free professional website property managerWe’re pleased to announce that Rentec Direct now provides a free professional property management website to all Rentec Pro and PM subscribers.  Your free professional website is fully integrated with your property management software so it automatically includes all your vacant property listings, accepts online applications, and gives a single fully branded location for your tenants and owners to login to their portals.

With a professional website, in just a couple clicks you can present a professional appearance online for all your tenants and owners.  With the easy website editor, you can quickly update or change content on the site with only a few clicks.  It’s as easy as editing a word document.

You might be asking yourself: “Why is Rentec doing this for free?“.

It’s a great question, because website development can cost thousands of dollars up front , and on top of that, hosting a website can also be a hefty monthly fee.  The thing is, the Rentec platform is web based.  We already have access to hundreds of servers located on every continent, and we maintain massive spare capacity to ensure your application runs quickly from every point on the globe.  For a minimal cost on our side, we can make these spare resources available to you and host your website for free!

That’s not all though.  We are committed to your success.  If you grow, we grow!  By being present on the internet with a search engine optimized website, you drastically improve your chances of attracting more property owners wanting to retain your services.  You will also fill your vacancies faster because your listings are published on your website instantly, and syndicated to dozens of rental listing websites, so your profit margins are high.

Here’s what you get with your free professional website.

  • A custom web address.  You can use our domain and pick a custom address like “”.  If you own a domain (like, you can also point it at our servers and we’ll host that as well.
  • Three fully customizable pages, plus all your property listings.  You will receive a fully customizable Home page, an About Us page, and a Contact page.  We provide you an easy template which you can use, or you can replace the contents of the page with anything you like.  The editor accepts HTML and CSS code, so you can be as creative as you want.
  • Multiple mobile compatible themes.  Every theme is designed using responsive web design to ensure compatibility with every mobile device.  This will help you attract more clients, and rank better in search engines for your area.
  • Google Analytics support – provides you with the best in class reporting on who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, and what they are looking at.
professional property management website

Here’s an example of what your website might look like (actual website shown).


Rentec Direct clients can start creating their new professional website today!

You can find instructions for how to access the Website Editor here :

Want access to a free professional website but are not yet a Rentec Direct landlord or property manager? You can sign-up for a free 14-day trial to start building your website today and access tons of other useful features from the property management software chosen by thousands of rental professionals worldwide.