zInspector Mobile Inspection

Connect your Rentec Direct account with the leading rental inspection software from zInspector to make rental inspections easy and efficient.


You can mark property features as New, Satisfactory, Damaged, or Needs Attention and input notes and take pictures directly from the app.

This new integration between Rentec Direct and zInspector allows you to download your property information into zInspector to complete rental property inspections on the go with the zInspector mobile app.

The zInspector mobile inspection app allows you to click-through an inspection checklist on your phone, take photos that are automatically attached to an inspection report, and generate downloadable PDF reports to be shared and stored.

The inspection app delivers a convenient way for landlords and property managers to complete inspections on the go to make move-in and move-out processes faster. When you think about the fact that there are over 4 types of rental inspections required per lease, inspections can create a lot of overheard that an inspection app will minimize.

The zInspector tool is a native app that you can download for free from the Google Play Store or iTunes.  To complete an inspection, you do not need an internet connection when using the mobile app.  

To better serve our clients, Rentec Direct is happy to announce a new integration with zInspector that allows you to sync your properties directly into zInspector. This integration means you do not have to manually enter any property data to complete a rental inspection through zInspector.

Here are some of the key features you will get when you sync your Rentec Direct property list with zInspector:

  • The zInspector mobile app turns your smartphone or tablet  into a powerful property documentation tool. You can perform photo inspections, take notes, and perform move-in / move-out inspections of a property right from your mobile device. All of your inspection photos and notes are cataloged and stored in a secure Amazon server for instant access whenever you need it. Our app even allows you to do iPad property inspections!Every photo you take with zInspector can be tagged with a creator, date, time, property, activity, area, detail, action item, and comments.
  • All of your photos, inspections, and property data  are stored securely in the cloud. They are automatically synced across all of your mobile devices and computers, so that you can access the information you need from anywhere.
  • Are you looking for that one photo in a thousand? zInspector’s powerful search and sorting capabilities allow you to search by property, activity, or date so that you can quickly and efficiently find the photos and inspections that you need.
  • With a zInspector group account, you can track the work of your employees and grant them varying levels of access privileges.
  • Organizing your photos and inspection forms to share with owners and tenants is difficult and time-consuming. zInspector uses your photos and inspection data to instantly generate customized, professional PDF reports that you can email to owners or archive in Evernote.  You can also upload to your file library in Rentec Direct.
  • With zInspector, all your properties, inspections, and photos are secure, available, and organized.

zInspector is the most feature rich and affordable rental inspection app on the market, which is why Rentec Direct selected it as an integration partner. zInspector is free for anyone with under 5 units and starts at $12/month for 1 user with unlimited properties to conduct an unlimited amount of inspections. (Other solutions charge $5/inspection or start out at $50/month).

Watch the Tutorial below to discover how to sync your Rentec Direct rental properties with zInspector. Instructions for this task are also listed below.

This short tutorial  also goes over how to preform a move-in inspection.

If you have any further questions about the useful features of zInspector and how it works in conjuction with Rentec Direct, contact support@zinspector.com

How to Sync Your Rentec Direct Properties with zInspector

How does zInspector work?

Sign Up for a free zInspector Account.

zInspecotr Timeline shows all the property inspection data over time. You can see all your photos and videos, run various reports, look at PDFs, run filters.

How to Integrate your Property List from Rentec Direct:

You can take your property list from Rentec Direct and sync it with zInspector. zInspector has a very robust and useful mobile app, but for setting up your Rentec Direct sync, it will be easiest to complete on a laptop or desktop computer.

  1. Login into your zInspector Account.
  2. Go to the Settings Tab.
  3. Click on Admin Settings.
  4. Select “Accounting Software Integrations”
  5. Select “Rentec Direct” from the drop down list.
  6. Click the link for www.rentecdirect.com, which will open a new tab. Log into your Rentec Direct account.
  7. Click on the Settings Tab in your Rentec Direct account to find the API key to sync with zInspector.
  8. Click on Utilities in your Settings Tab.
  9. Click on API Keys.
  10. Click on the Clipboard icon next to the zInspector Key box, to automatically highlight and copy the API key.
  11. Once you have copied the API key, go back to your zInspector account and the Accounting Software Integration page you previously opened.
  12. Under the Link: section, click on the Add/Change button.
  13. Paste the API key into this box and click Ok.
  14. Hit the “Enable” button at the bottom of the page.

These are the steps to automatically synchronize your zInspector account with your Rentec Direct property data. Check it out by clicking on the “Properties” tab in your zInspector account.

If you add a property, archive a property, or increase the number of bedrooms, or make any other changes to your property information in your Rentec Direct account, all those changes are going to be reflected in zInpsector.

You can also manually enter property data into zInspector or upload a spreadsheet.

Property Types in zInspector

You will be able to see your single family homes and multif properties, with individual units listed, to easily complete move-in and move-out inspections.

For multifamily properties, you will notice a “Common” section area where you can add areas to it, like the building exterior or roof, for items that you will need to inspect.

zInspector Mobile App

Download the zInspector app from either the Google Play Store and/or the Apple AppStore   and use your new zInspector login info consisting of your email address and password.

Your property list should automatically sync with your mobile zInspector App every time you open the app.

Use the App to Complete a Move-in or Move-Out Inspection

  1. Open your zInspector app and select “Property Management Inspection”.
  2. Select the property you are going to inspect from the list provided. This is the same property information that was synced from your Rentec Direct account.
  3. Select the Type of Inspection.
  4. Enter the Name of the Tenant.
  5. Hit Continue.
  6. You will see the template for your Inspection. There are tons of helpful videos from zInspector with tips for completing inspections via the mobile app-zInspector Help Videos.
    -One tip zInspector gives is to lable the bedrooms in the inspection template, like Master Bedroom instead of Bedroom 1. You can do this by clicking the Pencil icon on the top of the screen.
  7. When you are ready to inspect, open the room/area tab you want to inspect and you will see the features you need to inspect.

You can mark the features you inspect with:

  • S – Satisfactory
  • N – New
  • D – Damaged
  • ! – Needs Attention (Opens a screen to specify what works needs to be done and rate the importance).

To write a comment about a feature:

Select the Text Box quote image to enter comments about the property feature you are inspecting. You will also have the option to add in Smart Comments to make the process faster.

To take a picture of a feature or damage:

You can take a photo directly from within the app of a property feature that is damaged or requires attention. You can also take videos.

Inspection Reports and Download Capabilities

Once an inspection is complete, you will be emailed a report and the information remains accessible in your zInspector account.

How Much Does zInspector Cost?

zInspector is free for anyone with under 5 units and starts at $12/month for 1 user with unlimited properties to conduct an unlimited amount of inspections. (Other solutions charge $5/inspection or start out at $50/month).

For more information, contact support@zinspector.com.

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