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Did you miss the news? Called on by many media outlets, Rentec Direct continues to have the privilege to share relevant real estate industry information, insights, and tips with great landlords and property managers like you. 

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Because of that commitment, popular media outlets are quick to ask Nathan Miller, president of Rentec Direct, and the Rentec Direct team of experts to share insights, tips, and information. 

Nathan Miller and the Rentec Direct team continue to have the privilege to contribute and share quotes, articles, insights, and interviews with industry leaders such as Forbes, GeekEstate, and, to name a few.

Grab your favorite beverage and check out these latest rental industry resources that popular media outlets have shared from the Rentec Direct Team this past quarter.  


GeekEstate | Switching Property Management Software? Tips for a Smooth Transition

One key way to future-proof your property management business is to use the right technology. Spreadsheets, paper ledgers and even existing software can quickly become outdated in such a fast-paced environment, so it is likely that – at some point – your business will benefit from a system upgrade. As the industry continues to evolve, new software features and landlord benefits are constantly emerging. Tenant and owner portals, automated data entry, electronic cash payment services and cloud technology are all examples of recent time and money saving utilities that could benefit your growing business.

Forbes Real Estate Council | Five Ways for Landlords to Lower Vacancy Rates and Increase Revenue

The simplest way for landlords and property managers to decrease vacancy rates at their rental properties is to maximize renewal rates. If you’ve found great tenants who pay rent on time and respect your property, avoid the overhead and stress associated with tenant turnover by focusing on retention. | Estimating How Much Single-Family Rental Home Utilities Will Cost

The cost of utilities for a rental home can vary greatly depending on certain factors like the size of the rental home and the terms of your lease agreement. It is important to have a clear understanding of what utilities you will be responsible for and an estimate of how much utilities cost each month in order to build a realistic rental budget. | Why Brokers, Agents Should Invest in Real Estate

Even if you are experiencing more traditional success working with clients to buy and sell real estate, you can still increase your income and net value by investing in properties of your own. The fact is you’re much better positioned than the average person to earn substantial returns on your investment simply because of your depth of knowledge. Take advantage of the experience you already have and build your own portfolio. | What First Time Landlords Need to Know: Tips to Make Your Real Estate Investment a Success

Real estate can definitely be a lucrative opportunity, but there is much more to it than purchasing in the right area at the right price, realizing some tax benefits and creating monthly income. 

RisMedia | Creating and Sticking to a House Cleaning Schedule

If cleaning isn’t your favorite activity, creating a schedule can remove a lot of the stress involved, ensuring that no task goes unnoticed for too long–especially if you live in a larger home. Keeping your entire house clean doesn’t need to be a daunting or overly time-consuming task if you can design an efficient and easy-to-follow routine.

Rentec In the News

In addition to full-length articles, many news outlets continue to rely on Rentec Direct for interviews, quotes, and data for their readership — and we are not shy about sharing our good news with our readers as well.

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