, but we enjoy providing these highlights so you can rest assured that the development team is always hard at work improving the software for your needs.

Here’s a look at what the Development Team has been working on for the month of March 2021.



  • Added forte verify options for tenant and owner ACH accounts
  • Fixed an issue on the tenant portal where cash payments would not display unless a merchant account was present.
  • Fixed an issue where some reports would timeout and provide a database error after 30+ seconds.

Missed the Forte Verify Announcement?

On March 19th, 2021 NACHA, the governing body for ACH processing, will be enacting additional fraud detection rules.

These new rules affect anyone accepting online payments via ACH, regardless of which software platform or merchant provider they are using. To comply with these NACHA requirements following March 19th, you need to use “commercially reasonable” methods to validate the accuracy of new bank accounts. Rentec Direct has already taken proactive steps to ensure that you are in compliance with these new rules to ensure your overhead remains low when accepting online payments.

You can learn more about these new rules and the steps Rentec Direct has taken in this recent article: Important NACHA Verification Changes for ACH Payments


Your development team is getting closer and closer to those final steps that come with a software design and the team is more excited than ever about their behind-the-scenes work.

    • Our team knows that a software redesign is a bold undertaking, but it will serve you in many ways! Want to learn more about the redesign of the Rentec Direct software and what that means for you? This value-adding project will make the software more responsive and can open the doors to the development of a property management software mobile app. We previously hosted a webinar featuring Founder and President Nathan Miller, where he speaks about the benefits of a new redesign and goes into more detail about what you can expect.

These software updates are the result of valuable feedback and input from our awesome clients. If there is a new feature or a software enhancement you would love to see added to Rentec Direct, let us know.