A little over a week ago we announced a major system update which included updated ledgers, improved forms, and many other improvements.  Despite exhaustive testing, we were notified of a few small issues with the updates.  We’ve released several patches since that update fixing the issues that have been reported.  Most issues were resolved within hours of being reported.  Here’s the list of updates, in no particular order:

  • The Ledger A and Ledger B reports now accurately reflect the same data displayed in your ledgers.  This amounted to small tweaks to replace the Category with the Payee on Ledger A, and swapping the column location of Payee and Category on Ledger B.
    Pro Tip:  Visit Settings, Program Defaults, Advanced Settings and turn on option 1 (Display property and transaction memo in account ledger reports) to display the property name and memo in your ledger reports.  By default this is off.
  • On some browsers there were sizing and display issues on the new dropdown options when posting payments or credits.  All known sizing issues are now resolved.
  • Some browsers were seeing the new dropdown menus cut-off on larger split transactions.  This was repaired.
  • Workorders, when being applied as an expense, were mistakenly posting a negative debit entry (creating a positive transaction).  This was fixed.

Unresolved Issue

UPDATE (12/8/2013):  This issue reported earlier is now resolved.  See our post about the fix here.

  • Internet Explorer has a known bug that causes the new dropdown (on payment and debit forms) to immediately close when selected.  We’ve reported the issue, and also have also directed a team to look into a permanent workaround (until Microsoft fixes this issue in IE) with the dropdown component.  In the meantime, there are some simple solutions:
    • Use Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox web browsers instead of Internet Explorer.  Not only are both Chrome and Firefox much faster browsers, they are much more secure.  We highly recommend using one of these options instead of Internet Explorer.  Just click the links to go to their download pages then return to www.rentecdirect.com and login.
    • If your mouse has a scroll-wheel, use it instead of clicking on the scrollbar.  You can also search for the entry by typing in the first couple characters of what you are looking for, then select it with your arrow keys or mouse.
    • You can also temporarily switch back to the old style forms.  On any credit or debit form, just click the “(click here to use the old entry forms)” link at the top of the page.  Because we are committed to making sure your processes are not interrupted, we’ll leave this option available until all known issues with the new dropdown menu are completely resolved.