Owner Connect by Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct introduces a new mobile solution for property managers to share with their owner clients with the Owner Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app.

Owner Connect is a mobile app of the Rentec Direct Owner Portal. The Owner Portal is a valuable tool for your property management business to allow your owner clients to log into an account with their own username, where they can see occupancy rates, incoming rent and view all types of reports.

This app release from Rentec Direct goes along with the new mobile app for renters, Resident Connect by Rentec Direct, announced in November 2017.

As of 2023, this app has recieved an upgrade!

Learn more here: Feature Update | Rentec Direct Brings a Fresh New Design to Owner Portals

The new Owner Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app gives your investor and owner clients the following features:

All the features available in the mobile friendly Owner Portal are now conveniently accessible in a mobile app from Rentec Direct.

Discover Owner Connect by Rentec Direct

Search for “Rentec Direct” in the Google Play store or the Apple App store. google play android app  

Send your owners to the app store for their mobile device to download Owner Connect by Rentec Direct. Owner Connect by Rentec Direct is designed to work with smartphones and tablets.

Owner Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app

Owner Connect is the mobile app for property managers who use Rentec PM and their owners. You will need to enable the “Owner Portal” for your owners in order for them to log into the Owner Connect app with their email and password.

When searching for the app, you might notice the Resident Connect by Rentec Direct, another mobile solution for Rentec Direct renters. Make sure to tell your owners to download the Owner Connect by Rentec Direct app to access their Owner Portal.

Designed to Grow Your Business

Your business needs advanced solutions to attract owners and grow your property portfolio.

With more than 77% of Americans owning a smartphone, providing a mobile app to your clients is a natural way to modernize your business and stand out in the marketplace. Owner Connect by Rentec Direct gives your owners the options to view their real-time property performance from the mobile app, making you stand out from the competition.

Owner Connect by Rentec Direct summary page

The summary screen of the Owner Connect mobile app shows occupancy rates, cash flow, and property notices.

Designed to Help Your Clients

Your owners can now access detailed reports directly from the Owner Connect mobile app on the Reports tab within the app. The Reports tab allows your property owners to view or download summaries of their property performance, vacancies, and account activity.

ipad Owner Connect mobile app

Owners can access valuable financial reports and statements with the Owner Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app.

Designed to Improve Client Communication

Save time in your busy day and still give your owners exactly what they want. The Owner Connect mobile app lets you communicate directly with owners with file sharing features.

You can share work orders and attachments, photos, receipts, reports, and other important files. Files can be viewed within the mobile app or downloaded to access at a later time.

The file sharing features enhance your ability to communicate with owners regarding their properties.  Improved communication can improve your client relationships and is a great client retention strategy. A mobile app for the Rentec Direct Owner Portal, lets your clients instantly connect with you from their smartphone to view performance, check on the status of work orders, access files, and receive property notices.

Android app for Rentec Direct owners

Download the Owner Connect Mobile App

*You will only be able to log into the Owner Connect mobile app if you have an owner email and password. If you are a property manager account owner and want to test out the app, create a fake test owner in your Rentec Direct software.

Have questions? Connect with the Rentec Direct Success Team at 800-881-5139, by email success@rentecdirect.com, and in-app online chat.

Please note that the Owner Portal is only available for Rentec Direct PM clients who manage properties for others.  If you are landlord or investor using Rentec Direct property management software the Owner Portal is not something you need to use.

Want more mobile solutions from Rentec Direct?

Rentec Direct also has a mobile app for the Tenant Portal and solutions for property managers and landlords looking to access the complete software via smartphone or tablet.

Resident Connect by Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is also introducing Resident Connect by Rentec Direct. Resident Connect is a mobile app of the Tenant Portal.

Through the app, renters can pay their rent online, submit maintenance requests, review statements, and check property notices. The Resident Connect mobile app also gives your renters access to a File Library, where you can share copies of lease agreements, notices, addendum, and more.

Property Management Software Mobile App Shortcut

Rentec Direct property managers and landlords can use the full management software on their smartphone by adding a mobile app shortcut to their phone.

A home screen shortcut will appear on your phone alongside your other mobile apps and, when clicked on, it will open your Rentec Direct account. Rentec Direct’s full version of the software is not available as a mobile app, but you can access your account on your phone’s web browser, and this phone home screen shortcut gives you a way to use Rentec as if it were a mobile app.

Learn more: How to Set Up a Mobile App Shortcut on Your Smartphone.

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