adobe_reader2We’ve improved the report interface!  When viewing a report, statement, invoice, or receipt you now have the option in the upper right to download any report in PDF (right red pdf icon, see screenshot below).  Lately we’ve been asked a lot of  questions like these.

How can I email a copy of a ledger to my accountant?
How do I send this report to an owner?
How can I save reports?

The answer is, print to PDF.  PDF is a universally recognized document which stands for Portable Document Format.  There are many readers available for PDF and chances are your computer already has one installed.  If not, Adobe Acrobat is the most popular and it is free.  Once the document is saved, you can easily attach it to an email, or save it onto your computer or flash drive.

This update does not require you to purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat.  We create the PDF files on the server and you download them and view them in the FREE PDF reader.  Customers of other property management software solutions who want to do the same may need to pay the $300/annual license to create PDFs; however, with Rentec Direct we’ve done this for you and included it in all of our professional releases at no additional cost.