Rentec Direct Landlord Insurance

Rentec Direct landlords are now able to purchase fast, affordable landlord insurance from Steadily. This new integration allows you to purchase landlord insurance from within your Rentec Direct account, streamlining the process, so you and your property are protected.

Steadily is the leading provider of landlord insurance policies, specializing in single-family and multifamily rental properties occupied by tenants. Traditional homeowners insurance is typically insufficient coverage for rental properties, which is why getting a landlord-specific policy is so important.

Landlord insurance offers several key benefits for you and your investment property, including:

  • Financial protection against natural disasters
  • Coverage for fire and water damage
  • Coverage against legal liability
  • Protection against tenant injury
  • Lost rent reimbursement

In addition, most banks and lenders require rental property owners to maintain a landlord insurance policy instead of a homeowners insurance policy. With Steadily, you will discover the most competitive rates available in-market, ensuring you get the best coverage at the best price.

How Does Steadily Work

The Rentec Direct and Steadily integration makes it extremely easy to get landlord insurance. You simply share a couple details about your property, like occupancy type, finalize your coverage, review an instant quote, and then e-sign your insurance policy.

Rentec Direct clients are invited to discover Steadily within their software. Steadily is currently available in the Rentec Direct Remodel. (Want access to The Remodel? Contact!)

How to Order Landlord Insurance in your Rentec Direct Account

Follow the streamlined process below to get started on your new landlord insurance policy through Steadily.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Properties
  2. Right-click a Property and choose Edit Property from the menu.
  3. Under the Financial section click the link: Do you need a landlord policy?
  4. Enter the street address of the property and click the Get Quote button.
  5. The Steadily integration will do an address lookup and autofill some details for you to verify. Enter additional information as needed.
  6. For one property, click Continue to proceed to your quote. For multiple properties, click the I Have Multiple Properties button to enter the details of your portfolio.
  7. Review your quote and e-sign your new landlord insurance policy.

Tip: Whether you purchase a policy through Steadily or another provider, the Edit Property page Property Insurance field is provided for you to save the policy information (company, policy number) for quick and easy reference.

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