Landlord Tenant ScreeningA new service from your property management software provides easy tenant screening solutions for private landlords with fewer than 10 properties.  Through a partnership with ApplyConnect, Rentec Direct landlords with less than 10 rentals can review tenant screening credit reports without waiting for an onsite inspection.

Rentec Direct’s new partnership with ApplyConnect lets a landlord invite rental applicants to order their own reports and grant the landlord access to view the screening documents online. Landlords can view an applicant’s Experian credit report, criminal report and eviction history to find qualified tenants for their rental properties.  

Rentec Direct has always provided tenant screening services for the rental industry, but those options are better suited for landlords and property managers with larger portfolios.  To better serve the tenant screening needs of landlords who own less than 10 properties, Rentec Direct sought to find an additional solution.  Now, ApplyConnect allows Rentec Direct to provide the right tenant screening option for any sized landlord or management firm, from 1-100,000 units.

How it works:

  • Landlords invite potential renters to share their background check by using their Rentec Direct portal on ApplyConnect’s website 
  • The report shows the landlord a renter’s Experian Credit Report and Vantage Score
  • Landlords can also view the renter’s nationwide criminal history and nationwide eviction report
  • The renter pays of for the screening report making this a completely free service for landlords

Get Started Today!  Here’s how…

  1. Create a free tenant screening only account with Rentec Direct (make sure to select “Tenant Screening Only” on the sign-up form)
  2. You will receive an email with instructions to fill out a simple credit access application.  Simply open the application to find the link for landlords with fewer than 10 properties which takes you to your ApplyConnect Portal for Rentec Direct.
  3. In your ApplyConnect Portal for Rentec Direct you can send an email invitation to your rental applicant (you simply need a unique email address for each applicant)
  4. Your applicant opens the email to order his screening report, pays for the report (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal), views and shares the information with you online.
  5. You receive an email that the tenant screening credit report is ready to view.

Do you have more than 10 rental properties?  

Rentec Direct provides additional tenant screening solutions that are ideal for ordering a larger volume of screening reports for multiple applicants and properties.  If you have a Rentec Direct account already you can start ordering Criminal and Background reports immediately in the Reports Tab of your account.  To access credit reports, simply fill out the simple credit report access application to comply with Federal Credit Reporting regulations.

How is ApplyConnect different from other Tenant Screening Options from Rentec Direct?

ApplyConnect for Rentec Direct allows the renter to order their own credit report that is securely shared with a landlord to review online.  Rentec Direct’s traditional tenant screening options allow landlords and managers to order tenant screening reports without requiring the applicant to participate in the process.  This option is great for users with more than 10 properties who need to process a large volume of rental applications and order screening reports on multiple tenants, for multiple properties.

Want to find more ways to improve your rental business through online resources?  Rentec Direct offers more than just tenant screening solutions for private landlords.   If you are looking for even more options for managing rental properties online, we invite you try a free trial of Rentec Direct’s property management software