St. Patrick's DayMarch 17th is coming quickly, and it’s not too late to plan a St. Patrick’s Day resident event.

Resident events can play a crucial role in your overall plan to serve your residential community and reduce retention. Showing your tenants great customer service, and that you value their presence in your multifamily community will encourage them to renew when their lease term ends.

Resident events do not just benefit your tenants by creating an enjoyable evening, but also through building community within your property, and establishing relationships among your tenants.

Holidays make the perfect backdrop for a fun themed event, but the festivities can get complicated during major holidays when managers have to account for their tenants personal plans and schedules as well as navigating denominational differences among residents when attempting to throw a party around a religious holiday. Using a lighthearted holiday like St. Patrick’s Day can avoid those hurdles, but still provide a fun and workable theme.

This infographic will provide all the ideas you need to bring your St. Patrick’s Day resident event to fruition.


St. Patrick's Day Resident Event


Go Green: Express your commitment towards environmentally friendly living by announcing a plan to introduce new eco-friendly amenities in your units.

Enjoy the Greenery: Celebrate by revitalizing your landscape for Spring’s arrival, and then encourage your residents to truly enjoy the greenery! Host a nature walk or picnic if weather allows.

Lucky Charms Raffle: Residents can test out their lucky charms by winning a resident raffle. Winners can receive small prizes like a pot o’ gold chocolates, or large prizes like the prime parking spot for a week.

Leprechaun Snacks: Fill a table with delicious snacks and let your residents indulge. Shamrock cupcakes will satisfy a sweet tooth, and a rainbow of veggies will be enjoyed by the health conscious.

Goodluck Movie Bash: Host a movie night with any movie featuring Ireland, luck or green! Serve a green specialty  drink to make the event memorable, and pass out leprechaun coloring sheets to any kids.

Whatever you may chose to do this St. Patrick’s Day, just be sure that your tenants know that you feel lucky to have them as residents.