Introducing a new integration for your Rentec Direct software, an AI Listing Generator powered by OpenAI. This AI Listing Generator is powered by the same company that brought you ChatGPT. Rentec Direct is the first property management software to incorporate ChatGPT’s technology to help property managers and landlords.

A well-written property description can mean the difference between vacant and occupied when it comes to rental property marketing. But not everyone has the time or bandwidth to devote to crafting brilliantly written marketing details for their rental ads.

Enter AI.

You can now rely on the intuitive power of AI (artificial intelligence) from OpenAI to write your rental descriptions directly within your Rentec Direct software. OpenAI for Rentec Direct uses the same technology that powers ChatGPT, the popular ai chatbot.

This industry-leading integration will take your property’s basic features, like the number of bedrooms and amenities, and generate a compelling description for a rental ad. You can use this rental ad for vacancy listings on your website and syndicate the listing to top rental listing sites.

Here’s a look at the new AI Listing Generator, powered by OpenAI for Rentec Direct. In a click, your property description is written for you!

We first wrote about the value of ChatGPT for property management and real estate back in February when the technology first entered the scene. We recognized the time-saving benefits right away, so the Rentec Direct developers worked on an integration that would streamline the marketing process for our clients.

The new OpenAI for Rentec Direct marketing feature gives you a tool to instantly craft a property description for your rental ads directly from within your Rentec Direct account. No need to visit another site to have ChatGPT complete the task for you and then copy and paste the information.

Rentec Direct is the first property management software to introduce a product that features this innovative technology to help property managers and landlords.

Fastest Rental Listing Advertising Process in the Industry

This OpenAI integration does exactly what we developed Rentec Direct for, to save our clients time. Couple these time-savings with one of the largest rental listing syndication networks, and you now have access to the fastest rental listing advertising process in the industry from Rentec Direct.

In mere seconds you can create a new rental ad and publish it across the web on popular rental listing websites.

How much time will this save me?

A seasoned landlord or property manager can write a listing more quickly, but it takes the average property manager about 10-30 minutes to manually write a rental listing, depending on the detail of the listing. This process can take a couple of hours for those with a small portfolio who may be writing a listing for a property for the first time.

A great rental listing will contain:

  • Location
  • Rent (Including Deposits and Fees)
  • Bed & Bath Numbers
  • Square Footage & Floor Plan
  • In-unit Amenities
  • Storage and Parking
  • Pet Policy
  • Photographs
  • Unique Details & Aesthetics

Turning a list of property features into a well-written and descriptive listing can be the key to standing out from the competition.

Through this OpenAI integration, we can take those minutes or hours of writing down to just a few seconds. Multiply that times hundreds or thousands of properties, and we’ve hit a grand slam in time savings for our clients.

You can find instructions for how to use the new AI Listing Generator below the following FAQs.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It is a machine-learning artificial intelligence that can answer questions in chat form. According to OpenAI, this dialog format allows it to generate a human-like reply to instructions as well as questions.

Tell me more about the Rentec Direct and OpenAI integration

Rentec Direct engineers evaluated all the different AI solutions, and AI models before settling on using the GPT-3.5 model from OpenAI. This is the same model used by the popular ChatGPT you’ve no doubt been hearing about. After testing them all, we selected GPT-3.5 because it was the most capable solution for outputting a readable, compelling advertising description for a vacant property.

How is my data protected from the AI and this integration?

Rentec Direct does not share any private information with OpenAI or ChatGPT. The only information we provide the AI is the information you are already publishing publicly on the internet. That includes the list of appliances and features, square footage, year built, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the search criteria you enter on the marketing page. This information is already on your marketing page and available to search engines and AI (including ChatGPT), so we are not providing OpenAI or ChatGPT with any information that it and other services do not already have access to.

Our integration with OpenAI is an API integration which requires us to push information to it to get an answer. As such, the AI never has the ability to see any information that is outside of the information we send. It does not have the capability to see any other information about your account or properties.

Does the AI Listing Generator really write perfect property descriptions, or are there limitations?

Content written by the AI Listing Generator is a useful tool but works best with human review. The Listing Generator creates a great first draft of your rental description for you to review and edit as needed. You might find that the Listing Generator exaggerates the property’s features, which you can easily adjust and edit for accuracy as needed. After all, while OpenAI might think your 2 bed, 1 bath apartment is a “masterful piece of architectural engineering,” you might have a better way to describe it.

You are also responsible for ensuring that your description adheres to all local, state, and federal laws and fair housing regulations.

Learn more: The Fair Housing Act: Anti-Discrimination Laws for Landlords and Property Managers

How to use the AI Listing Generator for Rentec Direct Feature

The AI Listing Generator powered by OpenAI uses ChatGPT technology to instantly create well-written property descriptions for your rental properties with your Rentec Direct software.

The AI Listing Generator feature will utilize the details stored in the marketing info section for each of your properties, like appliances & features, lease terms, square footage, year built, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the elements of the search criteria. The more detailed and accurate the information is, the easier it will be for the AI to create a description for you.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Select Properties
  2. Right click on the property you wish to edit
  3. Select Marketing Info from the drop-down menu
  4. Leave the description blank for now and provide as many details as possible about the property in the other sections under Property Identification and Search Criteria
  5. When you’re ready to write a description, click Generate Description
    • Note: It takes about 20 seconds to receive your description
  6. Review your new description, you can edit the description directly or choose to generate a new description entirely
  7. Select Approve Description
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes

Final Thoughts

At Rentec Direct, our biggest goal is to save our clients time and money; automating a small-but-frequent task can ensure you make the most out of your hours in a day. We are truly excited about the time-savings this new feature can bring.

Together with our robust rental listing syndication network and this one-of-a-kind AI integration, Rentec Direct property managers and landlords can take advantage of the fastest rental listing process on the market. With a few checks of a box, you can create the perfect rental listing and publish your ad to over 20 of the most popular rental search websites. Your software is here to help you get your vacancies filled quickly and efficiently while allowing you to focus on other important tasks in your day.