icon_filmWe’ve added video training to many locations of the software to help new and experienced users alike to quickly learn the components of Rentec Direct.

When you login now, you will see the film strip icon on the right (a smaller version), in the upper-right hand corner of the pages, right under the Settings tab.  Simply click the filmstrip image and a video tutorial will pop-up giving you a walk-through of the current process.

We’ve already updated the system with training videos for the following topics:

  • Managing properties
  • Managing tenants
  • Managing bank accounts & owners
  • Reports
  • System Settings
  • Workorders
  • Recurring Transactions

We’ve started with videos for these areas as they are the most used and/or more complicated parts of the system.  If you have any suggestions for other locations within the software which would benefit from a training video, please let us know.

You can also quickly access many of the training videos from this training videos page.