tipsWhen viewing properties, tenants or other lists in the Rentec Direct system, you may want to access contact information or other details without needing to click to a different page.

Great news! Rentec Direct now supports convenient mouse-over tooltips to provide address, phone, email and other information.  Additional functions for editing a tenant or ledger within the tooltip are also available.

A tooltip feature allows a user to hover their mouse, or cursor, over an item and more information shows up in a small window without the user needing to click on the it. If you move your mouse away, the tooltip disappears, no need to click anything to exit the popup screen. Rentec Direct first introduced the tooltip feature for easy access to contact information for tenants, vendors, owners and managers. The tooltips also allow users to send an email or text message directly from the popup window.

The latest enhancement to the tooltip feature provides quick links for users to Edit a Tenant or Edit a Ledger. These quick access links in the tooltip allows Rentec Direct property managers and landlords to eliminate extra steps in the software and save time when completing tasks.

How to Use Rentec Direct’s Tooltips?

If your tenants, vendors or owners have provided an email address or mobile phone number, this important contact information is presented as action links in the tooltip window to use our messaging system. Simply hover your mouse over a contact’s name, and a tooltip will appear.

You will also notice Edit and Ledger links for properties, tenants and owners that provide a quick route to these additional functions.


Setting up Tooltips in your Rentec Account

By default, the tooltip functionality is turned on. If you would rather work without the popups, you can turn this feature off in your Program Defaults under the Settings tab.


This feature enhancement comes from helpful suggestions from Rentec Direct clients like you. Want to help your development decide what to work on next? Let us know in the comments or cast your vote for the next feature in the Knowledge Base.