Feature Update Quickly Add Custom Forms with New Import Tool

With a push of a button, you can now import custom forms and documents into your Rentec Direct property management software. We know that sending forms and documents is a major component of your rental business and having the ability to import and customize your forms just became easier with this latest feature.

Having reusable form templates at your fingertips is a game changer saving you valuable time. And with the new import feature, you can easily bring over any custom form and turn it into a reusable template in the software.

The good news is that there’s no need to seek out separate document file management software to make that happen because it’s built into your Rentec Direct property management software solution – and the import tool is just one of the many features that help you store, use, and share files, forms, and documents with your important tenants, prospects, owners, and vendors.

How to Import Custom Forms

Wouldn’t it be great to have all your forms within a click of a button ready to use online? And making that happen has become easier with the new Import Tool inside your Custom Form Editor. Instead of typing the contents of a new document into the software, you can now use the Import Tool to simply upload your document in a snap.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Under Program settings choose Forms.
  3. Press the +Add Form button at the top
  4. Press the purple Import button
  5. Select the document from your computer and follow the prompt to add. When the import is complete, the custom form editor will populate with the content of the form ready for you to customize.
  6. When finished customizing, give it a name and assign it a folder (otherwise it will remain as a draft) and press the Save Form button to save. If you’ve opted to leave it as a draft, it will not be able to be used until it is properly assigned to a file folder and saved.

After you’ve uploaded your form, you can customize it for your business needs by adding reusable data fields, company logo, graphics, and other information as needed.

Need more info? Explore the Rentec Direct Knowledge Base instructions on Adding Forms.

FAQs About the Custom Forms Import Tool

What do you mean by ‘ready for you to customize’?
The document or form you import will either be informational and/or have areas that you would have normally hand-written or typed in their information like name, address, rent amount, or dozens of other specific information related to the person receiving the form. In your Rentec Direct software, you have the ability to add premade and custom data fields to your imported form – those fields will automatically populate your document with all that information for you based on the information you’ve entered in the software when you send out the form to your tenants and clients. This eliminates double-entry and helps reduce errors.

Not only are there dozens of premade data fields to choose from, but you have the ability to create your own custom data fields as well.

More information about the document management tools in your Rentec Direct software as well as information on how to create and customize forms, including using electronic signatures can be found here | Rentec Direct Knowledge Base

Can I customize what my tenants and clients see in the imported custom form?
Yes, you can edit your imported custom form to suit your needs. After you’ve imported and edited the form to your liking, give it a file name and folder.

You can upload, create, and customize as many forms as needed. For example, you could have short-term lease forms, long-term lease forms, month-to-month agreements, rules and regulations, pet policies, management agreements, and so on – ready to use.

Then, when you need a form, you’ll have them ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you’ve decided to add data fields, those will automatically populate with information about your property, tenants, owners, and more.

Can imported custom forms be signed electronically?
Any document you import into the custom forms editor can be customized using Esign Data Fields which are compatible with the built-in HelloSign electronic signature feature. You can designate who needs to initial or sign and where those initials and signatures are located on the document.

Can I customize the form with my logo and company information?
Of course! In most cases, you would simply drag and drop your company logo or other graphics into the custom form editor where you’d like them to be displayed.

Can I import other documents besides forms?
Absolutely! You can import any document that you’d like to have handy to share with your tenants, prospects, owners, or vendors by email. After you’ve imported the document, customize and save it for future use. You’ll then be able to email that document to anyone in the system.

If you don’t need a customized document, you also have the ability to upload generic documents to your master file folder to share within your tenant or owner portals.

Why does some data not appear in the printed or preview document?
Depending on the file type, there may have been some embedded spaces, images, or other formatting in the original document that is rendering extra spaces, lines, or pages. Inside the editor. Simply delete those extra spaces and pages before saving your new custom document.

What file types work best?
.pdf and .docx file types will render the information the best.

Helpful tips:

  • Import files without graphics and add them in after (during customization) for best results.
  • If you do not like how the import appears, there is no need to save – simply use the Cancel Button and try importing a different file type for a better result.
  • The Rentec editor will attempt to maintain formatting; however, depending on the source sometimes the document formatting may need to be manually corrected to look right. You can press the Preview button at the bottom of the page to see what the document will look like when printed at any time.

When you’re busy (and what landlord isn’t?) It’s great to know that automation and efficiency is on your side. Having all your custom forms in one location within your property management software ready to be sent at a moment’s notice is just another way your software can save you valuable time.

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