One of our goals at Rentec Direct is to make your property management easier! A lot of property managers and CPAs are accustomed to using a chart of accounts to manage their categories and accounts. It’s an accounting standard. We’ve always had full support for this standard; however, we omitted the numeric values in the past. To better comply with accounting standards, and also provide a familiar look and feel to property managers familiar with other applications such as Quickbooks we’ve added support for an officially numbered chart of accounts.

One additional, and very compelling, benefit of this is you can now define your account reference numbers for both bank accounts and categories. Reports and pages within the site are sorted by these reference numbers, so along with properties, you now have full custom sorting capabilities for all accounts and categories now.


This is a free upgrade for all Rentec users.  The next time you login, numeric values will be assigned to all your categories and accounts automatically.  To edit them, visit Settings, Setup Categories (may be renamed to Chart of Accounts someday soon).  To edit account reference numbers, edit the account and the reference number option is in the upper right.