We’ve providing you more ways to customize your property management experience using Rentec.  At Settings, Program Defaults, you’ll now see a new link in the top right hand corner labelled “go to advanced settings”.  Within the advanced settings you’ll find numerous new ways to customize the application.  Here’s a summary of the options to date.  Surely there will be more in the future as we receive great feedback from property managers using Rentec.

  1. An option to enable the transaction memo within the ledger report.
  2. An option to remove the “this is a copy” message on emails copied to owners and managers.
  3. An option to enable printing check numbers on the ledger report.
  4. An option to show tenant contact information as well as property statistics (br/ba/sqft) on the rent roll report.
  5. An option to suppress your contact information on all reports.
  6. An option to show property statistics (br/ba/sqft) on the properties tab.

These options are a direct result of the great feedback we receive from Rentec subscribers.  Keep em coming and we’ll keep adding on the features to make the program as useful as possible for you and your staff.