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Rentec Direct introduces a new mobile solution for renters with the Resident Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app.

Resident Connect is a mobile app of the Rentec Direct Tenant Portal. Through the app, your renters can pay their rent online, submit maintenance requests, review statements, and check property notices. The Resident Connect mobile app also gives your renters access to a File Library, where you can share copies of lease agreements, notices, addendum, and more.

Discover Resident Connect by Rentec Direct

Search for “Rentec Direct” in the Google Play store or the Apple App store.  

google play android app  


Send your renters to the app store for their mobile device to download Resident Connect by Rentec Direct.  Resident Connect by Rentec Direct is designed to work with smartphones and tablets.

resident connect mobile app

Resident Connect is the mobile app for your renters.  You will need to enable the “Tenant Portal” for your tenants in order for them to log into the Resident Connect app with their email and password.*

When searching for the app, you might notice the Owner Connect by Rentec Direct, another mobile solution for Rentec Direct property managers. Make sure to tell your renters to download the Resident Connect by Rentec Direct app to access their Tenant Portal.

Designed to Protect Your Property

Give your residents a convenient way to report maintenance issues with the Resident Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app. Maintenance issues that start small and are reported right away can save you from spending hundreds or thousands on a costly repair down the road.

The Resident Connect mobile app lets your tenants “Report an Issue” by writing a message about a maintenance issue and including a few photos they can take, directly from the app. While a renter might be quick to give you a call with a maintenance emergency, a small repair might fall lower on their to-do list. By providing your tenants with a hassle-free maintenance reporting solution you provide convenient ways to protect your property.

Your renters can submit maintenance requests with descriptions, details, and photos, and check the status of the work order in the app.

Designed to Make You Money

The Resident Connect by Rentec Direct mobile app gives your renters the easiest way to pay rent online. Your tenants and residents can securely input bank account information to a make a one-time payment or set up recurring monthly rent payments. Additional rent payment options through the app include credit card or debit card payments.  

Landlords who use online rent payment collection methods are more likely to get paid on time, which means less time and stress you have to spend tracking down late payments. 

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Renters can set up recurring monthly rent payments so rent gets paid on time every month without a second thought.

Designed to Improve Landlord-Tenant Relations

By providing your renters with convenient communication tools you can improve your landlord-tenant relationship. Poor communication and lack of response to maintenance requests are some of the biggest complaints renters have about management.  

A mobile app for the Rentec Direct Tenant Portal, lets your renters instantly connect with you from their smartphone to pay rent, send maintenance requests, and receive property notices. Better relationships with your residents means less turnover and higher occupancy rates for your properties.

build better relations with rentec direct mobile app

The Resident Connect mobile app gives your tenant the easiest way to pay rent, check notices, and stay connected to you and the property.

Download the Rentec Direct Mobile App

*You will only be able to log into the Resident Connect mobile app if you have a tenant email and password. If you are an account owner and want to test out the app, create a fake test tenant in your Rentec Direct software.

Have questions? Connect with the Rentec Direct Success Team at 800-881-5139, by email, and in-app online chat.

Want more mobile solutions from Rentec Direct?

Rentec Direct also has a mobile app for the Owner Portal and solutions for property managers and landlords looking to access the complete software via smartphone or tablet.

Owner Connect by Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is also introducing Owner Connect by Rentec Direct. Owner Direct is a mobile app of the Owner Portal. The Owner Portal is used by Rentec Direct property managers and allows their owner clients to log into an account with their own login in, where they can see occupancy rates, incoming rent and view all types of reports.

Property Management Software Mobile App Shortcut

Rentec Direct property managers and landlords can use the full management software on their smartphone by adding a mobile app shortcut to their phone.

A home screen shortcut will appear on your phone alongside your other mobile apps and, when clicked on, it will open your Rentec Direct account. Rentec Direct’s full version of the software is not available as a mobile app, but you can access your account on your phone’s web browser, and this phone home screen shortcut gives you a way to use Rentec as if it were a mobile app.

Learn more: How to Set Up a Mobile App Shortcut on Your Smartphone.

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