custom branding in your property management softwareRentec Direct gives you the option to personalize your tenant and owner portals with your own professional logo through your property management software.

Within the program, users are able to replace the Rentec Direct logo with your own, allowing you to position yourself as a property management professional to your clients and tenants by customizing their online experience with your brand.

By branding your portals, you will improve your users’ engagement and increase your brand recognition.

The Tenant Portal

Your tenants can use their online portal to pay rent online, submit maintenance requests, update contact information, and view the summary screen which informs tenants when their next payment is due or if there is a past due balance.

The Owner Portal

Within the Owner Portal, your owners can login to view the performance of each of their properties, as well as accounting information, notices and access shared filed.

How to Upload Your Company Logo

To upload your company logo and customize your software in Rentec, visit the Settings tab, and select Professional Website & Branding Options.  On this page you can also update and edit your free property management website included with your Rentec Direct account.

add logo to owner portal

When you upload your own logo, it will replace the Rentec Direct logo displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen.

How to Make Your Logo Look Awesome

For best result, set the dimensions of your logo to 186 width by 62 height and set any background transparent.

If you upload an image outside of these dimensions, the system will automatically adjust it to fit the space available.  If you are off by a few pixels either direction, it probably will not be noticeable; however, if it is off by a lot the logo will appear stretched.

Also, if the background of your logo is not transparent it will not look right when applied.

If you do not know how to make your logo fit this criteria, there are a number of resources you can try:

  • Contact a local print shop, they typically have graphic artists on-staff and can fit your logo to these dimensions with a transparent background.
  • You can use a graphic editing program such as Photoshop or GIMP.  These tools are typically reserved for advanced users and have a steep learning curve.
  • You can use an online graphic editing program.  One such program is Pixlr.  Their advanced editing tools can be used to adjust images and make transparent backgrounds.  Here is a link to an online video tutorial using Pixlr to make a transparent background.
  • You can use a company such as Vistaprint, who offers logo design for a fee.  Just be sure to specify the dimensions and transparent background.
  • If all else fails, you can email us your existing logo and we can locate a graphic designer and hire them to do the work.  The minimum fee for this is $99 and typical turn-around is less than a week. Chances are you can get the work done cheaper at a local print shop, but this option is available if you have trouble finding help.

Select a Website Address for Free Property Management Website

Under the Professional Website and Branding in the Settings tab, you can also create a custom web address  and even select your own custom domain to use for your website.

When you give tenants or owners a web address to login, provide them with this link so they see your custom branded web site (optional, see below).

custom web address

Most choose to use their company name for the web address, such as NOTE: This is permanent setting; once set it cannot be changed from this interface.

You also have the option to select a custom domain for your website. Rentec Direct will register your domain for free for the first year. After the first year, it is only $12/yr to maintain. For more information about how to set up a custom domain check out this article.

free domain registration

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