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Rentec Direct Introduces A New Logo Beginning in 2015

By on December 8, 2014 in News, Product Updates with 12 Comments

Today, we are pleased to announce that we will introduce a new Rentec Direct logo next month to kick off the new year!

Developing a new logo to represent the Rentec Direct brand has been an exciting journey and we are thrilled with the final design.

Rentec Direct strives to exceed the needs of property managers and landlords who want easy and powerful software to organize their rental properties, tenants and owners.  Rentec Direct is a simple, reliable, and secure service that provides professional solutions and outstanding customer service.  As Rentec’s software evolves to deliver the most up-to-date computing and management options for our customers, we wanted an updated logo that represented these values.

We relied on these values to guide us through the design process.  We wanted to steer away from an image of house, which is commonly used in our industry, including in our original logo.  While Rentec Direct’s current logo is playful and fun, we knew the cartoonish style was becoming an outdated representation of our brand.  Our goal is to transition into a timeless, professional brand image that is clearly recognized and associated with Rentec Direct.

Below is a preview of the New Rentec Direct Logo that will appear throughout our web presence and marketing material starting in 2015.  We are very pleased with the final result of over 500 design submissions from 150 different graphic artists.  This design has the specific attributes we were searching for in a new logo for Rentec Direct – professional, simple and timeless.


New Logo For Rentec Direct Property Management Software


With the new year only a month away, we think it is the perfect time to introduce Rentec Direct’s new logo.  Beginning Jan. 1, 2015 our new logo will appear on our website and social media channels. And we will incorporate the new logo into our featured content throughout the year in new videos, infographics, ebooks, and other exciting materials.

Stayed tuned for more updates about Rentec Direct’s new logo over the next few weeks as we begin to welcome in a new look for the new year!  



About the Author

About the Author: Kaycee (Wegener) Miller manages marketing and media relations for Rentec Direct, bringing a unique perspective to the world of property management and proudly shares industry news, products, and trends within the community. .


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There Are 12 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Keysha Lewis says:

    Looking forward to it!!!!

  2. EM Moore says:

    Looks Great! Congratulations on another successful year and on your new sleek look!

  3. Janet says:

    Much cleaner, I like it!

  4. Tom S says:

    Great logo! I got notified of it via email and you guys don’t usually send me email updates. Is this new?

    • rentec says:

      Hi Tom,
      Yes – we are trying something new by sending important updates out by email as well as posting them to the blog. This is the first one, but you can look forward to email notifications, in the form of newsletters, throughout 2015. Don’t worry though, we won’t ever be spammy about it. Maybe once a quarter. If you would prefer not to receive the emails, simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of any email.

  5. Tim says:

    As a paying memeber and frequent user of RT, I would rather see money and time spent on functional and user experience updates to the website itself. Compared to competitors, RT’s site is way behind regarding user experience, (ie, overall look and feel, buttons, user flow, mobile friendly, etc). The reason why we jumped to RT was because of the ease of use, simplicity, and non-overcomplication but this is sometimes too simple. I would love for functionality like giving my property owners access to the site so they can get a full report on work orders, etc. Instead I currently have to basically give them admin rights and lock them down to just their properties but yet they can still go in and change numbers but just cant hit submit…that seems like a weak workaround. Ontop of this I basically need to train them on how to navigate through the site.

  6. Tim says:

    Hello, I am just wondering why my comment was taken down? I would like some sort of response to my post. Will there be any enhancements made regarding functional and user experience updates to the website itself? Thanks

  7. rentec says:

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for your comments. For new comments on the blog, the system has a delay in posting them to help curb spam. So nobody removed your comment, it just hadn’t shown up yet when you checked.

    While we are excited about the new logo, we are also very excited about the many new features added to Rentec this last year. We’ve had 11 major system improvements added (based on your and other clients feedback) to the system in 2014, and hundreds of smaller updates which happen automatically and were not specifically blogged about. Here’s a direct link to the details of all the major upgrades.

    We also have a couple really big improvements that we are planning on rolling out Q1 of next year. While I can’t go into specifics yet, a hint: They are some of the highest voted features in the support portal. 🙂

    I’m also pleased to say that the logo re-design did not take away from other development or slow it down. We’re continually improving the software with a dedicated development team which is independent from the graphics and PR team.

    We pay close attention to all feature requests. If you haven’t already, please submit any feature requests or vote up existing ones on our support system at

    Thank You & Happy Holidays!

  8. Bud says:

    I like the new logo, it’s very clean and professional looking, although I had no problem with the old logo either. But what I really love is your software. Rentec is the perfect product for my situation. I just needed a simple straightforward system for keeping track of my properties and the ones I manage for others. I don’t need 1,000 different functions that I will never use, and I don’t want to spend hours learning how to use it. Your product fits that to a tee. Keep up the good work!

  9. Ben says:

    Thanks for getting rid of the clipart Logo, I think Conan purchased all those anyway…Looks way more professional on my paperwork too.

  10. Mark says:

    When will you be getting an app? It would be great to see this.

    • rentec says:

      Hi Mark, I assume you mean a mobile app? We are still considering this; however, we’ve had so many great feature requests for the desktop application that most of our development time has been focused on that. A mobile app is a massive undertaking, re-producing a set of code onto multiple other platforms so we are a bit hesitant to divert our development resources since the majority of our clients use the application on their PC or Mac. Which mobile platform do you use today and what features would you like to see available in a mobile application?

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