Meltdown and Spectre Data SecurityRentec Direct’s client data is safe from Meltdown and Spectre computer vulnerabilities.

You may have heard in the news about two major vulnerabilities in computer hardware called Meltdown and Spectre. These are some of the most serious vulnerabilities to computer hardware ever released and they affect almost every modern computer on the planet including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Here at Rentec Direct we pay serious attention to data security.  We’re looking out for your data whether you are hard at work inspecting a property or screening a new tenant, and even if you happen to be on vacation in Bora Bora.

Your Data is Safe

As soon as these bugs were announced by Intel and other chipset makers, Rentec Direct applied the necessary patches to protect your data the moment they were available. As a result, your online data stored with Rentec Direct is safe from these chipset bugs.

Update Your Computers and Phones for Additional Security

It is still important to update your personal and work computers to ensure your own computers are safe.

We recommend you do the following:

  1. Install operating system updates as soon as they come out. Microsoft has already released a patch for windows and other operating systems are releasing patches soon. This also applies to your mobile devices as they are equally vulnerable.
  2. If you use Chrome web browser, you can enable a security feature that helps protect your data. Instructions on how to enable this are posted in this article from Mashable.
  3. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). Rentec Direct has offered 2FA since 2014 and it is an important and easy method to protect your data. We also recommend activating 2FA for other online services that offer it.

Rentec Direct takes your security extremely seriously and aims to protect your important data immediately from new vulnerabilities. To learn more about Rentec Direct’s security measures, check out this blog post on Data Security.

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