Company logos on property management reports

Rentec Direct is excited to announce a new feature to enhance the custom branding options within your property management software.

New for 2018, you can add your company logo to reports generated within Rentec Direct’s software. Including your logo on reports, like statements, ledgers, or a rent roll report, is a great way to maintain your brand and stand out to clients.

custom logo on reports

The new branding options from Rentec Direct allow you to add your company logo to the header of your business’s reports.

Reports from Rentec Direct

One of the most valuable benefits of using property management software are the powerful reporting functions available to landlords and property managers.  Property managers and landlords are able to automatically generate custom reports on tenants, properties, financial accounts, and more.

By providing instant access to vital information stored in your account, you can use Rentec Direct to do things like create a Rent Roll Report, generate tax documents, or email a Property Performance Report to your owners that shows a snapshot of occupancy rates, income and expenses and other vital property information.

How to Add Your Logo to Reports

Step 1 – Upload your logo into the system

Logos on property management reports

*Please make sure that your logo conforms to these dimensions, as the software uses these dimensions in multiple places throughout the site.

Step 2 – Add your Logo to Reports

  • Select the Settings Tab
  • Click on Program Defaults
  • Find the “Report header options” and select your display from the drop down menu.

Report header options

Step 3 – Select your preferred report header style

Within the Report header options you can choose where to display:

1) Your contact info only

2) Your Logo and Contact Info, side by side


3) Only your Logo

Depending on which option you choose, your logo could be scaled, so make sure the dimensions are 185px x 63px.  

Name and Address Report Header

Rent Roll Report Contact Only Rentec

Select “Name and Address” from the Report header options drop down menu.

Name, Address, and Logo Report Header

Logo and company info custom reports rentec

Select “Name , Address and Logo” from the Report header options drop down menu.

Logo Only Report Header

Custom logo on property management reports

Select “Logo Only” from the Report header options drop down menu.

The option you choose when selecting your Report Header Options will roll over on all reports that are generated as a PDF to be downloaded, emailed and printed.  You do not currently have the option to add logos to some reports but not others.

Discover More Branding Options from Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct provides multiple ways to stand out to clients and renters with these custom branding options. Click the link to learn more.

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