Today, we are pleased to announce that we will introduce a new Rentec Direct logo next month to kick off the new year!

Developing a new logo to represent the Rentec Direct brand has been an exciting journey and we are thrilled with the final design.

Rentec Direct strives to exceed the needs of property managers and landlords who want easy and powerful software to organize their rental properties, tenants and owners.  Rentec Direct is a simple, reliable, and secure service that provides professional solutions and outstanding customer service.  As Rentec’s software evolves to deliver the most up-to-date computing and management options for our customers, we wanted an updated logo that represented these values.

We relied on these values to guide us through the design process.  We wanted to steer away from an image of house, which is commonly used in our industry, including in our original logo.  While Rentec Direct’s current logo is playful and fun, we knew the cartoonish style was becoming an outdated representation of our brand.  Our goal is to transition into a timeless, professional brand image that is clearly recognized and associated with Rentec Direct.

Below is a preview of the New Rentec Direct Logo that will appear throughout our web presence and marketing material starting in 2015.  We are very pleased with the final result of over 500 design submissions from 150 different graphic artists.  This design has the specific attributes we were searching for in a new logo for Rentec Direct – professional, simple and timeless.


New Logo For Rentec Direct Property Management Software


With the new year only a month away, we think it is the perfect time to introduce Rentec Direct’s new logo.  Beginning Jan. 1, 2015 our new logo will appear on our website and social media channels. And we will incorporate the new logo into our featured content throughout the year in new videos, infographics, ebooks, and other exciting materials.

Stayed tuned for more updates about Rentec Direct’s new logo over the next few weeks as we begin to welcome in a new look for the new year!