Cevado and Rentec Direct Custom Website Options for Your Rental Business

You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression on potential renters and clients and often your website is their first point of contact with who you are and what you offer.

Does your website stand out from the competition?

Does it convey credibility and make it easy for both potential and new tenants and clients to navigate and get the information they seek? Or maybe you don’t have a website yet and know it’s time to take the leap to have your business online.

Good news! Cevado and Rentec Direct have come together to help property managers and landlords like you to have confidence in knowing you have the best online presence for your unique business needs.

As a Rentec Direct client, when you choose to work with Cevado on your web presence, you get the best of both worlds. Cevado and Rentec Direct working together works in your favor as the integrated design, functionality, and the property management software integrate seamlessly to ensure your success.

Cevado + Rentec Direct

You already know Rentec Direct loves to bring you the best features for your continued success and we are happy to announce our newest integration with Cevado. Their proprietary technology and know-how coupled with Rentec Direct portals and listings is a powerful combination for your rental business.

Cevado is an award-winning web design company with a focus on providing the best of the best to the real estate industry; from cutting-edge technology to stunning visual design, a website built with Cevado is a smart choice.

Cevado Rentec Direct Partnership

Why did we choose to partner with Cevado and why should you?

Industry Knowledge: Cevado understands the rental and real estate industry and your unique website needs such as integrated tenant and owner portal access and rental listings. They are uniquely geared towards helping real estate professionals get more leads and ultimately more revenue.

Technology Savvy: No need to learn coding or complicated systems. Cevado is ahead of the curve in technology and innovation and have all the tech covered and then some. They have built proprietary tools to help you manage your website with ease and integrate with your Rentec Direct software so your rental listings and portals are seamlessly connected.

Client Focused: Just like Rentec Direct, Cevado wants your best success! They know the value of your time and the needs of your prospects, tenants, and clients. By using the latest technology you’ll have a mobile-first web presence that allows tenants and clients to reach you easily on any device or smartphone.

What can Rentec Direct clients that work with Cevado expect?

Rentec Direct clients can expect an exclusive connection between your brand and your audience of renters and clients. Some of the features you can expect are:

  • A modern and contemporary custom design (exclusive Rentec Direct client templates to choose from and customize).
  • Add unlimited website pages to include as much content as you wish.
  • 100% integrates with your Rentec Direct rental listings as well as your tenant and owner portals.
  • Custom branding Integration to set you apart from your competition.
  • Custom photos and video integration.
  • Full US based friendly support team.
  • SEO optimization tools for better website visibility.
  • And more!


Exclusive Rentec Direct clients templates by Cevado

Click the link above (or this graphic) and then scroll down the page to view these exclusive Rentec Direct client customizable templates from Cevado.

Want to see active websites built by Cevado?

In addition to the above template demos, below are links to active websites:

If your current site needs new life or you don’t have an online presence, connect and learn more about how Cevado can elevate your business here | Cevado Technologies Partners with Rentec Direct

Want to know what it’s like working with Cevado?

“I have been working with Cevado since 2007. At that time, real estate websites were still fairly new, yet there were quite a few companies offering services. I researched extensively, asked a million questions, and was highly impressed with Cevado’s product: mainly that Cevado would let me create as many custom links that I desired. I have been extraordinarily happy with Cevado – their products, their customer service and pricing. I am what they call a ‘power user’ – I employ pretty much every option they offer – and have had to ask customer service for help on many different features. Cevado has always treated me well. I get responses, I get information, I get quick fixes. I have referred many, many people to Cevado and will continue to do so. – Eileen T

How Rentec Direct clients can take advantage of this great opportunity with Cevado

It’s easy! Click the link below to go to the exclusive Rentec Direct client page and enter your contact information and a friendly Cevado team member will reach back to you quickly to answer any questions.

Rentec Direct Clients – Up Your Game, Grow Your Business with Cevado

Want more information? Check out this printable .pdf flyer | Cevado-Rentec Information Flyer

We hired Cevado to refresh our corporate website and what they accomplished was nothing short of amazing. The entire process was seamless and came together quickly. Cevado’s team is responsive, creative, and highly capable. They solved every problem we threw at them and delivered an incredible product at a price that was shockingly reasonable. It was a custom experience all the way around. No one delivers the kind of value that Cevado delivers. We highly recommend them!
– Sam Chapin https://gottesmanchapin.com

Your new website is just a click away — reach out to the friendly and helpful Cevado team to make the most of your Rentec Direct software and online presence today. We love how they treat their clients, their award-winning website designs, and the proprietary tools and resources they provide and we think you will too.  Cevado Technologies Partners with Rentec Direct

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