Rentec Direct has updated the Custom Branding features available to property managers and landlords using the software for their rentals.

To read the the most up-to-date options regarding Custom Branding, including adding your own logo to the Owner and Tenant Portals and creating your free property management, click here.

We’ve had a number of requests from members to be able to customize the look and feel of Rentec.  This might be just to improve the inter-office feel and bring in your company logos and slogan into the application, or it may be for the benefit of your owners or tenants when they login to see your information instead of ours.  We’re happy to offer custom branding as an “on-demand” feature for all of our members!  Note the 2 red boxes in the image below; these are both brand-able with your images or text.

To brand your application for you, your employees, owners, and tenants who might login, follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to, and request the branding packet.
  2. We’ll respond with all necessary information on images to create or provide.

Not a graphic artist?  Don’t worry.  We have graphic designers standing by to help.  You can send us your logo, and tell us your slogan (or other text or image you would like to see on the left), and we’ll take care of the graphic work.  Also, as part of the branding you will get your own web address, such as, to further personalize the service.

Because there is work for us to get this setup, we do have a small charge to make it happen to cover our time.  For Rentec Pro, PM, and Association users, the price is discounted to $45.  This option is not available for Rentec Basic.


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