blue moon forms on rentec direct

A new collaboration between Rentec Direct and Blue Moon gives you access to your state-specific forms and legal documents from within your Rentec Direct account. The Blue Moon integration connects your Blue Moon account to your Rentec Direct account so you can easily view pending and executed lease agreements and documents and share completed documents to the Tenant File Library. 

Blue Moon Software has one of the largest collections of legally vetted leases and forms in the country. Blue Moon works with the nation’s leading national and state associations for property managers and landlords. They include forms from the National Apartment Association, Texas Apartment Association, Apartment Association of North Carolina, and the Georgia Apartment Association, plus many more.

Blue Moon Integration with Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct now integrates with Blue Moon to save you time when processing forms and lease agreements from Blue Moon. 

You still get to use the familiar Blue Moon interface you are used to, and when you’ve executed your lease within Blue Moon, Rentec Direct will automatically retrieve the final PDF documents and save them within your tenant file library.

Connect Your Rentec Direct Account to Your Blue Moon Account

Getting started is easy.  All you need to do is connect your existing Blue Moon account with Rentec Direct.  

In order to use the Blue Moon Integration, you must have an active Blue Moon account and login. Visit to learn more.

You can connect your Blue Moon account to your Rentec Direct account in a simple 2-step process. 

Step 1 – Create a Blue Moon Token in your Rentec Direct account

Step 2 – Enter the Serial Number from Blue Moon into your Rentec Direct account

Once your accounts are connected, you can create a state-specific lease agreement in your Blue Moon account and share it to your Tenant File Library in Rentec Direct, for your tenants to easily access and view.

For full instructions visit our Blue Moon Integration support article.

Blue Moon Integration Bonus Features

Not only will your leases be automatically retrieved and securely stored within your Rentec Direct account, but we’ve added a few additional time-saving touches to the integration.

Quick Acces to View Blue Moon Created Forms in Rentec Direct

From your Summary tab, from the Quick Access Links (lower left of the screen), choose Blue Moon to see all pending and executed leases within your Blue Moon account. 

View Blue Moon Lease Agreements and Documents Associated with a Tenant

From the Tenants tab, right-click on a tenant and choose Blue Moon to see all current and historical documents for this tenant.

Instantly Open Your Blue Moon Account

You can also right-click on any Blue Moon record within Rentec Direct, and choose “Manage Lease” to go directly to the Blue Moon interface to view additional details from Blue Moon.

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