As you may or may not recall, depending on how close-knit you are within CPA circles, there was a significant new tax consequence and reporting requirement introduced for landlords within the Small Business Jobs Act and the healthcare reform bill passed in 2010.

This new reporting requirement was introduced to help the IRS better monitor landlord property expenses by requiring a 1099 to be filed for all independent landlords for payments during the year to any vendor or individual exceeding $600.  Examples of 1099 recipients would include: gardeners, landscapers, contractors, property managers and repair services.

Earlier this year with support from Realtors, landlords, and landlord associations such as the NARPM all contacting their representatives to object to this over-reaching reporting requirement;  both Congress and President Obama got the message and decided the filing burden was too great for smaller landlords.  The requirement for rental property owners to file 1099’s was repealed in May of 2011. The senate voted 87-12 to approve the repeal and it was signed shortly thereafter by Obama.

This is good news for landlords, your 2011 taxes just got a lot easier as you do not now have to collect tax information from your vendors, nor report it on the 1099-MISC form as proposed in the Small Business Jobs Act.