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Renting a new home doesn’t have to be a long and confusing process. You will most likely see multiple properties within an area that would all work well for your family. However, it can be hard to know which one you should choose.

One of the best ways to see how a property company or landlord treats their tenants is to look at the outside areas of the rental unit. Usually, rental properties that have well-maintained exteriors means that the owners also take care of the inside of their properties. Check out these budget-friendly ways to boost curb appeal that landlords use to entice new renters:

Keep Landscaping Maintained

You can easily spot a subpar landscape. The properties that you want to live at are those that have lawns that are regularly maintained by either an employee or lawn care service. The outdoor living spaces of a rental property are a significant portion of choosing the rental that is right for you.

Many tenants want well-appointed outdoor spaces to spend more time outdoors and getting back into nature. Choose properties that have a maintained landscape, including a healthy grass height, weed control, trimmed edges, and hedging. Lawn maintenance is an immediate and easy way to boost a property’s curb appeal.

Easy Tenant Communication

Rental properties that have a natural form of communication between residents and landlords will be good choices when choosing a home. Units that have some paperwork spot, like clips or magnets on the front door of each unit, are properties that value and respect their residents. Owners can let residents know about upcoming events or particular areas of tenant maintenance. Communication like this makes it convenient for residents to be able to leave a note for their landlord or property company if they can’t get to the rental office.

Having a simple form of communication like this also allows you to receive notice of entry from landlords when they need to go inside your home. Having something as simple as a clip in place for communication is an easy and budget-friendly way that properties can raise curb appeal.

Check Front Doors

The front door of your rental unit will tell you a lot about how the landlord cares for their property. Look for front doors that are either recently painted or have little to no rust spots or blemishes. Those front doors that have rusty hinges, dents, or even broken handles or locks are red flags for new tenants.

Check the area around the front door as well including the trim and threshold to establish how safe your family will be when living at the property as well. Front door maintenance is an essential part of maintaining any property and can be a budget-friendly way to boost curb appeal.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Those properties that have multiple options for outdoor living are going to be good places to rent. Make sure that the outdoor living spaces at a potential rental are in good working order as well as easy to access. Things like seating around a playground and plenty of picnic tables are essential when looking at a rental in an apartment complex. Consider any patio space at a duplex or rental home to ensure that there is enough space for your family to enjoy the outdoors as well.

Door Decorations

You’ll know that you are in a friendly apartment complex when you see plenty of door decorations around. Happy tenants are those who have pride in their home with the addition of decorations to welcome guests. These decorations are subtle ways that you can feel safe as a potential tenant. Even decorations around the common areas of the property, like the mail room or rental office, can quickly make you feel at home as a tenant and welcome you into the group of the rental community.

Choosing a potential rental property is vital in finding the right fit for your family. Make sure to keep an eye out for these easy and budget-friendly ways that landlords and property management companies can boost curb appeal.

Things like friendly door decorations and simple door communication are essential for a potential rental property. Landscaped lawns and well-maintained front doors are also easy clues that the property will be lovely for your family. Make sure that the property also has plenty of outdoor seating so you can enjoy the outdoor living spaces of the property as well.

Check for budget-friendly curb appeal clues during your next visit to a new rental property.

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