warning freakWith so much of our everyday lives revolving around the Internet and online web platforms, any vulnerability rightfully raises genuine concern among consumers.  To protect our clients’ valuable and personal data, Rentec Direct’s software engineer subscribe to security lists to keep informed of any threats to assure our clients their information is always protected.

Earlier this week, reports of a new vulnerability called FREAK made headlines.  We are proud to say, that the bug is not present within the Rentec Direct’s systems and your data is completely safe.

FREAK is an SSL/TLS vulnerability that would allow an attacker to intercept HTTPS connections between vulnerable clients and servers and force them to use weakened encryption.  A weakened encryption would make is possible for the the attacker to breach a website to steal or manipulate sensitive data.  An SSL/TLS provides secure connections between internet browsers and websites, which in turn, lets users submit private data online.  While the FREAK bug did threaten HTTPS websites, Rentec Direct was not one of them.  Our system was upgraded to a non-vulnerable version of OpenSSL earlier this year, making your data on our website not susceptible to the FREAK vulnerability.

To learn more about Rentec Direct’s security measures, check out this blog post on Data Security.