`State and Federal Deadlines and Important Reminders For Filing 1099 Forms

State and Federal 1099 form deadlines are approaching quickly. Let’s take a look at the requirements, deadlines, and tools available to help you meet the 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC filing obligation forms in 2022 (for the 2021 reporting season).

IRS 1099 Form Requirements

Who Needs to Submit 1099s to the IRS?

Individuals are required to file a 1099 form with the IRS for anyone you paid more than $600 or more to in rents or services performed for a trade or business by people not treated as employees.

Reminder: A 1099 form does not need to be filed when the amount paid is under $600, is made to a corporation, or payment is for the purchase of goods not services.

What Typical Forms are Used in Property Management?

Previously, the $600 or more in rent collected and paid to owners and money paid to service providers and vendors would be documented on a 1099-MISC form exclusively. But starting last year, the IRS separated out the reporting by type between the 1099-MISC and the revived 1099-NEC form.

1099-MISC Form: used to document payments of over $600 for rent paid to owners as well as attorney fees paid for rental business activities such as evictions.

Federal 1099-MISC Deadlines

E-file: March 31, 2022

Recipient: January 31, 2022

1099-NEC Form: designated to document all other payments of over $600 for services performed related to the rental business. Use this form to report nonemployee compensation previously reported on box 7 of the 1099-MISC.

Federal 1099-NEC Deadlines

E-file: January 31, 2022

Recipient: January 31, 2022

What Happens if I Miss the Deadline?

The IRS has set the penalties for late filing from $50-$280 per return depending on how late the form is submitted. Intentional disregard (non-filing) is $560 per return.

Want more information about the form changes and requirements?

Learn more here: 1099 MISC and 1099 NEC Changes and Requirements

Electronic e-filing is fast and easy and helps you avoid missing important deadlines. If you plan on submitting paper versions of your required 1099 forms for backup holdings, check with the IRS for those specific deadlines may be different than the electronic filing deadlines.

Filing 1099s With Your State

Not only are business owners and individuals required to file these important tax forms with the IRS, but your state might also have state 1099 filing requirements as well.

If your state requires you to file a 1099 tax form, make sure to complete this task at both the state and federal level. It is important to note that your state might have different deadlines than the federal deadline.

Reminder: when you check your state requirements for filing 1099 forms, look for:

  • Due date to file
  • Requirements to file electronically
  • 1099 state filing requirements for using the appropriate forms
  • 1099-NEC with information in Box 7 vs. no information in Box 7
  • Dollar amount paid to meet the requirement to file 1099-MISC
    • For example, the federal requirement is $600 or more, but some states don’t require you to file a 1099 unless you paid out $1,500 or more.

State 1099 Deadlines

State 1099 deadlines and requirements vary by state. The good news is that if you use Rentec Direct property management software to electronically file your 1099 tax forms, you can file with both the IRS and your state tax agency simultaneously through our partnership with Nelco tax professionals.

Nelco Solutions and Rentec Direct offers a helpful article and video with filing information here:

See How Easy It Is To File 1099 Tax Forms with Rentec Direct

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But if you don’t use an integrated property management software platform, how can you find information about your state 1099 form filing information and deadlines?

Whether you use a less robust software, have your accountant process the forms, or manually create forms yourself, Nelco Solutions developed an easy to use tool to help you determine your state filing requirements for the reporting year:

1099 State Filing Deadlines Lookup Tool

Reminder: As you work towards meeting your tax reporting goals, it’s important to check your state and federal tax requirements and speak with your tax professional.

Lastly, as you wrap up your fiscal year, you’ve got much on your plate. As you prepare to file your 1099s and other tax reporting obligations, here are a few additional resources to help get a jump start on all those bookkeeping tasks.

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This updated article originally posted 1/6/2021 and has been updated for 2022 (2021 reporting season)  and is to help understand the 1099 changes and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult with your tax professional regarding your 1099 obligations and deadlines.