Back in January we announced some improvements to tenant receipts.  We’ve just introduced a small update to this system today which now creates receipt numbers in a sequential fashion.  This means you can count on your receipt numbers being sequential, just like a traditional receipt book.  Beginning March 9th, 2015 all new payments received will be tagged with a unique and sequential receipt number beginning with 1000.   All payments prior to March 9th will have the old receipt number which was equal to the transaction ID.  To identify old vs new receipt numbers, the old numbers have an asterisk (*) next to them.

Why all the fuss about sequential receipt numbers?   The need for sequential numbers is primarily for auditing purposes.  It’s easier to keep track of receipts and account for them if you can calculate them in order and it’s easier to review them in order if they are sequential.  Basically, we’re just trying to make your life easier in the event you have to review your income to this level of detail.

We expect to introduce a new report in the near future which will be a receipt ledger to quickly print out a list of receipts for a property or account, with their affiliated receipt numbers.  Stay tuned.

During this weekend update, we also slipped in a couple performance and graphical improvements.  Just for fun; the first one to identify any of these improvements, by posting a comment on this blog as to what they are, will be rewarded with a code for 3 free premium tenant screens ($88.35 value).  One reward for each improvement identified.

UPDATE 03/09/2015 – The “Receipt Register” report is now available within the Financial Reports tab.