It’s that time of year! “Spring cleaning” is a common endeavor during this season, but if you are a landlord, you’ll have to include more heavy-duty maintenance tasks as well. Rentec’s Brentnie Daggett covers both these undertakings in two recent blog posts on RIS Media’s Housecall blog. There, she covers checklists for landlords and property managers as they get ready for the changing seasons to keep their properties safe and in top order.

Cleaning up is a good place to start (actually, this step may give some ideas about what more needs to be done). Brentnie recommends five key tasks for landlord spring cleaning, including:

  • Checking to make sure safety devices, such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers, are in good working order
  • Removing excess vegetation from the property’s exterior
  • Inspecting heating and cooling systems, along with filters
  • Reviewing indoor appliances, electrical systems
  • Ensuring outdoor spaces are free of hazards and more

These are all fairly “lightweight” tasks, but when you own or manage an investment property, you must go one step further. That’s where the maintenance piece comes in. While these approaches have some overlap, it’s important to remember them all when it comes to prepping your property for the season change. Maintenance tasks can include things like inspecting the roof for any winter damage, eradicating moisture and even installing a dehumidifier if necessary, cleaning gutters and foundation vents and landscaping work.

Brentnie writes: “Taking extra care of your property as the seasons change can help prevent structural damage, save energy and keep the property’s systems running properly. While some maintenance tasks must be completed seasonally, don’t forget about your annual tasks, as well. Maintenance, cleaning, servicing and landscaping guarantees that your property remains in good shape and your investment is protected for the coming years.”

For the complete articles, visit RIS Media’s Housecall blog.

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