Your Rentec Direct team has an exciting announcement.

As part of a new industry education initiative, 73% of Rentec Direct employees have completed the 60-hr property management training offered by the Oregon Real Estate Agency, with more planned to attend at a future course date.

Property managers and landlords are required to conduct business in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations. Each jurisdiction has its own laws and regulations that govern appropriate behavior between housing providers and tenants.

Professionals in this industry are often required to complete training and coursework in the field to demonstrate compliance with the rules. Rentec Direct staff sought to gain the same education as our clients in order to connect with our clients and show them how the software can help meet compliance requirements.

Your Rentec Direct team is becoming the industry’s most educated property management software team.

This means that now–more than ever–your Rentec Direct development team and support teams are ready to make your day easier by applying their knowledge to provide you with the best product and service on the market. Their in-depth training brings additional insight into how the software can best meet the needs of the property managers and landlords who use the program.

Rentec Direct serves customers in all 50 states, and each state has different licensing requirements and laws. The Oregon Real Estate Agency offers one of the most comprehensive courses to meet the state’s strict licensing laws and continuing education requirements to help property managers understand their responsibilities when it comes to managing other people’s property and funds. Sending employees through this training course is part of our ongoing commitment to advanced education and training for staff.

“With over half the company’s staff completing this training, we feel confident in saying that we are one of the most educated property management software teams in the industry, specifically surrounding property management laws and regulations,” says Rentec Direct’s founder and president, Nathan Miller.

What does this mean to you as a Rentec Direct client?

Our success and onboarding teams have always been experts in the industry, with most of our staff coming from a background in property management, finance, or accounting.

This experience has been vital in building the trust and personal connection between team members and our clients, who feel confident in Rentec Direct’s ability to provide excellent service. We understand what you face as a property manager or landlord because we have been there. (It even goes back to Rentec Direct’s origin story of Nathan wanting a software to help manage his own rental properties- see the video here).

Now, our team has even more expertise and understanding–including your software developers, who are always hard at work adding new features they know will help landlords and property managers. Rentec Direct customer service representatives, product advisors, writers, editors, web designers, and software developers all completed the property management training.

All these team members now have an even more in-depth understanding of how our software can meet your needs as a property manager.

“This additional training and knowledge about our industry allows me to connect with our clients when I help them with a support issue to truly understand their needs,” explains Sha Lehmberg from our onboarding team.

“I’ve helped our clients for over four years in various customer service roles with Rentec Direct, and now I can continue to confidently help manage trust accounting questions and show them exactly how our software helps them meet compliance laws and regulations.”

What did the property management licensing course cover?

The state of Oregon requires all licensed property managers to complete a 60-hour property manager pre-license course from an Oregon Real Estate Agency-approved real estate school.

Many Rentec Direct employees completed the intensive program, including coursework in:

  • Residential & commercial property management
  • Trust accounting & compliance
  • Landlord-tenant law
  • Real estate law
  • Federal Fair Housing

Can Rentec Direct employees answer rental-related legal and business questions now?

Property management compliance regulations depend on where the property manager resides and practices rental management. Requirements and laws can vary drastically from state to state. Your success team is always ready to help you learn how to use your software to meet those requirements.

If you have any legal questions, we always recommend having a licensed real estate attorney on your contact list for assistance. They are the only professionals with the expertise to ensure your legal questions are answered accurately.

However, your Rentec Direct team is happy to assist you with industry information through our educational blog. If you have any questions or see a topic we have yet to cover, we are happy to help.

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Final Thoughts

We are always excited to be able to better understand the complexities of your daily business tasks. This class has helped many of the team members you speak with often to fully understand how crucial your software can be for your business. If you want to learn more about the course and the Rentec Direct team’s participation, you can find a press release on PR Web.

Learn more: Full Press Release Available on PRWEB