If you have a landlord merchant account with ACHD, you currently receive an email whenever a payment bounces due to NSF or any other payment processing errors.   We’ve recently enhanced our integration layer with ACHD to include real-time rejection handling.  This means, if you process an ach on the 1st, and on the 5th (or any other day) the payment bounces for any reason, Rentec will automatically handle editing the transaction and notifying you of the failure.

Any payment failure will result in:

  • The original payment value will be changed to $0
  • If there was a fee associated with the payment, it will also be updated to $0
  • The Completed ACH report will now indicate the payment as failed
  • An email will be dispatched to you with the cause for rejection

This new feature is a time-saver whenever there is a failed ACH payment, and since it’s all automatic it helps eliminate errors since now nobody has to remember to go in and adjust the tenant’s ledger.  The whole process is now automatic.