Features Update Owner Management Tools Including Owner Contributions

Owner contributions and other new feature updates are here to help you foster client relationships within your property management company.

As a property management company, in addition to the many hats you wear managing properties and tenants, you have the added responsibility of making sure your clients needs are met. And we understand that those owners are the bread and butter to your business. That’s why we take extra care in making sure you have the tools and resources you need for success.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Rentec Direct product development updates you’ve noticed a list of features and fixes the development team worked hard to release during that period. But in the busy life of a property manager, you might have missed how these features can improve your business, help build and maintain your client relationships, and save you time and money.

Owner Contributions

Functionality improvements released for owners to send money to you!

If you’ve set up online payments you’ve had the capability to send funds to owners by ACH within your property management software for their portion of the proceeds of rental income. But did you know that you can now receive funds from your owners by ACH as well?

There are times when you need your owners to contribute funds for unexpected expenses, renovations, and reimbursements. Or perhaps your property management agreement requires the owner to pay a monthly invoice instead of you holding back a portion of the rental income to cover your fees and expenses. In either case, waiting for a check from an owner or waiting for future rental income to cover those costs can feel like an eternity.

‘The check is in the mail’ is never a phrase that brings a lot of confidence. Instead, you can confidently know the funds are on the way by letting your owners send you funds electronically.

Owners can now log into their Owner Portal and send you funds that will deposit to your bank account. The transaction will automatically post to all the appropriate property, owner, and banking ledgers in your software account. This convenient feature works very similar to tenant payments, but for owners, and is a huge time saver for your property management business.

Import Custom Forms & Documents

Upload and design reusable custom owner forms and documents!

Instead of typing the contents of a new owner agreement or other owner facing documents into the software, you can now use the Import Tool to simply upload your document in a snap. Once uploaded you can customize it with data fields that auto-populate the unique information needed per instance so that the form is truly reusable.

Since this is a new tool, you might have only considered using it for short-term lease forms, long-term lease forms, month-to-month agreements, rules and regulations, pet policies, and so on.

But, we want to bring to your attention that you can also use this tool for those important owner documents such as management agreements, owner agreements, terms of service, and the like. You can upload, create, and customize as many forms as needed that are reusable and can auto-populate important details specific to that owner, saving you valuable time.

You can find more about this feature update here: Quickly Add Custom Forms with New Import Tool

Security Improvement

Portal and password improvements create added security for all!

Security is the top priority here at Rentec Direct and we are always looking for ways to help you keep vital information protected. With that, we’ve rolled out these improvements recently:

The automatically generated passwords for owner portals are now longer and more secure. And, the system will now automatically enable the owner portal when setting a password which saves you a step. *These improvements are also enabled for tenant portals as well.

Communication Improvements

Text messaging and file library options added for improved owner communications!

MMS text messaging support
For those of you who have taken advantage of the texting feature, we’ve now added MMS support to the communications portal. What that means is that instead of plain text messages your owners can now send images or videos via text message to you as well. *This functionality extends to any texts received whether from owners, tenants, or vendors. 

Scan on the Go
No need to upload a receipt to your phone before attaching it to an expense. If you are using a smart phone or device, click the Attach Files option as you are recording your expense and click the Camera icon to capture the receipt. Once the transaction is posted, it’s available for owners to view in their Owner Portal.

You can also use this feature to scan other types of documents and information directly into the Master File Library or to an Owner File Library.

New Integrations

Resources to help property management companies improve owner relations!

It’s important that every property is covered by good insurance. In fact, as a property management company you likely require that all owners have insurance on every property in their portfolio. If their properties are not yet insured, you can help them get that started. We have integrated with Steadily to help provide the best protection possible.

You can send your owners to this link for more information: Fast, affordable landlord insurance — coverage for your rental for fires, windstorms, water leaks, vandalism, and much more 

An online presence can set you apart from your competitors if done right. We are thrilled to recommend Cevado, experts in creating compelling and engaging real estate industry websites for property management companies like yours. Best part, they integrate with your Rentec Direct account seamlessly to pull in rental listings, owner and tenant portal access, and much more.

Find out more here: Rentec Direct + Cevado — New Custom Website Options for Your Rental Business

Syndication Network
We are always seeking out rental listing sites and improvements to add to our already robust syndication network so you get those vacancies filled quickly for your owners. Our most recent addition is Zumper, who is offering a great discount to Rentec Direct clients.

Find out more here: Rentec Direct Clients Receive $100 Discount for Zumper Rental Listings 

We appreciate property managers like You!

Owner management tools like adding the ability to receive owner contributions by ACH is another example of our commitment to making sure you and your property management company needs are met.

For more great news about resources and tools to come, keep an eye on future product development and feature updates in the Summary of your account or sign up to the blog to receive the news directly to your inbox.

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