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At Rentec Direct, our biggest goal is to make your life as a landlord or property manager easier.

Nothing can be more stressful than navigating banking and financials without the right tools on your side. We strive to make your vital daily tasks seamless and as simple as possible which is why we have partnered with these industry-leading services to guarantee that you have the best tools in your arsenal when it comes to rent collection, banking, tax requirements, and more.

Discover how these banking and financials integrated features work in your Rentec Direct software.

Rentec Direct Integrations That Help You With Banking and Financials:

Pay Near Me


Why is PayNearMe useful to you? Electronic Cash Payments

Renters who don’t have access to traditional banking or get paid in cash may appreciate the option of paying their rent in cash. PayNearMe lets tenants pay their rent with cash at thousands of locations across the country.

Rather than accepting cash (checks, money orders, etc.) in your office, you can offer your tenants the option to pay in cash at convenient locations. For landlords and property managers, using a third party to handle cash has many benefits, including reducing late payments and non-payments, automating accounting and reporting, reducing rent collection and deposit tasks, and minimizing risks associated with handling cash in the office.


Why is Nelco useful to you? 1099 Tax E-filing And Reporting

Rentec Direct software makes filing your 1099 tax documents easy through an integration with Nelco Solutions, the leading experts in tax reporting solutions. With a single click, the data transfers from your Rentec Direct account to Nelco Solutions, which then creates the relevant 1099 forms, mails them to your recipients, and e-files them with the IRS, enabling you to meet tax deadlines seamlessly.


Why is Plaid useful to you? Secure Bank Sync

Rentec Direct’s Bank Synchronization tool is powered by Plaid, the leading provider of secure financial data connection. This tool allows you to easily match transactions from your bank accounts with expenses or income that you’ve recorded in Rentec Direct. This ensures streamlined account reconciliation.


Why is Csgforte useful to you? Online Payments

Accepting rent online is one of the most reliable ways to collect rent payments each month. Collect rent payments online and pay owners electronically with Forte. Pay rent with credit, debit, or ACH. Same-day funding available for landlords and property managers.



Why is RentReporters useful to you? Credit Bureau Rent Reporting

Give your tenants a simple way to build their credit history and improve their credit score through RentReporters. RentReports will report tenant rent payments to all three credit bureaus.

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