tenant turnover

As tenants move in and out of your property over the years, problems will inevitably arise that need fixing. The paint will eventually begin to wear on the walls, fixtures throughout the house will break down, and the home might become generally less safe than it once was.

These are 7 quick and easy home updates you can tackle between tenants to keep them happy for the duration of their stay in your unit.

1. Take care of safety issues and damage. 

After tenants move out of a unit, there is almost always some form of damage left behind. This is true even if the tenant did not cause the damage themselves. Furthermore, the damage can be a cause for safety concerns. Check the overall structural integrity of the home, and ensure that all appliances and other items in the home are working properly. 

You can also prevent safety mishaps by ensuring the home has at least two exits, smoke detectors are working properly, searching for signs of wetness and mold, and more.

2. Check the fittings and flooring in the home. 

These two components see some of the most wear and tear compared to other facets of the home. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to ensure you install quality fittings and flooring that will stand the test of time against heavy usage. 

3. Consider eco-friendly updates. 

It’s easy to see the benefits of eco-friendly appliances and fixtures. They’re easy on the environment, they tend to outlast products that aren’t eco-friendly, and they won’t put a dent in your finances. You can make your unit more eco-friendly by installing things such as a low-flush toilet or shower or energy-smart appliances.

4. Break out the paint. 

This is a must, especially if walls in the home show signs of peeling or dulling. A fresh coat of paint can instantly boost a room’s appeal and make the space feel more fresh and inviting. You can save money on the paint itself by buying it in bulk. If the walls ever need touching up in the future, you’ll already have the specific color on hand from when you purchased the paint in bulk.

5. Pressure wash the property. 

Pressure washing is one of the most inexpensive, yet effective ways to clean and boost the appeal of a property. Not only will it look great, but it will show your potential tenants that you care about keeping the property neat and clean.

6. Provide a washer and dryer. 

While this might not be the most affordable update you can give to your property, it has a pretty high ROI. A washer and dryer can be the deciding factor for many potential renters who are still on the fence about choosing your property. You can earn your money back on the appliances by adding an extra $50 or so to the monthly rent.

7. Lastly, swap out the locks. 

This update will bring you and your tenants peace of mind, and it will prevent any unfortunate occurrences of past tenants looking to make access to the property. After all, that is a situation you want to avoid at all costs.

Overall, it pays to continue investing in your property. Not only will your tenants appreciate it, but it will keep you from having to make avoidable adjustments and repairs into the future.

You can easily accomplish these tasks between lease agreements, during the time called tenant turnover.  However, the more work you need to complete between lease agreements, the longer it will take to make the property move-in ready.  This means, more time your property will be vacant without rent coming in.

In order to minimize tenant turnover tasks, and get the property occupied as soon as possible, consider these tips to keep your property damage free during tenancy.

How to help keep your properties sparkling during tenancy and reduce turnover tasks:

  • Schedule routine inspections every season.  Check in with your tenants and inspect the unit to make sure everything is in working order.  Remind your tenants to keep up with seasonal maintenance.

  • Provide a small cleaning kit upon move-in– all purpose cleaner, bleach and sponges are good items to include.  Giving your tenant a welcome package at the beginning of a lease is a great way to establish a good relationship with your tenant from the start and including cleaning supplies helps empower your tenant to keep the property clean.  A clean house will help your tenants notice maintenance issues faster and can help prevent pest problems.

  • Take maintenance requests seriously and respond to them quickly to prevent costly repairs -fixing a leaky sink is much more affordable than replacing the floor due to water damage.

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