Rentec Protect

Introducing an exclusive tenant screening club to protect your rental properties and investments.

Rentec Direct has long been the leader in tenant screening solutions for landlords and property managers by providing the best credit reports, criminal background checks, and eviction history searches on rental applicants.  Landlords and property managers use these reports to determine if a renter is qualified to rent a property and will be a responsible tenant. In 2017 alone, more than 38,000 premium tenant screening packages were ordered from Rentec Direct.

To better serve the rental industry, Rentec Direct is proud to introduce a new tenant screening service to landlords and property managers called Rentec Protect.

Rentec Protect – Tenant Screening for Property Managers and Landlords

Rentec Protect is an exclusive tenant screening club that offers members the best options for protecting their investment and rental properties. Screening your rental applicants with the right tenant screening package is the best way to make an informed decision about approving your next renters. Approving an unqualified renter puts you at risk for non-payment of rent, property damage, lease violations, and eviction, all of which are extremely stressful, time-consuming, and expensive for a manager or landlord and their rental business.

Join the Club : Rentec Protect

How does the club work?

Landlords and property managers join the Rentec Protect tenant screening club to get access to the premium tenant screening report packages.

The premium tenant screening package available to Rentec Protect members offer the best screening reports to evaluate a rental applicant’s credit, criminal, and eviction history.

Membership is only $15 a month and includes a free premium screening package and a 50% discount on all additional premium tenant screening packages.

The Rentec Protect Premium Tenant Screening Package includes:

  • Nationwide Criminal Search shows you all criminal convictions from the most comprehensive and accurate nationwide database.*
  • Transunion Credit Report with FICO® score to verify how well the tenants handle their credit, pay their bills, and if they have any collections history.
  • Nationwide Eviction Search to see if the tenant has had any prior evictions.
  • Prior Address Search shows the complete address history of the tenant.
  • SSN Verification to verify the validity of the SSN provided.

Rentec Protect members receive a free premium screening package each month, and enjoy wholesale pricing on all additional screening packages ordered at only $15 each.

Who pays for tenant screening packages, me or my rental applicant?

As a Rentec Protect member you will pay for an annual membership at $15/month ($180/year). The membership fee gives you one free premium tenant screening package each month, a complimentary site inspection as required by the credit bureaus for access to credit reports ($50 savings), and discounts on all tenant screening report packages.

When you order a tenant screening report, the cost is $15 for the premium package. This will be billed to you, however, a lot of landlords and property managers pay for this with a rental application fee collected from the tenant. So while there is a cost associated with ordering tenant screening reports, the actual cost to you is deferred to the rental applicant.

The right tenant screening package means less non-payment of rent, less property damage, less lease violations, and less evictions.  Join the Club : Rentec Protect

Access to the best in tenant screening reporting.

There are many tenant screening services out there, but most do not give you direct access to a tenant’s credit report. Rentec Direct is different because we do provide you instant access to retrieve a tenant’s credit report, criminal history, and eviction history instantly without any interaction from the tenant.

Here is an overview for how Rentec Protect provides better tenant screening solutions compared to other options:

How quickly will I receive my reports:

Rentec Protect: 60 seconds

Other Services: 30 minutes – 3 days, depending on tenant involvement

Is the tenant involved in the order:

Rentec Protect: No, managers and landlord order and view reports directly

Other Services: Tenants initiate ordering process and provide authorize for you to view reports

What do tenant screening reports cost:

Rentec Protect: One free premium package a month. Additional reports $15 per applicant

Other Services: No free reports. Average cost of reports is $24-$45 per applicant

Is the accuracy of reports guaranteed:

Rentec Protect: Yes. If a record shows inaccurate data, you receive a full refund.

Other Services: Other services do not guarantee accuracy or offer refunds.

Do I really need a site inspection and how much does it cost:

Rentec Protect: Yes. All credit bureaus require a site inspection before granting access to order credit reports on rental applicants. Rentec Protect members receive a free site inspection ($50 savings).

Other Services: Yes. All credit bureaus require a site inspection. The cost of a site inspection is $50

I am a property manager, is Rentec Protect right for me?

Absolutely! Rentec Protect is perfect for property managers and rental professionals who manage between 6-5,000 properties.

If you already use Rentec Direct’s property management software, you have access to the Rentec Protect club discounted tenant screening reports.

I am a landlord, is Rentec Protect right for me?

Rentec Protect is perfect for any landlord with more than 6 properties.

If you already use Rentec Direct’s property management software, you have access to the Rentec Protect club discounted tenant screening reports.

If you have less than 6 properties, Rentec Protect might not be the best option for your rental business, but we have a perfect solution for you. Visit ApplyConnect and setup an account.

To learn more about Rentec Protect contact Rentec Direct at (800)881-5139 or at success@rentecdirect.

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