Rentec Direct Integrated Features

At Rentec Direct, we know your time is valuable. That is why we prioritize helpful integrations that create a streamlined experience for our landlords and property managers.

As a team made up of landlords and former property managers ourselves, we know how every small task can add up to create a large time sink. In fact, Rentec Direct’s founder is a landlord who was tired of getting bogged down by all the small and inefficient tasks of managing rental properties. Since its inception, Rentec Direct was created with the goal of saving time and adding value to your daily operations.

You can learn more about Rentec Direct’s unique story in this podcast: How a Property Manager Looking to Save Time Launched Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct’s integrated features make it simple for you to conduct your daily business within the Rentec Direct software, while also utilizing other vital industry-leading services. This ensures that you have a seamless connection to the best tools for your business.

You will be able to provide outstanding service to your renters, clients, and employees through these strategic partnerships provided by Rentec Direct.

Here are the following Rentec Direct integrations that can help you with:

Tenant Screening

These are the integrated features that can help you with Tenant Screening

  • StarPoint: Transunion Credit Report W/Fico® Score
  • CIC: Nationwide Criminal Screening Report
  • Payscore: Income Verification
  • Intellicorp: SSN Verification
  • PetScreening: Pet Screening

Leasing and Inspections

These are the integrated features that can help you with Leasing and Inspections

  • Bluemoon: Lease Agreements And Forms
  • Dropbox Sign: Electronic Signatures
  • zInspector: Mobile Rental Inspections
  • CloudConvert: Online File Converter

Insurance Needs

These are the integrated features that can help you with Insurance Needs

  • Steadily: Landlord Insurance
  • Rhino: Security Deposit Insurance
  • Sure: Renters Insurance

Marketing and Tenant Communication

These are the integrated features that can help you with Marketing and Tenant Communication

  • Twilio: Text Your Tenants, Owners, & Vendors
  • Cevado: Property Management Websites
  • Robust Syndication Platforms

Banking and Financials

These are the integrated features that can help you with Banking and Financials

  • PayNearMe: Electronic Cash Payments
  • Nelco: 1099 Tax Efiling And Reporting
  • Plaid: Secure Bank Sync
  • CSG Forte: Online Payments
  • RentReporters: Credit Bureau Rent Reporting

We are always prioritizing the best integrations possible to ensure that you have the most efficient and stress-free day possible. As a result, every day your development team at Rentec Direct is hard at work hammering out big and small updates to your software. This means that there will be periodic updates to this list as even more useful tools become available for integration.

Want to stay informed about any new features or updates? You can find them here: Rentec Direct Blog Product Updates