tracking maintenance on your rentals


Access the webinar recording here: Tracking Maintenance on Your Rentals

For property managers or landlords, monitoring a rental’s maintenance needs is a crucial aspect of the job. However, protecting your investment and tracking maintenance on your rentals shouldn’t take up all your time.  With the help of Rentec Direct, creating new work orders is a breeze.

We recently hosted a webinar for Rentec Direct clients exploring maintenance order tracking within your Rentec Direct software. The webinar included valuable information from your Director of Client Experience, Janell Kittleson, and Kevin Swiger from your Rentec Direct Success Team. Learn all the details for creating and sharing work orders, expensing out to your property and tenants, and what information can be tracked within the system.

This webinar is perfect for our clients who want to understand more about the most efficient way to track maintenance on their rentals. You’ll find helpful information regarding setting priority levels, assigning work orders and creating private notes for your records. You’ll also get more information about Rentec Direct’s integration with zInspector which will allow a convenient way for landlords and property managers to complete inspections on the go and instantly access inspection reports for your rental properties in Rentec Direct.

Access the webinar recording here: Tracking Maintenance on Your Rentals

Topics Covered:

  • How to Create New Work Orders
  • What Information Is Tracked
    • Description & Details
    • Resolution
    • Private Notes
    • Maintenance Cost
    • Setting Priority Level
    • Recording Permission To Enter
    • Assigning Work Orders
    • Attaching Files To Work Orders
  • Expensing out to Property & Tenant
  • Maintenance Reports & Summary
  • Sharing Work Orders
  • Tenants & Work Orders
  • Property Owners & Work Orders
  • Important Settings
  • zInsepctor Partnership

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