tenant screening services

One of the keys to success in rental management is finding the right tenants to occupy your property.  In fact, prioritizing good tenant screening practices is one of the best ways to maximize the profitability of a real estate investment. Good tenants mean on time rent payments, less property damage, and fewer lease violations, all areas of property management that can make or break your cash flow (and sanity!).

Tenant screening reports, such as a credit report, criminal background report, and eviction history report, are used by landlords and property managers to discover a tenant’s financial responsibility and rule abiding behavior.  Tenant screening reports are accessed online and processed with information provided by the tenant on the rental application.

There are several tenant screening services available to landlords, investors, and property management firms, but how do you determine which one is the best option for you and your rentals?

To help landlords and property managers make the best choice for their business and investment, we’ve put together a guide for finding the most valuable tenant screening service.

tenant screening services

In the following white paper you will discover the top three qualities that are essential to evaluate in order to find the right tenant screening service.  You will be able to answer the question, “What should I consider before hiring a tenant screening service?”


Tenant screening gives you the ability to accurately evaluate your rental applicants in order to determine which prospects will be the most qualified tenant. And using the right tenant screening service will help you feel confident in your rental decisions.

tenant screening services

The Tenant Screening white paper was developed and published by CIC Reports and Rentec Direct. To learn more about tenant screening solutions, strategies, and software visit www.cicreports.com and www.rentecdirect.com.

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